Third World

Third World was a political term. Now it tends to refer to economic status. There was a cheerful reference to it in Yes Minister, a television series. They were not developing countries, rather they were TPLACs or Tin Pot Little African Countries. The Permanent Undersecretary was not amused. The rest of us were. On a serious note Third World countries are the source of a major flood of criminals inflicted on England by the Treason of Her Majesty's Government. Here are sources on some of the results:-

Victims Of Third World Criminals
They are the subject of a Main Stream Media cover up as well as Treason.


Victims Of Third World Rapists

Lie back and think of Sweden? Perhaps not.


Third World ex Wiki
The term "Third World" arose during the Cold War to define countries that remained non-aligned with either capitalism and NATO (which along with its allies represented the First World), or communism and the Soviet Union (which along with its allies represented the Second World). This definition provided a way of broadly categorizing the nations of the Earth into three groups based on social, political, and economic divisions.

"Third World' refers to the economically underdeveloped countries particularly in the Middle East, South Asia, Latin America, Africa, and Oceania, considered as an entity with common characteristics, such as poverty, high birthrates, and economic dependence on the advanced countries. French demographer, anthropologist and historian Alfred Sauvy, in an article published in the French magazine L'Observateur, August 14, 1952, coined the term Third World, referring to countries that were unaligned with either the Communist Soviet bloc or the Capitalist NATO bloc during the Cold War. His usage was a reference to the Third Estate, the commoners of France who, before and during the French Revolution, opposed priests and nobles, who composed the First Estate and Second Estate, respectively. Sauvy wrote, "Like the third estate, the Third World is nothing, and wants to be something," He conveyed the concept of political non-alignment with either the capitalist or communist bloc.
The Wiki can be very good when it is not being partisan.


Third World Medic Does Female Genital Mutilation  [  22 March 2014 ]
"A doctor and another man are to be charged in Britain’s first prosecutions for alleged female genital mutilation........ Dhanuson Dharmasena, who is accused of carrying out the procedure on an adult woman, and Hasan Mohamed, alleged to have aided and abetted him are charged under the Female Genital Mutilation Act"
But because he is a Third World alien there is no mug shot of him out there on the Internet.


Third World Immigration Is Very Profitable For Importers [ 4 August 2014 ]
An important aspect of immigration has been that for the most part it has occurred under the radar............... American are passive because immigration, especially legal immigration, is rarely in the news. The same goes for refugee policy. According to Refugee/Resettlement Watch, the process of importing refugees is a “very quiet effort” rife with corruption (e.g., leading to chain migration of relatives; see their fact sheet). It is also thoroughly incentivized so that it’s a very lucrative business for organizations like the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society and the Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service (which describes the children pouring in from Central America  as “gifts,” perhaps because the job of overseeing their recruitment pays $214,000 in salary and benefits [ to Linda Hartke -  or call her on +1 410-230-2785 ] supplied by US taxpayers [ " Lutherans: “The children are a gift” and we need a second lobbyist in Washington to make sure the gift keeps giving ]).
Immigration policy is kept under the radar for a reason, which is Treason; to cause Ethnic Fouling  followed by Genocide. The Media are Propaganda machines hiding the truth, feeding us a diet of lies and trivia, while the Lutherans are using the 'Think of the children' fallacy.


Third World Thugs Kicked Englishwoman To Death [ 18 April 2015 ]
The other one was 13 years old.

Criminals like this are imported by Treason with the enthusiastic approval of The Guardian.


Third World Invaders Create Crime Ghettoes [ 18 April 2016 ]
Nonwhite immigration to Germany has already created at least ten major ghettoes where crime, drugs, unemployment, smashed buildings, and social welfare dependency are the norm.

The existence of these ghettoes—the likes of which are most usually associated with the Third World—has been revealed in a study by the Bild newspaper.

The Bild study said that the common characteristics to all these nonwhite ghettoes were:

– A large number of “immigrant households or families with a migration background.”
– A poor state of the buildings.
– A considerable portion of those with low education.
– A high rate of unemployment.
– A high rate of welfare dependency.
With regard to the welfare payments (in Germany known as Hartz IV) it must be borne in mind that an individual claimant usually claims for an entire family. This means that, on average, each Hartz IV claimant represents three or more people (wife, children, etc.).

In this way, if a region has, say, a 20 percent Hartz IV claim rate, then this means that 60 percent or more of the population in that region are on welfare.

