London was a great city once. It always had its thieves. Now they run the place. This is not say that all of the perpetrators are Pakistanis or Islamics. There are blacks too. But it is the Jews pulling the strings, controlling the politicians, driven by Paranoia & hate that are the real problem.

Victorian London
London has changed a lot, mainly for the better apart from the crowding. Victorians lived differently. See it; believe it.


London Looters
The London looters were brought to us by Her Majesty's Government with the enthusiastic collusion of Her Allegedly Loyal Opposition. They are traitors all.


Tower Hamlets
Controlling Tower Hamlets council means controlling 1 billion a year, every year, enough to keep a lot of Pakistani snouts firmly in the trough - and doing whatever it takes to keep it that way.
How much of that 1 billion finds its way back to Pakistan? Quite a lot is my guess, several millions at the very least.

Lutfur Rahman, the corrupt former mayor of Tower Hamlets is a Pakistani & naturally enough bent as a nine bob note. Once he lost the prosecution he went bankrupt to avoid paying 250,000 costs - see Former Mayor of Tower Hamlets, Lutfur Rahman, 'declares himself bankrupt', court hears.


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North- East London Turkish Mafia

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Livingstone Has Five Bastards Out Of Three Women [ 4 April 2008 ]
Ken Livingstone has defended his private life after it was revealed he had five children by three different women........... "What Londoners want to discuss in this election is transport, crime, housing, good community relations and the environment."
Londoners do want good service. They don't want light fingered politicians robbing them blind and giving their money to ethnics and buying votes. Livingstone has been pandering to the wrong undesirables which is why various swine are telling the truth about him as voters go the polls.


Livingstone, Fraud And Islamics [ 3 April 2008 ]
AT CHRISTMAS, political commentators assumed Ken Livingstone was a shoo-in for mayor of London. As Easter comes, he is fighting to save his career. To understand why, you have to grasp the outrage on the left at his decision to turn his back on liberal British Muslims and ally himself with ultra-reactionary Islamists........

Revulsion at his strange alliances lies behind the devastating leaks about public money going astray and six-figure salaries going to members of Socialist Action, the tiny Trotskyist sect Livingstone employs at public expense............

"Livingstone was more interested in the Muslim vote and thought that by pandering to al-Qaradawi he could get it. He began to say things he would never have said before, calling a Jewish reporter a concentration camp guard and telling Jewish businessmen to leave the country."....... For the past two months, Singh has been, er, singing like a canary and telling the papers how Socialist Action appointees fundraised and campaigned for Livingstone when they were meant to be neutral civil servants.
Islamics don't mind thieving as long as they are getting the profits. Fraudulent misapplication of public funds is good reason for the police to do something useful. But I am sure that dear Mr Livingstone will be able to confirm that he did not give various foreigners money in order to buy their votes.

PS It seems that inciting murder is not a crime when Pakistanis do it.
PPS Singh Babbles
PPPS Feathering their own nests is part of the pay off


City of London Corporation ex Wiki
The City of London Corporation (formerly known as the Corporation of London)[1] is the municipal governing body of the City of London. It exercises control only over the City (the "Square Mile," so called for its approximate area), and not over Greater London. It has three main aims: to promote the Business City as the world's leading international financial and business centre; to provide high quality local government services; and to provide a range of additional services for the benefit of London, Londoners and the nation.

The City of London Corporation is formally termed the Mayor and Commonalty and Citizens of the City of London, thus including the Lord Mayor, the Court of Aldermen, and the Court of Common Council.

Local government legislation often makes special provision for the City to be treated as a London borough.

The City of London does not generally exercise authority over two historic extra-parochial areas, the Middle Temple and the Inner Temple, which are adjoining enclaves for two of the Inns of Court in the west of the City. Some statutory functions of the Corporation extend into these two areas.


Metropolitan Board of Works ex Wiki
The Metropolitan Board of Works (MBW) was the principal instrument of London-wide government from 1855 until the establishment of the London County Council in 1889. Its principal responsibility was to provide infrastructure to cope with London's rapid growth, which it successfully accomplished. The MBW was an appointed rather than elected body. This lack of accountability made it unpopular with Londoners, especially in its latter years when it fell prey to corruption.

London's growth had rapidly accelerated with the increase in railway commuting from the 1830s onwards. However London's local government was chaotic, with hundreds of specialist authorities (few of them elected) representing parts of streets. All had to agree in order to provide services which crossed their boundaries.

In 1835 elected municipal boroughs had been set up covering every major city except London. The City of London, only the very core of the sprawling metropolis, was untouched by the Municipal Corporations Act 1835 and resisted all moves to expand its borders to include the poorer inner-city districts surrounding it. This meant that three counties had authority over the metropolitan area: Middlesex covered the area north of the Thames and west of the River Lee, Surrey the area to the south and south-west, and Kent the far south east.

