Girl of the Day VI

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This would not do on the beach. But she does look all right.


Blondes always have a head start in this wicked world.


Here is another just to make the point.


Brown will do though.


She is Elisha Cuthbert and a celebrity.


She is dark and slender.


Another bikini, another girl or not as the case may be.


She does like awkward poses.


She is blonde and taking it easy.


This is a platinum blonde for a change.


Now what has surprised her?


A cheerful blonde looks good to me.


Another bikini that could easily fall off if she went for a swim.


Looking good in the office usually means something else.


She is well dressed but not for the office.


She is well dressed, not over-dressed.


She looks set for an evening at home.


Getting undressed is an interesting move.


A blonde in mauve.


A raven haired beauty.


A Latina apparently.


She is ready for something.


So is she.


Can she possibly be real or is she enhanced?


A cheerful looking lass.


Another Latina but she looks the part.


She is European, not Latina.


A well built wench.


Now that really is a cheerful smile.


Looking lost, looking lovely.


Still lovely.


Mixing bikinis rings the changes.


Another fun filled lass.


Cheerful and a bit shy.


She cooks too! Sounds good to me.


Blonde goes well with a very small, red bikini.



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