Foreskin Man

Cutting a baby boy's foreskin off seems unkind to me. It probably does not please him either. But Jews do it to their sons who then grow up to carry on where their ancestors left off. It is not a pretty story; one of thieving, lies, extortion, corruption, blackmail, bribery, political manipulation, making wars, destroying nations. Perhaps circumcision is the cause of the  problem, the place where it all begins.

It is rather like female genital mutilation. That is what blacks do to baby girls or even to women. That is very awful as well as illegal. It goes on none the less. - See Female Genital Mutilation - The Truth Hidden By The Guardian on the point . Making male genital mutilation illegal seems reasonable to me. Jews object. Jews make lots of noise. Jews have power. Jews control the Main Stream Media. Jews control politicians. Circumcision is likely to be around for quite a time yet; at least as long as Israel. However we know that Israeli evil means it will not be there for ever. Adolf Hitler did not wipe them out, far from it. How many people would say he is wrong after the Gaza Massacre. This is different. This is a media attack. It is hearts and minds; even one might say taking the piss  extracting the urine out of dangerous, paranoid thugs. Mr. Hess made moves to get circumcision outlawed in San Francisco by putting it to the referendum in Autumn 2011. Jews worked to obstruct democracy.

On 22 June 2011 the Jewish Community Relations Council of San Francisco and other petitioners filed a lawsuit to remove measure from the November ballot.
On 28 July 2011 Judge Loretta Giorgi ruled that ballot measure must be withdrawn on the alleged grounds that it is "expressly preempted" by state law.
On 2 October 2011 Governor Jerry Brown signed AB-768 into law, preventing any California city or county from enacting a local circumcision ban.
The Jews followed up with a media blackout. A deeply sincere loathing of democracy is part of their being.

Consider the attitude of the Jews:-
In favour of circumcision - cruelty to boys [ their own ]
In favour of Paedophiles - cruelty to boys and girls [ their own ]
In favour of Kosher Slaughter - extreme cruelty to animals.
In favour of fraud, rape, murder, political manipulation, slavery etcetera [ against the rest of us ]
PS There is background at Circumcision


Foreskin Man No. 1 tells us the ugly truth.

Foreskin Man No. 2 tells us more.

Foreskin Man Comic No. 3 is here starting at the Museum of Genital Integrity.

Cock Sucking Crazies - gives context

Cock Sucking Jews - so does this.

The saviour looks like an blond Aryan, one of Hitler's ideals. Pictures are political.


Foreskin Man No. 1

Foreskin Man No. 2 tells us more.


Jews & Islamics Sue To Block Circumcision Referendum
(Reuters) - An unusual coalition of Jews and Muslims filed suit on Wednesday to block a November voter referendum seeking to ban male circumcision in San Francisco. The lawsuit says the measure should be removed from the ballot on grounds that under state law California cities cannot prohibit a "healing arts" professionals from conducting a procedure they are licensed to perform.

Some legal experts have said that even if the referendum remained on the ballot and were approved by a majority of the city's voters, such a measure might face a legal challenge as an unconstitutional infringement on freedom of religion.....
Jews are very effective political manipulators. This is a demonstration. They would be in league with the Devil if that is what it took.


Finns Party Proposes Circumcision Ban
Finns Party MP Vesa-Matti Saarakkala is calling for the criminalisation of male circumcision in Finland. In a formal inquiry to the government, Saarakkala says expanding the circumcision ban on girls to include boys is an issue of fundamental rights.
The Finns Party parliamentarian wants the courts to adopt a streamlined approach to male circumcision. He points to two recent circumcision court cases. In one a layman and the child’s parents were convicted of conspiracy to commit assault. In the other, a doctor who performed a circumcision was not convicted, but the child’s father was fined for assault. Saarakkala is advocating cutting out circumcision for both sexes.

Finland’s Supreme Administrative Court has ruled that ritual male circumcision is legal when carried out under medical supervision.
An idea has power. The Jews managed to block this one too. Corruption? Bribery? What ever it took? Certainly.


Foreskin Man No. 1 tells us the ugly truth.

