The Director of Public Prosecutions

The DPP runs the Crown Prosecution Service, which makes him an important man. He has tended to be inconspicuous until latter years when political corruption has been so very rife. DPPs have made their very own contribution to crime albeit not all have been convicted.
PS One ugly bit of corruption which came to light after the guilty parties were safely out of reach was the perversion of the course of justice by the DPP, Skelhorn for the benefit of Cyril Smith, the well known Paedophile. Other abuses of power by English judges are mentioned in Legal Abuses.

Alison Saunders 2013 - present
The Wikipedia alleges that she is too keen on prosecuting women who make false accusations of rape in order to Pervert The Course Of Justice; see e.g.  English Paedophiles Convicted While Jew Walks Free. Others say she is a left wing harridan, a Feminist eager to bring malicious prosecutions against men alleged to be perverts. She gave Janner a pass, evidence notwithstanding but then Janner is a Jew; Saunders knew him. More and better details at the Silence of Greville Janner & at Greville Janner Update.


Keir Starmer 2008 - 2013
Named as DPP by the Attorney-General, Baroness Scotland of Asthal, QC, a fat, black, convicted criminal. Scotland got away with a 5,000 fine. Her illegal servant got eight months. Corruption? Favouritism? Just looks like it? Real power is the power to abuse power.


Ken Macdonald 2003 - 2008
Convicted drug dealer. Got a knighthood anyway. Knew the right people.


Sir David Calvert-Smith  1998 - 2003
Eton wallah. Racist who hates Englishmen. Blacks get a pass but then Smith doesn't live near them. See e.g. BBC - Press Office - David Calvert-Smith accusing us of racism. He did not convict the blacks who murdered poor little Damilola Taylor. Was it because they were black or because Damilola Killers Hated Homosexuals?


Dame Barbara Mills  1992 - 1998
Her old man helped Silvio Berlusconi, a crooked Italian politician by setting up offshore companies to launder money. Mills signed papers involving lots of money then had to claim that she was a silly little woman who didn't know what was going on. More at Tessa Jowell financial allegations. Ran the CPS badly. Ditto for the Serious Farce Office


Sir Allan Green  1987 - 1992
Green was caught soliciting a whore and resigned in 1992. His wife suicided a bit later. He continued with his career however and represented 10 men of the Parachute Regiment during the inquiry into Bloody Sunday when they got 14 kills on men and boys of fighting age.  Green got £1.5 million for it which beats working for a living. A Jew? The Wiki ain't saying. Nor is The International Association of Jewish Lawyers and Jurists


Sir Thomas Hetherington 1977 - 1986
Rugby man, with the guns in the Middle East. Appointed by Sir Merlyn Rees, who seemed to be a decent man. He decided to prosecute Jeremy Thorpe who ran the Liberal Party so he wasn't pandering to special interests.


Sir Norman Skelhorn 1964 - 1977
He was also appointed by Sir Merlyn Rees. He let Peter Hain, a communist subversive beat a robbery rap. The Liberals were annoyed. So was I. Was he pandering to power? He isn't saying. At all events Cyril Smith walked on his watch.


Sir Theobald Mathew ?  - 1964
Is not very interesting or perhaps it was so long ago that everyone has forgotten.


Director Of Public Prosecutions Was In The Same Firm As Janner [ 25 April 2015 ]
Alison Saunders knew Janner before she let him get away with Paedophile perversion using a spurious excuse. The previous woman to be the Director of Public Prosecutions was dodgy too. Her old man set up various offshore money laundering companies for dear little Silvio Berlusconi, a crooked Italian politician. She signed all sorts of paper then claimed that she was a silly little woman who didn't know what was going on. More at Tessa Jowell financial allegations.


English Paedophiles Convicted While Jew Walks Free [ 23 April 2015 ]
Our wonderful, man hating Director of Public Prosecutions is keen on prosecuting Englishmen and on letting Jews get away with it. She alleged that Janner was ill, an excuse she does not use with honest men. Perverting The Course Of Justice? Believe it. Real power is the power to abuse power.


DPP Incites Rape Accusations But Protects Paedophiles [ 23 September 2015 ]
Women who wake up in a man’s bed with no memory of the night before should seek advice from a rape counsellor, the country’s top prosecutor said last night......... The Director of Public Prosecutions added that anyone should immediately contact police if they have any suspicion that an offence has been committed..........

Mrs Saunders' comments came as prosecutors, police and legislators continue to try to cut sexual offences [ unless Pakistani Perverts are at it - Editor ] and increase the number of rapists convicted.
Saunders is a sour faced Feminist ratbag who is keen on Selective Prosecution. Like Lenin, it is; Who? Whom? Who is the perpetrator, my little mate or someone I don't like? She was part of The Establishment cover up that kept Greville Janner out of prison; of course Janner is a Jew, which is why. Ditto for all of those wonderful Third World aliens imported by Her Majesty's Government to Rape English girls in Rotherham, Rochdale et cetera.


Director Of Public Prosecutions Is A Feminist Fool Says Judge [ 26 March 2017 ]
A judge has launched an unprecedented attack on the head of the Crown Prosecution Service over her handling of rape trials.

Judge Philip Shorrock claimed that Alison Saunders, the Director of Public Prosecutions, had less understanding of the cases than a newspaper columnist.

He said in his 40 years as a barrister and on the bench, most trials led to the alleged rapist being 'unsurprisingly' acquitted because both parties had been drinking or taking drugs, and there was no independent proof of what had happened............

The DPP said:.......... 'It is our job, as prosecutors, to make objective charging decisions based on the evidence, rather than the discredited rape myths that skewed the system against victims.'
Believe Saunders if you want but have a look at the evidence first e.g. DPP Incites Rape Accusations But Protects Paedophiles. Recall that 'Lord' Janner got away with extensive crime because he was a Zionist crazy.


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