The Labour Party evolved from the trade unions into what should have been the party of the working man. It became the party of the bourgeois swine. Now it is the party of the capitalist swine, importing Third World aliens by the million to buy votes, by Vote Rigging, by bribery with our money. The early activists of the lower classes were out thought by the Fabian Society which means aforesaid bourgeois swine, men and even women who were cunning manipulators - see the Fabian Society Window which shows their message and their contempt for our stupidity in following them.

Vladimir Lenin understood them well - see Labour Party Assessed By Comrade Lenin. His remarks are in full at Marxism and the British Labour Party:-
"Regarded from this, the only correct, point of view, the Labour Party is a thoroughly bourgeois party, because, although made up of workers, it is led by reactionaries, and the worst kind of reactionaries at that, who act quite in the spirit of the  bourgeosie. It is an organisation of the bourgeoisie, which exists to systematically dupe the workers with the aid of the British Noskes and  Scheidemanns."[ See ]

That policy is epitomized today Blair and Brown; one destroying their liberty, the other grinding them down into poverty.
PS The current [ 2015 ] propaganda chief is Seumas Milne, a Stalinist public school man. It is run by its National Executive Committee.


"You really do have to wonder how much you would have to hate, indeed loathe, your culture, your country and your fellow citizens, before you would even contemplate something like . . . Labour's conspiracy for mass immigration".


The Army Rumour Service Explains Labour & The Red Flag
The cloth cap and the woolen scarf
Are images outdated
For we're the party's avant-garde
And we are educated
So raise the rolled umbrella high
The college scarf, the old school tie
And just to show that we're sincere
We'll sing The Red Flag once a year


New Labour
Was Blair's marketing machine, one that took over real Labour and corrupted it; getting the money from Jews and the power from Vote Rigging i.e. Pakistanis.


Proscribed List
Was a list of Hard Left troublemakers who were kept out until Wilson succeeded in letting them in.


Labour Party Assessed
Tommy Macpherson MC, a Scottish businessman who knew them tells all.


Labour Party 27 February 1900 - the present day
In the 1906 election, the LRC won 29 seats—helped by a secret 1903 pact between Ramsay MacDonald and Liberal Chief Whip Herbert Gladstone that aimed to avoid splitting the opposition vote between Labour and Liberal candidates in the interest of removing the Conservatives from office.

In their first meeting after the election the group's Members of Parliament decided to adopt the name "The Labour Party" formally (15 February 1906). Keir Hardie, who had taken a leading role in getting the party established, was elected as Chairman of the Parliamentary Labour Party (in effect, the Leader),... In the party's early years the Independent Labour Party (ILP) provided much of its activist base as the party did not have individual membership until 1918 but operated as a conglomerate of affiliated bodies. The Fabian Society provided much of the intellectual stimulus for the party............

One of the most notable early critics of Labour's claim to be socialist was the Marxist theorist and leader of the Soviet Union, Vladimir Lenin, who, after examining the actions and political positions of its leaders, came to the conclusion that
"the only correct, point of view, the Labour Party is a thoroughly bourgeois party, because, although made up of workers, it is led by reactionaries, and the worst kind of reactionaries at that, who act quite in the spirit of the bourgeoisie. It is an organisation of the bourgeoisie, which exists to systematically dupe the workers with the aid of the British Noskes and Scheidemanns." [ See ]
Labour is the party of the honest working man? That was the theory back in 1900 when it was formed. The reality has been rather different. Dear old Vladimir Ilyich [ Lenin, not Vlad The Impaler ] got them bang to rights, bourgeois swine screwing the honest working man.

The Fabian Window explains their treachery in pictures. Notice especially the Wolf in Sheep's Clothing


Fabian Society
They are the cunning manipulators, men like Blair who used the Labour Party to get power, position and money.


Labour Bribes Charities
Why not? They not using their money; it is only ours. There are billions to wasted while they have the key to the Treasury, the power. Get it while the getting's good. It buys votes too.


Labour Friends of Israel
Names 37 Labour wallahs. It does not include David Miliband, the grandson of a Jew, traitor and mass murderer.


Labour Party
The Labour Party was established in England to further the interests of the working man and his family......... The current policies are driven by a hatred of England and essentially unlimited greed. They no longer do anything for the working man apart from taxing him to pay for their evil schemes. They are happy to throw money at illegal immigrants and make it easy for them to vote illegally. Buying votes keeps Labour in power and keeps their snouts in the trough.



Labour immigration policy

I don't think it is any more complicated than that.


A very nasty bit of work. One of the Hard Left. Colludes with anyone he can use. See e.g. Livingstone Panders To Jews


Muslim Friends Of Labour
Any friend will do - unless they happen to be honest English working men.