In 1837 an attempt was made to set up a London-wide elected authority, however the wealthier districts of Marylebone and Westminster resisted this and ultimately defeated the move. In 1854 it was proposed to divide London in to seven boroughs, each represented on a Metropolitan Board of Works. The proposal to divide the city into boroughs was abandoned but the board of works was set up in 1855.


Lambeth councillor found with 94,000 images and videos of abused kids escapes jail [ 9 May 2011 ]
A former Lambeth councillor who admitted possessing more than 94,000 images and videos of abused children, and was looking at porn when police raided his house, has escaped jail. Toren Smith, of Lilford Road, Camberwell, was given a two year suspended sentence at Southwark Crown Court today, after earlier pleading guilty to 24 counts of possessing and making indecent images of children.

Detectives from the paedophile unit of Metropolitan Police’s child abuse command, searched the former Tulse Hill ward Councillor’s home on May 21 last year, after inquiries revealed Smith had, on two occasions, paid to download material which included a number of Level 5 images and footage - the most serious kind..........

Smith, who was a respected senior Labour member of the council who had been an elected member for 16 years and was co-chair of the council's planning committee, resigned from the council three days later “for personal reasons”.

He was sentenced to 3 months imprisonment for the Level 1 - 3 images; 6 months for the Level 4 images; and 12 months for the Level 5 images - all to run concurrently. His sentences were suspended for 24 months.
He got off lightly.


Pakistani Rape Epidemic [ July 2013 ]
It is being concealed by the Main Stream Media, the Propaganda machines that betray us, just like Her Majesty's Government which imports the swine in the first place. It isn't just London of course.


London Borough Overwhelmed With Third World Aliens  [ 6 April 2014 ]
Two thirds of the children at school in Barking and Dagenham are ethnic aliens imported by Her Majesty's Government, by Treason with the whole hearted collusion of Her Allegedly Loyal Opposition. They are part of the Trojan Horse operation being used to destroy Western Civilization. Tories want cheap labour while the Labour Party wants Vote Rigging.


Pakistani Mayor Of Tower Hamlets Investigated For Fraud [ 6 April 2014 ]
Tower Hamlets
get the business rates from Canary Wharf. With an income around 1 billion it is easy to see that several million find their way to Bangla Desh. In fact its is difficult to believe they don't. Trial by Jeory
 tells us where the dirt it. Dirt there is aplenty.
PS Meic Sullivan Gould, a Past President of the Association of Council Secretaries & Solicitors has chosen to allege that the town hall is clean. I choose to allege that I don't believe him.


Racist Pakistani Incites Hate In London [ 2 April 2016 ]
In one of the most blatant recent displays of anti-white Racism, the UK Labour Party's nonwhite candidate for London mayor has said that there are “too many white men” working for the city’s underground train service.

Any white person saying such a thing about nonwhites would most certainly be charged with “racial hatred,” but because it was said by a nonwhite about whites, there will be no consequences.

Speaking at a public meeting in the suburb of Brixton—which has been majority nonwhite since the 1970s—the Labour Party’s Sadiq Khan said that he would “reshape” the Transport for London (TfL) board—which runs the world-famous London Underground—if he was elected.

“It needs to better reflect London’s diversity in the interest of Londoners,” he said “Did you know there are sixteen people on the board of TfL? “Thirteen of them are white men. Thirteen. Think about it. It only has three women on it. That’s less than one in five.”

He went on to say that the “needs” of women and nonwhites were being neglected on the London Underground, specifically referencing the dramatic rise in sexual assaults on that service............

Reports of sexual offences on the London Underground almost tripled over the past five years. As mayor I will take these problems seriously.” What Kahn failed to point out was that the rise in sexual assaults on the London Underground service has closely paralleled the demographic shift in London to a majority nonwhite population.........

He currently leads most opinion polls for the race, and is likely to be elected in the minority white city.
Sadiq Khan is a de facto Marxist i.e. a member of the Fabian Society. He is allowed to incite Black Hate because he is a Pakistani.


London Borough Is A Third World Hell Hole [ 15 May 2016 ]
Cockneys are becoming an endangered species in a London borough after 70,000 immigrants have moved in over the past 15 years, a BBC documentary has revealed.

The white population of Newham is leaving in droves, according to the Last Whites of the East End, which claims 73 per cent of the local population is now made up of ethnic minorities and Black British.

It was previously almost all white working class, with the majority dockworkers, but has now become the most multicultural place in the UK, with 147 languages spoken across the borough.........

The programme, which airs on BBC1 on May 24, explores the reason why there has been a huge drop in the white British population [ but there will be no mention of the BBC's treason ]
The BBC is a corrupt Propaganda machine, one that markets Feminism, Homosexuality; just why do you think they were so keen to protect Jimmy Savile, 'Lord' Janner & other Paedophile perverts? But their major effort was inciting Ethnic Fouling In England by pushing Racism, if and only if Englishmen were accused. They were happy to cover up for the racist Pakistanis who murdered Kriss Donald, a Scots lad. They incite White Guilt & Black Hate. The fact that the Beeb is running this programme shows that they are still Marxists who know they will escape retribution.