The Bild lists the ten ghettoes it had identified as follows:
1.  Berlin-Neukölln. This ghetto has a population estimated at 328,000—of which 24 percent are receiving Hartz IV......... UNQUOTE
Bild is somewhat sensationalist but it is prone tell the truth, which is why it is hated by Left Wing loud mouths. The Wikipedia article is blatantly hostile.


Third World Aliens Commit The Crime While Main Stream Media Abuse The 'Far Right'
A massive, migrant crime wave is surging across Germany according to figures buried in a new report released by the country’s Interior Ministry. The data reveals that without migrants considered, crime rates in Germany would have remained roughly static since 2014. But, in fact, the country recorded an extra 402,741 crimes committed by migrants..........

Presenting the report to journalists however, Mr. de Maiziere insisted in focusing on “politically-motivated crimes by the [ allegedly ] far-right” which he said had risen 35 percent in 2015 to nearly 23,000.......

But while attacks on refugee centre rose to 1,031 compared to 199 in the prior year, most of the offences committed appear to be what could be called “thoughtcrime”, or what police describe as “evidence that they aimed to eliminate certain constitutional principles”.........

Nonetheless, the reporting from Western news agencies has focused on a “right wing” wave of violence.
The Main Stream Media are corrupt Propaganda machines pandering to corrupt political elites.


Tenth Enemy Alien Captured In MinnesotaObama imports hostile Third World aliens as a matter of policy. Then they prove that they are full of hate, Black Hate. But Russia Today tells the truth. American Main Stream Media suppress it.
Tenth Somali-American arrested in Minnesota for aiding ISIS........... Abdirizak Mohamed Warsame of Eagan, Minnesota appeared in the US District Court in Minneapolis on Thursday morning, to answer the charges of supplying material support to a designated foreign terrorist organization. He was arrested without incident on Wednesday evening, the FBI said........

More than 30,000 Somalis live in Minnesota, with over 85,000 living in the US overall. The United States is home the largest Somali diaspora in the world.
Obama is a Traitor, one of the Enemy Within.

Stupid, vicious & guilty as Hell.


Third World Thug Killed Grandmother Then Did A Runner [ 25 May 2016 ]
Emmanual Xiberras does not sound very English. He probably isn't a Lebo, the sort that brought us the Cronulla Riots.


Third World 'Refugees' Burn Down Dusseldorf Camp Because They Missed Breakfast [ 10 June 2016 ]
A refugee camp in Germany was burned down by migrants amid claims they were angry they had not received a wake-up for Ramadan breakfast, it has been reported. The large fire ripped through the centre - home to 280 refugees - completely levelling the hall in the western German city of Dusseldorf on Tuesday.

Emergency crews treated 25 people for smoke poisoning before police started an arson investigation amid claims a mattress had been sprayed with lighter fluid then torched.

According to the German newspaper Express, two Moroccans living at the centre said Iranian security staff at the facility had 'deliberately' not woken those observing Ramadan ahead of their scheduled breakfast time. The newspaper reports the two men as saying that a plan was then formed to start a fire. Witnesses reported that there had been recurring tensions between followers of different religions in the Red Cross-run facility.............

Since the start of the year, police had been called 89 times to the 65,000 sq. ft. hall, which was formerly part of the city's congress centre, reports said.
These are vicious criminals imported by Angela Merkel in an act of Pathological Altruism & Treason. It is how she qualified as Race Traitor 2015.


Somali Lunatic Cut Random Englishman's Throat [ 3 June 2016 ]
Dramatic footage has been released of a Islamic extremist being Tasered three times after he slit the throat of a random victim at a Tube station in retribution for the fight against Islamic State in Syria.

Lyle Zimmerman was attacked from behind by Somali-born Muhiddin Mire, 30, in a shocking rampage at Leytonstone Tube station, which was caught on camera...........

The court heard that minicab driver Mire had a history of mental illness and his psychosis involved the belief that he was being persecuted for his religion and trailed by security services........

Mire, of Leytonstone, denies attempted murder but admits four counts of attempted wounding and an alternative count of wounding with intent to cause Mr Zimmerman grievous bodily harm.
This alleged madman qualifies for the Lunatic Fringe. Him and his have been imported by  Blair, Brown, Bush, Cameron, Merkel, Obama & other Traitors with malice aforethought & the wholehearted collusion of The Labour Party.


50 Legally Resident Third World Criminals Captured Before Attacking Tourists [ 31 July 2016 ]
At least 50 legally-resident Third World invaders have been arrested for planning attacks on European beach holiday-makers in Spain—and two have been charged with financing ISIS in Syria. The arrests illustrate that the terrorist threat in Europe comes from all Third World immigration, legal and illegal.

