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The Pyrates will be having a mixer with the Black Bras

I’ve learned some readers doubt the veracity of the story from The Tide reprinted below. Need I remind them The Tide (unlike certain prominent American newspapers which have famously printed fabricated stories) has “a commitment to truth”?
As unbelievable as it may seem, except for being more frequent, in depth, and more stylishly written, The Tide’s coverage of the Nigerian university cult situation does not differ factually from what’s been reported in other sources. See, for example, “
War of the black magic cults brings death to Nigeria's universities”, from the Apr. 20, 2005 edition of The Telegraph UK:

“In the last month alone, 13 of its students have been killed in clashes between cults calling themselves the “Black Axe” and the “Black Eye”.
Professional mercenaries were allegedly hired to carry out some of the killings. The state governor, Lucky Igbinedion, was forced to intervene in the conflict.”
Cult initiation rituals are way beyond fraternity hazing:
"[Emmanuel] Chege [a 24 year-old botany student at Ambrose Ali university in the town of Ekpoma] said the cults use “juju”, or black magic, to terrify students.
When someone is initiated, they are traditionally beaten to the ground with their assailant hitting them below the head to prevent noticeable bruises. They must then stand up and be beaten to the ground over and over again.
“You have to take some concoctions and rituals. People die - those are the weak ones,” said Mr Chege. The concoctions are a mixture of drugs, alcohol and blood drawn from an animal.
Nigeria’s 100 universities boast four main cults. Members of each wear distinctive bandanas and use particular handshakes.”
In certain aspects the cults resemble American street gangs:
“In Nigeria those in the “Black Axe”, wear black bandanas, the “Black Eyes” wear yellow, the “Pyrates” favour blue and the “Mafia” choose red.”
Life is difficult for students who aren’t part of the campus cult scene, and the cults’ sinister reach extends to the faculty:
“Non-members are often ostracised and referred to derisively as “Jews”. University lecturers are often members.”
There are cults for women as well:
“Female students have their own cults - called the “Black Bras” in Lagos university.”1
A precise body count from cult activities is difficult to ascertain, but most agree:
“The cults are believed to have been responsible for hundreds of murders in the last 20 years.”
1Coed cults exist too, such as the recently apprehended "dreaded Icelander cult".
UPDATE: Also see Nigerian writer Wole Soyinka, who writes in The Guardian:
"They establish competitive reigns of terror on campuses, engage in activities that occasionally spill over into the towns. They extort, rape, employ acid to disfigure women who have spurned them, and serve as enforcers and thugs to politicians."


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The Telegraph, UK
Apr. 20, 2005
War of the black magic cults brings death to Nigeria’s universities

War of the Black Magic Cults Brings ...