Big Government Big Business Big Fraud

Private Eye tells us about the fraud, the collusion, the rip offs and the politicians who set up the contracts then walk away to join the firms they gave all of that money to. But it is only tax payers' money and there is plenty more where that came from. It is over 500 billion and rising every year. And Big Media keeps quiet about their little friends with Private Eye as the honourable exception - see page 30 of Number 1226 - and every issue for that matter.

Who runs the Boondoggles? The answer is simple; parasites. Of course they have to qualify. This means pandering to power. It isn't pretty but greed trumps principle.


Big Government, Big Business, Big Corruption
Fred explains American corruption. It is just like England.


The American government is leaning on foreign bribes while actively ignoring political corruption at home. They are unhappy with Her Majesty's Government's enthusiasm for letting them get away with it.


Corruption Index 2010
Rates bribery and corruption by country. England comes higher than our wonderful politicians deserve. The Jews are not amused by their rating.


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