According to a report issued by the Real Instituto Elcano research institute, focusing on Islam in Spain, Spanish police have arrested at least 150 ISIS terrorists—legal and illegal “immigrants”—who were being primed to attack holiday hotspots in Spain.

Fully one-third of this number formed part of ISIS cells whose instructions included the carrying out of attacks on European beachgoers in Spain, the report said.
Western politicians import Third World criminals with malice aforethought. It is crime, it is Treason. They are controlled by the Puppet Masters, the Zionist crazies, the psychopaths who hate us and Fear us.


897 Vicious Criminal Syrians Arrested In England [ 4 August 2016 ]
At least 897 “Syrians” living in Britain have been arrested over the past year for serious crimes including rape, death threats, and child abuse, it has emerged.

At the same time, the UK Government has undertaken to resettle up to 20,000 Syrian “refugees” by the end of 2020 under its “Syrian Vulnerable Person Resettlement” scheme. Official statistics show that 1,602 Syrians have already been resettled in the UK under the scheme by the end of March 2016.

The statistics about the number of crimes being committed by the “Syrians” emerged when the Sun newspaper obtained the data after submitting Freedom of Information requests to police forces in England and Wales.

The Sun said that the decision to request the statistics came after “Northumbria Police were last month accused of a cover-up over an alleged attack by Syrians on two teenage girls in Newcastle.”....

In London, 238 “Syrians” were arrested, including two for rape, three for death threats, and seven for sex offenses. In Nottinghamshire, one “Syrian” was arrested for “sexual activity with an underage girl.”.......

The resettled “refugees” are given five years’ Humanitarian Protection status, with permission to work and access public funds.
Will they be exported after five years? Of course not.


Third World Aliens Rob A Woman In France [ 17 August 2016 ]
A surveillance video camera recorded a woman in France being mugged in broad daylight. The attack occurred on a busy city street. Passersby ignored the attack as if it is an everyday occurrence.......

'Refugees' are not fleeing violence. They are importing violence. 'Refugees' from Muslim countries are, in reality, Islamic insurgents. The 'refugee' moniker is only applied so globalists can legitimize overwhelming the West with Muslim insurgents. 

Islam has been in the attack mode for 1,400 years. The current conflicts in the Middle East are not new. They are an extension of a centuries-old culture in which the average IQ is south of 85.
This was not just thieving; it was brutality for the fun of it.


Third World Thugs Captured After Brit Murdered [ 20 August 2016 ]
Two men wanted by Cyprus police in connection with the fatal stabbing of Briton George Low on Sunday in Ayia Napa, were captured in Kyrenia on Friday by Turkish Cypriot police, according to reports in Turkish Cypriot media. The two men, Mehmet Akpinar, 22, and Ahmed Salih, 43, will be brought before a court for a remand hearing on Saturday.......

Police said 22-year-old estate agent Low [ English or "British"? ] from Dartford, in Kent, and his friend Ben Joseph Robert Parker were walking along Grigori Afxentiou Street at around 3.20am when they were attacked by two men, armed with knives, who then fled in different directions.
More foreigners, more criminals. It happened after they came out of a pub and were urinating. Heigh ho.


10,000 Third World Invaders In Two Days [ 1 September 2016 ]
At least 10,000 African invaders have landed in Italy in the first two days of this week—mostly being brought ashore by the Italian navy and leftist organizations. The sharp increase in numbers is a direct result of the lawlessness which prevails in Libya, and the pro-invasion policies pursued by every Western European nation which encourages the Africans with offers of welfare.............

The 6,500 invaders brought ashore on Monday were all picked up only 13 miles off the Libyan coast, meaning that the EU’s navies are now doing the smugglers’ work in assisting the invasion.
Marxists like Trevor Huddleston, af nominal Christian & later the Bishop of Stepney were sent out to Africa to tell blacks that they were victims, to incite Black Hate, as well as White Guilt & market Decolonisation. Of course blacks couldn't run the place; they are recreating the Stone Age. It was a major success for the Puppet Masters, the Zionist crazies of the South African Communist Party such as  Joe Slovo, a Jew from Lithuania. Now they are inciting their victims to flood Western Civilization with the collusion of corrupt governments and political criminals like Blair, Brown, Bush, Cameron, Merkel & Obama.

Industrial scale immigration. Industrial scale crime. Various navies are helping them.