London Lost, An Empire Lost - England Too? [ 1 June 2016 ]
The Fall of London: Thoughts on White Dispossession
Ruin’s wheel has driven o’er us,
Not a hope that dare attend,
The wide world is all before us—
But a world without a friend.
          Robert Burns, “Strathallan’s Lament,” 1787.

Of all the great sorrows that may attend a dispossession or defeat, perhaps the greatest is that it should go unmourned. Few examples in the annals of poetry come as close to capturing this particular sense of despair as Robert Burns’ “Strathallan’s Lament.”..................

This powerful poem came to mind one evening recently as I pondered the loss of London, an ancient and pivotal capital of our people and our culture. Much worse than the events recalled by Burns, there have been no rebellions attempting to hold back this awful dispossession..........

Although the problem is widespread, I’ve been provoked by two recent events to give particular attention to London. The first was the election of the city’s first Muslim mayor, Sadiq Khan. Alarmed as I was by the advent of a Muslim mayor, I actually view Khan’s race and religion to be of only secondary importance to the broader context of his election. After all, the sleepwalking constituencies of Britain have been ceding political power to outsiders ever since they began electing Jews in the early nineteenth century, Indians in the 1890s, Africans in the 1980s, and Muslims from the Indian subcontinent since 2001. As I see it, Khan would merely represent just another nail in the coffin of White British autonomy if it wasn’t for the fact that there was something fundamentally different about this election. The difference lay in the fact that London has passed a demographic tipping point from which, barring the advent of revolution, it is unlikely to recover.........

As the population of the city has changed, so has its social character. We see the familiar and predictable increase in the crimes that accompany a multicultural onslaught. In the last year alone there has been an overall increase in violent crime of 27%, with a 36% increase in sex crimes and a 14% increase in homicide. Bear in mind that this is an annual increase, and that if we were to compare present crime statistics with those from a more ethnically homogenous era, the true image of decay would be even more profound..........

Pushing the White man out in fact seems to one of Khan's goals based on his recent statement that there are “too many White men” on London’s transport board. Mr. Khan obviously prefers diversity to efficiency. In fact, I am quite prepared to agree with senior London conservative David Dean, who was recently suspended from the party for informing a White voter that, if Khan was elected mayor, “as a White man … you will be a pariah in your own town. Khan will treat you like dirt.” It is a sad and tragic commentary on the current condition of our people that this voter, his suicidal sense of morality obviously offended, was moved to complain to Dean’s party rather than accept his sage advice......

The BBC recently aired a documentary titled “The Last Whites of the East End,” the second reason why I have been moved to focus on London in this particular article.  The film explored the rapid decline of the White population of London’s Newham district (17%  during the last census, now estimated at 12%) and how dramatically life has changed among its remaining White inhabitants. Although the documentary predictably avoided posing the moral question of this great displacement, and equally avoided any discussion of the undemocratic manner in which it was brought about, it has been subject to a furious reaction from the advocates of multiculturalism..........

Our media manipulators continue to indoctrinate us with the lie that a multicultural paradise lies on the horizon. But we can already see the horizon in our midst.......

Ladies and Gentlemen, all of us in this movement are aboard a ship of sorts. We are on a fateful expedition. It is hazardous, the wages are small, and the times are dark indeed. Success may or may not be possible. But honor and recognition, and the secured existence of our descendants are the prize if we should succeed. I am sure that Strathallen, as he stood on the field at Culloden, knew in his heart that his chances of victory were slim. He fought on, and was remembered. And so, in the ancient spirit of our people, let us get to work.
flooded England after wearing out their welcome in the Russian Empire, especially Poland; one of them was almost certainly Jack the Ripper. Now they are at it again but they have infiltrated the Main Stream Media making it unfashionable to tell the truth about their evil. They are destroyers driven hate and greed.


Third World Mobs Attack In London  [ 29 July 2017 ]
A furious mob has lit bonfires and hurled petrol bombs at officers in Dalston, east London, after a protest over the death of a black father 'who was wrestled to the ground by police' turned violent. Earlier today, demonstrators barricaded part of Kingsland Road - close to where Rashan Charles died last week - with wheelie bins, mattresses and household debris. Dramatic footage showed more than a dozen officers retreating from protesters who launched objects at them.

Tonight's violence has drawn parallels with the London riots in 2011, which were sparked by the police shooting of 29-year-old Mark Duggan in Tottenham.
It is government policy to import Third World parasites, especially Illegal Immigrants. The Main Stream Media collude with them by inciting Black Hate and White Guilt. Then black criminals riot; cause and effect.

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