Foreskin Man No. 2 tells us more.

Foreskin Man Comic No. 3 is here starting at the Museum of Genital Integrity.

Media, exhibitions, mind control.........        What next?

Sex rears its ugly head.

Has she been circumcised too? Perhaps we will find out.

The story shapes up. We get some idea of where it is all heading.

Foreskin Man is rather like Superman.

Hero meets woman. Has she been mutilated? Is he going to find out?

But first a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do!

LandRovers are not luxuries in Kenya. They are necessities.

What gives?

Is it going to be that simple?

Miles is being stitched up!

Miles can run too.

Foreskin Man is different.

White man's magic works. Black savagery fails.

Foreskin Man has friends who have what it takes to do what it takes.
Dusky maiden wants to help.

Dusky maidens have their uses. Vulva Girl is one such.
Superman is being up staged.

The scene of the action is nearby.

This is it.

The intended victim is not very happy.


All is well.

Now we see the heaving bosom, the sultry looks. Will he? Will she? Do they?

Just good friends? How boring.

He dares. She defies.




Jews Are Paedophile Perverts


Brooklyn D.A. Under More Fire For Conniving At Witness Tampering In Paedophile Pervert Jews Cases -
D.A. Under More Fire For Not Prosecuting Witness Tampering In Haredi Child Sex Abuse Cases “These children’s civil rights are being violated. They have a civil right not to be molested. And the feds should take an interest in this and the feds do take an interest in things that would normally be left to the locals when the locals don’t do it. And this local isn’t doing it.”

As Pressure On Hynes Builds, New Revelations Of Rabbis’ Intimidation
Family in Kolko civil suit subjected to psychological pressure to drop abuse case against Flatbush yeshiva.
The already distraught mother had reached the end of her rope.

She and her husband, parents of a now 13-year-old boy who they allege was sexually molested by his Brooklyn yeshiva teacher, were doing the unthinkable in the borough’s ultra-Orthodox community: bucking a system stacked heavily against them and pursuing a civil lawsuit against the Flatbush school that employed the teacher, Rabbi Yehuda Kolko.

The system was pushing back, with a vengeance.

A prominent Brooklyn rabbi and Yaakov Applegrad, an administrator at Yeshiva Torah Temimah, the school parents were suing, asked the parents to a meeting — without their lawyer. After pleading with the couple to drop the suit, Applegrad and the rabbi turned up the heat and played the card they hoped would resonate powerfully with religious Jews: they compared the parents to Nazis for attempting to “bankrupt” the yeshiva. The Nazis, they said, destroyed the yeshiva in Europe built before the war by the father of Rabbi Lipa Margulies, Torah Temimah’s founder and dean. Now, the two suggested, the parents were doing the same with their lawsuit. (It is not clear that Rabbi Margulies’ father actually had a yeshiva in Europe).

The tactic worked. At a second meeting five days later, the husband, feeling “agitated … outnumbered and overwhelmed with terrible emotions,” and with his wife in tears, signed “under great duress” a document to end the lawsuit.

The couple quickly withdrew their agreement, and their lawsuit is going forward. But this episode — and others described by a second family suing the same yeshiva — highlights the particular perils facing haredi families who would attempt to hold yeshivas or other institutions civilly responsible for child molestation.…

The story goes on to discuss other cases of threats against and harassment of victims and the D.A.'s lack of prosecutions regarding those that rise to the level of a criminal act. It then quotes Fordham law professor James A. Cohen, an expert on witness tampering who is troubled by the D.A.'s conduct:

“We are dealing with a DA who courts the Orthodox community,” Cohen said. “So what are we to conclude from this?”

“These children’s civil rights are being violated,” Cohen continued. “They have a civil right not to be molested. And the feds should take an interest in this and the feds do take an interest in things that would normally be left to the locals when the locals don’t do it. And this local isn’t doing it.”

The truth is out there. It is just a matter of finding it. Given that the Failed Messiah is concentrating on one tribe of Jews the reality is that there is a lot more crime among God's Chosen People.


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