Third World Invaders Rape Their Own Too [ 9 September 2016 ]
Almost 200 sex attacks have been carried out by migrants on fellow refugees in German asylum centres in just six months, a politician has revealed. More than 179 sexual assaults have been reported in the past six months in the reception centres in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia alone..............

Ms Brand blamed the large number of criminal charges on the poor accommodation migrants were forced to endure and that they were not suitable for women and children. [ The woman is fool - Editor ]
Criminals on the make carry on committing crime. Surprising? No! That is why Merkel imported them. She is an enemy of Western Civilization. The Daily Mail's readers take the point.


Third World Rapist Came To Fuck The Women [ 23 September 2016 ]
He tried and failed. We need hanging and flogging to deal with swine like him.


Third World Thugs Rape A Woman Under The Eiffel Tower [ 23 September 2016 ]
These invaders were Algerians living in Germany. One result will be more votes for Marine le Pen.


Third World Thieves Caught Stealing £800 Thousand By Land Fraud [ 26 October 2016 ]
Saeed Ghani, 30, from Manchester, stole mail from his victim and tried to sell their half a million pound home after transferring the deeds of the property into his name. The plot was foiled, however, when the homeowner's daughter noticed the address was advertised for sale on the property website and alerted police. A couple's pension worth nearly £90,000 was also stolen in the identity scam.

They used the stolen mail to hijack the identity of the homeowner and then carried out the plan to sell the property from under their noses. Ghani also stole the identities of two homeowners in Bolton by using fraudulent passports in a bid to transfer the Land Registry deeds of their property, valued at more than £300,000.

Finally, in August 2014, Ghani and a female defendant, Toma Ramanauskaite, 30, intercepted a husband and wife's post in Boothstown, Salford, and again hijacked their identities, said police.
Are they going to be deported? No such luck? Why were they imported in the first place? Because Ethnic Fouling In England is policy; it's Treason too.


Pakistani Rapist Captured In Tenerife After Six Years On The Run [ 26 October 2016 ]
He will be back to do fourteen years plus whatever for absconding.

Stupid, vicious, alien. Why was he imported? Because Ethnic Fouling In England is the policy of the Puppet Masters, for England but not the State of Israel.


Pakistani Beat His Daughter To Death Because Her Cooking Was No Good [ 26 October 2016 ]
A 12-year-old girl has been beaten to death for failing to make a perfect roti

Khalid Mehmood beat his daughter Annega to death with his bare hands in 2015 before dumping her body outside the Mayo Hospital, in Lahore, Pakistan. Her brother, Abuzar, has also admitted to the murder of his sister but his fate is yet to be decided.

Mehmood was fined £4,000 for his heinous crime and then given the death penalty.
PS Gunmen attacked a university in Pakistan, killing 19 for some reason.
PPS Her Majesty's Government imports Pakistanis & lets them Rape English girls wholesale. It's policy.


Four Year Old Indian Girl Was Beheaded As A Sacrifice To Find A Lost Phone  [ 9 November 2016 ]
A new sacrificial murder involving a four-year-old girl who was beheaded and offered as human sacrifice has highlighted the fact that witchcraft in India claims hundreds of lives every year.

The latest case—which took place in the world-famous tea-producing region of Assam—involved a “tantrik” sacrificing the girl after being asked to provide magical help in finding a lost cell phone.............

New Delhi-based Partners for Law in Development said in a 2012 report that this figure was just the “proverbial tip of a very deep iceberg,” because “available data hides much of the reality of a problem that is deeply ingrained in society. It is only the most gruesome cases that are reported—most cases of witch-hunting go unreported and unrecorded.”
We taught them English, maths, Western Civilization but it hasn't really caught on. Her Majesty's Government imports savages like these by the thousand.


Third World Invader Rips Ears And Lips Off Victim [ 17 November 2016 ]
A vicious attack by a nonwhite invader upon a fellow fake refugee in Germany in which the victim’s lips, ears, and eyelids were torn off, has been linked to an African “ritual” by investigators.

The attack was also described by the local public prosecutor as something they had “never experienced before”—and is an example of the type of Third World behavior the “refugee” swindle is importing to Europe.

According to a report in Die Welt newspaper, the 19-year-old Eritrean attacked an 18-year-old Somalian—both pretending to be asylum seekers—last Friday at an invader center in the picturesque and formerly peaceful town of Schlüchtern in the state of Hesse........