Miliband, Labour And Suicide [ 23rd September 2010 ]
Was it Kinnock who called the Labour Manifesto the longest suicide note in history? Miliband could be the best kamikaze pilot since Michael Foot.


Labour Tried To Destroy England Using A Flood Of Third World Immigrants [ 4 May 2012 ]
Mass immigration, and how Labour tried to destroy Britishness
Throughout the tenure of the last Labour government this newspaper, and others — while praising the huge contribution immigrants [ that bit is tosh, unless it is a reference to crime - Editor ] had made to this country in the past — attacked the laxity of what were supposed to be our border controls. It was clear the very nature of our society was being changed by a new kind of uncontrolled mass immigration — and without the British people ever having been asked whether they supported the policy. Labour arrogantly accused its critics of racism — though most of the incomers were white — and of scaremongering........

The cynicism did not end there. Such, Labour claimed, was its commitment to ensuring that only people with a right to be in Britain could come here that in 2008 it set up the UK Border Agency. The truth, unfortunately, was very different.

Theresa May, the Home Secretary, has announced that the agency is being wound up next month precisely because it is useless, and the officials who ran it — rather like the borders they supposedly policed — were out of control......

Though Labour clearly left the system in a shambles, it should be noted that it has taken almost two years for this Government to admit the mess our immigration procedures are in, and to do something about it.
Labour is bad. The Tories are no better. Simon Heffer tells some of the truth but the Mail is not read by real people, only their servants, so it will be ignored.


Labour Party Hates Labour, It Panders To Capitalist Swine Wanting Cheap Workers [ 10 December 2013 ]
"Most glaring was Labour's fear of a resurgence of union power. They didn't want people banding together to insist on higher pay and better conditions."

Would they have hanged the Tolpuddle Martyrs? Who cares about the honest working man? Not the likes of Blair for starters.

The Guardian explains the Treason of socialist politicians who have never done honest work in their lives. Given that the Grauniad tells the BBC what its opinions are going to be today this could be good news. It fingers Jack Straw as a liar but does not mention that he is a Stalinist Jew. See more at Something Stirs In The Liberal Subconscious.


Labour Spending Spree Will Cost Us £25 Billion EXTRA [ 1 February 2014  ]
And they will import thousands more Third World criminals than the Tories to boot. The next one is just a sample.


Labour Politicians Backed Paedophiles [ 20 February 2014 ]
The Labour Party put Greville Janner, MP and Jew in the Lords because he was accused on oath of being a Paedophile pervert. This stopped people voting against him, thereby proving that Labour is deeply corrupt; also that Jews are too powerful to be held to the same standards as civilized human beings. The Mail fingers Harriet Harman, , a crooked ratbag, Jack Dromey, who claimed ignorance about bungs for baronetcies & Patricia Hewitt, an Australian with light fingers.


Black Shadow Minister Is Stupid, Ignorant Or Lying [ 14 March 2014 ]
Most of our thirteen years in office we didn’t have a debt, er, a deficit, because we hadn’t had the financial crash.”
Believe a politician? You might just as well believe a policeman.

A supercilious rogue, don't you think?


Labour Support Down  [ 31 March 2014 ]

Labour 33
Tory     32
UKIP    15
So UKIP holds the balance. Now if Cameron hadn't lied to us about a referendum there would be no point in UKIP. But he did, so there is. Recall that Tory is the Irish word for thief.


Immigration Surge Means 42 Thousand New Homes Needed [ 18 October 2014 ]
Give them council houses, dole, free medicine, bribe them to vote Labour and watch them pour in. Of course the Tories are Capitalist Swine who want cheap labour, cheap servants. They are greedy and corrupt. The other lot are greedy and malicious, Traitors who hate England.


Labour Will Be Screwed By The SNP In Scotland [ 31 October 2014 ]
Labour faces near wipeout in Scotland next May in a setback that could cost Ed Miliband the general election, according to a new poll for The Times....... Labour supporters are more likely to distrust him [ Miliband ].
Nationalism is alive and well among ordinary people, the Working Class that Labour betrayed. Miliband  is an enemy alien, grandson of a traitor, mass murderer, illegal immigrant & Jew.


Labour Threatens Public Schools [ 25 November 2014 ]
demands that public schools sort out government schools. Behind the mask of the Nanny State there is the Bully State & the politics of envy. It was Labour that outlawed Fox Hunting, alleging that it is cruel but has nothing to say about Kosher Slaughter because Jews matter more than cruelty to animals. Perhaps they think that it will get them votes from horny handed sons of toil.