The latest attack in Germany shows that the mass importation of Africans—who have an average IQ hovering between 60 and 80—is causing this savagery to be imported directly into the heart of Europe, and that the only solution to this growing problem is the complete repatriation of all Third Worlders back to their home countries.
The ruling classes & 'intellectuals' have swallowed the lies about White Guilt marketed by the Puppet Masters, which is to say Zionist crazies. So their Altruism is perverted, becoming grossly Pathological. It is Ethnic Fouling flowing into Genocide. One perpetrator is Merkel. See her sympathy:-

She has no children, no future. She is destroying ours.


Third World Thief Stole £98 Thousand By Fraud [ 30 November 2016 ]
He got 27 months for his pains.


Third World Parasite Imported By Political Criminals Murders Small English Boy [ 22 December 2016]
Will Blair, Brown, Bush, Cameron & other criminals of the same ilk apologise? No!
BTW The Mail didn't say that he is another black, another vicious rogue. Check the name and know. Suppressing the truth about Third World evil is policy.


Third World Parasites Charged With Terrorism [ 25 December 2016 ]
Two people have appeared in court charged with a string of terror offences, police said.

Munir Hassan Mohammed, from Derby, appeared accused of preparing for an act of terror between the anniversary of 7/7 this year until his arrest in December. The 35-year-old is also charged with being a member of Islamic State and possessing instructions on how to build an explosive device inside a mobile phone.............

Rowaida El Hassan, 32, of London, appeared alongside him at Westminster Magistrates' Court on Saturday, police said.
More Pakistanis imported by Blair, Brown, Bush, Cameron et al with malice aforethought.


Third World Rapists Attack In Germany On New Year's Eve  [ 3 January 2017 ]
New Year’s Eve Sex Attacks in Germany
At least 129 nonwhites posing as refugees were arrested across Germany over New Year’s Eve as a massive German police presence struggled to contain thousands of invaders who converged on the streets of Cologne, Frankfurt, Essen, Dortmund, Hamburg, Hannover, and Düsseldorf.

A massive police action prevented further attacks as mobs as big as 4,000 (in Cologne) and 1,900 (in Frankfurt) swarmed into the city centers.............

The Bild newspaper reported that despite the police’s efforts, sex attacks by nonwhite invaders still took place, and at least 14 German women aged between 18 and 26 were attacked on New Year’s Eve.

Police spokesman Timo Zill described the perpetrators as “southerners, Arabs, or North Africans.” The “southerners” (südliches) description is used by German police to describe North Africans.

Zill said that in total, about 4,000 “migrants” gathered in Cologne, and their “mood was aggressive.” Many attacks had taken place right in front of police officials, he added.

Police in Cologne were heavily criticized by race-denying leftists after using the term “Nafris” on Twitter to describe the opening stage of their action to stop a repeat of the previous year’s mass sex attacks. “Nafris” is short for “North African intensive offenders.”.............

Wurm added that the police had only concentrated on suspects already known to the authorities for criminal behavior, and that the preventative action was taken “to avoid expected crimes from occurring.”.

According to Focus, the same “phenomenon was also observed in other German cities: North Africans were particularly aggressive in Hamburg and Hannover. In Frankfurt am Main, the police counted up to 1,900 people who had been in small groups, but also in cities like Essen, Düsseldorf, and Dortmund.”

At least 14 sex attacks were reported in Hamburg, with the attackers being identified as Syrians, Iraqis, Afghans, and an Eritrean.
Notice that Left Wingers, Socialists, Marxists & others of the Lunatic Fringe object to hearing the truth about Third World criminals.


Third World Rapists Attack Women In Austria [ 7 January 2017 ]
Police in the Austrian city of Innsbruck are searching for a group of men “of foreign appearance” in connection with a series of sexual assaults on women during New Year celebrations. Nineteen women have so far come forward to identify themselves as victims of the assaults, which are reminiscent of the Cologne sex attacks of New Year’s Eve in 2015............

The incidents left Innsbruck, a deeply conservative city of some 130,000 people amid the high Alps of western Austria, in shock.

“This has never happened to us before,” Ch Insp Kranebitter said. “It has definitely been proved that the men are foreign. We are investigating.”.........

The incidents evoke immediate parallels with the Cologne sex attacks, in which more than 1,200 women were assaulted, more than 500 of them sexually, while trying to celebrate the New Year in the heart of the city. In Cologne, as in Innsbruck, crowds of men gathered in the city centre and deliberately encircled women, cutting them off from their male companions............

The New Year passed off peacefully in Cologne this year without reports of mass sexual assaults. Police in the city were accused of racial profiling [ by Marxists & Traitors ] after they detained some 650 men of North African origin as they tried to head into the city centre. But the Cologne police chief defended his officers, insisting they were acting on intelligence that known suspects were hearing for the city.
It really is time to counter-attack. Bribing them to come with free housing free etc. is madness & Treason.


Third World Chef Blinds Dissatisfied Customer [ 24 January 2017 ]
That's what happens when Her Majesty's Government imports millions of Third World parasites, except when they are defrauding the dole office, raping English girls wholesale in Rotherham etc. Will this thug be prosecuted? Probably not; that would be "Racist"


Third World Surgeon Operates - Third World Surgeon Kills [30 January 2017 ]
A children's heart surgeon at the centre of a hospital scandal over high death rates has been struck off the medical register over his ‘reckless disregard’ for patient safety. Consultant cardiologist Nihal Weerasena, 63, was found guilty of ‘serious and persistent’ misconduct in relation to six cases between 2008 and 2012, including at least two which involved the death of a child..........

Leeds General Infirmary referred 25 cases to the General Medical Council for its investigation. Lawyers are involved in another 14 cases...........

Now it has been claimed that the trust covered up mistakes by Mr Weerasena to keep open the unit, which brings in £20 million a year........

Concerns were raised about the Sri Lanka-born surgeon in 2005. After an investigation, he stopped doing three procedures on young children. But a document reveals concerns were still being discussed in 2011 and he continued operating until February 2013.
Why did the hospital refer cases? They knew the facts. See the face and wonder why he ever got the job.


Indian Thief Stays Out Of Prison And Carries On As A GP [ 25 February 2017 ]
Dr Harminderjeet Surdhar, 46, who owns the Five Ways Health Centre, off Ladywood Middleway, used NHS resources to provide blood testing services to private patients between January 1 2010, and March 20, 2013. The medic, of The Avenue, Sutton Coldfield, was found guilty of five counts of fraud by abuse of power and handed a 12 month suspended sentence during a five day trial at Birmingham Crown Court. He was also ordered to carry out 200 hours of community service and pay back the £3,750 as well as £4,200 court costs.........

Dr Surdhar previously co-owned Karistos Care Home in Moseley, which was shut down by Birmingham City Council after concerns were raised over patient safety.
He was in the granny farming racket too.


Indian Murders His Daughter And Dumps Her Corpse On Boyfriend's Doorstep  [ 23 March 2017 ]
An Indian father slit his daughter's throat with a meat cleaver and dumped her body on her boyfriend's doorstep in a suspected honour killing, police said today. The father is accused of knifing his 15-year-old daughter when she started dating a teenager he did not approve of in the Muzaffarnagar district of Uttar Pradesh state.

The boyfriend allegedly sneaked into the girl's house early on Tuesday but was caught by her mother and handed over to police, police officer Shivraj Singh said.
Honour killings are SOP [ standard operating procedure ] in India. More of them at Honour Killings


Mexican Court Clerk In California Fixed Official Records [ 1 April 2017 ]
A former Orange County Superior Court clerk plead guilty Wednesday to reaping more than a quarter-million dollars as head of a bribery scheme that forged the results of criminal and traffic violations in exchange for money.

Anaheim resident Jose Lopez Jr., 36, admitted in a plea deal last week that from as early as 2010 until March 2015, he used his court computer system access to write fraudulent outcomes for more than 1,000 cases.............

Lopez would directly or indirectly receive money from nine middlemen to fix court records to show a favorable result for the persons charged, when in fact, the cases were never ruled upon, prosecutors said. DUI cases drew the highest prices, as Lopez asked as much as $8,000 to fix those results, according to the indictment............

Lopez faces up to 20 years in federal prison, but prosecutors have agreed to consider only as many as nine years, according to defense attorney Brian Gurwitz..........

Ten others have pleaded guilty so far. An eleventh is scheduled to plead guilty on April 21, and Javed Asefi, 44, of Ladera Ranch is scheduled to go on trial on May 2, according to the U.S. attorney’s office.
Import Third World aliens & get Third World results. QED


Kurdish 'Refugee' Gets A Good Kicking - Media Go Coy About The Colour Of The Perpetrators [ 4 April 2017 ]
Murder is a Hate Crime - unless the attackers are Third World undesirables. Look at the mug shots and draw your own conclusions. The Guardian is a left wing propaganda machine so the truth [ usually ] comes down the line.



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