Labour Imported 3.6 Million Immigrants [  6 March 2015 ]
Immigration during Labour’s time in power boosted the UK population by 3.6 million, according to a report published today. The number over 13 years is equivalent to the combined size of five of Britain’s largest cities.

A study by MigrationWatch argues that the surge in immigration under Labour was partly because of incompetence and partly a conspiracy by some in the party to make British society more multicultural. It hints that Labour may have opened up the UK for electoral advantage, because migrants from Asia and Africa were more inclined to vote Labour than Conservative or Liberal Democrat.
I claim that The Times alleges that Migration Watch argues that........Words Are Propaganda Tools. The Times has an agenda. Calling people liars in so many words would be libel. Labour imported Third World   aliens in order to bribe them, to buy their votes. The Tories were stupid enough to let them. Being Capitalist Swine they wanted cheap labour.


Hedge Fund Boss's £600 Thousand Bung To Labour To Pay Off Big Time In NHS Privatisation  [ 24 March 2015 ]
A multi-millionaire hedge fund boss who handed £600,000 to the Labour party, also stands to cash in from the privatisation of NHS services..

Martin Taylor was unveiled last week as the generous benefactor who has become the party’s fourth largest donor over the past three years.........

And yesterday it emerged that Mr. Taylor’s company, Nevsky Capital, managed a fund with a £10million stake in United Health, an American private healthcare giant which has run NHS-funded GP surgeries and is bidding for health service contracts.

Tory MPs accused Mr. Miliband of being a ‘hypocrite’ from taking his money after Labour have hit out at NHS ‘privatisation’ under the Coalition and claimed they would prevent it if they win office.
The Labour Party was set up in 1900 for the honest working man. Now it gets its money from Capitalist Swine. They import Immigrants, legal or not for the Vote Rigging. The Tories, the stupid party let them get away with it.


Labour Candidate Abuses Simpletons And Racists Who Fly English Flags [ 11 April 2015 ]
Another ghastly Marxist oaf proves Treasonous intent while inciting crime. Notice that he is not saying anything about Welsh flags but then he is standing in Wales. No doubt he will be just as keen as the rest on importing foreign undesirables. See e.g. the next two.


Labour On The Skids Or A New Beginning? [ 8 August 2015 ]
Are Corbyn+Galloway the dream ticket to previously-unreachable ‘sunlit uplands’ of British politics?
 Would they present a much needed double-barrel warning to the warmongers of Tel Aviv and AIPAC’s lackeys in Washington?
Could they clean out Westminster’s snake-pit and put Britain’s industries and workers first?

UK Labour Party bosses are on a suicide mission to block support for its most likely saviour, Jeremy Corbyn who has emerged as the front-runner in the leadership contest.

Interim leader Harriet Harman is reported to have given orders to weed out hard lefties and other presumed mischief-makers, such as Tories, who are said to be joining the Party in droves in order to vote for the maverick Corbyn. Anyone who is not a member may apply to register as a Labour “supporter”, on payment of £3, and receive a ballot paper provided they declare: “I support the aims and values of the Labour Party, and I am not a supporter of any organisation opposed to it.”

Harman’s credentials, by the way, include voting for the Iraq war and against an investigation… as did the other leading contenders Andy Burnham and Yvette Cooper (though not Corbyn of course).
A good analysis from Stuart Littlewood.


Labour Candidate In Oldham By-Election Is A Company Director  [ 3 December 2015 ]
Is Councillor James McMahon, a director of Oldham Property Partnerships Ltd., a company with assets of £19 million really a Labour man?
PS Our Jim is a director of nine other companies.
PPS The Lancashire Telegraph tells us that Labour Is Pinning Its Hopes On 'Working Class' Jim McMahon In Oldham


Workers Betrayed By Labour Party Are Victims Of Immigration And Pakistani Rapists
Wendy McDonald [ a black ] is worried that the referendum is stirring up what she calls ‘the r-word’.................

Having worked in social housing in the Greater Manchester area for 20 years, Wendy says she knows only too well how community cohesion is eroded when, for example, a family from Eastern Europe gets given a terrace house by the council ahead of a local lad who is left to ‘sleep outside Asda’ night after night............

These are people who don’t just feel patronised. When it comes to their concerns about Europe, they feel disenfranchised. For there is no other part of the country where you find voters quite so divorced from the people elected to represent them on this key issue............

And let’s not forget that Jeremy Corbyn has been criticised for blocking any mention of immigration in Labour’s referendum leaflet.
Politicians give highly preferential treatment to Third World aliens - see Illegal Immigrant Housing. How many politicians have ever done an honest day's work or served Queen and Country?


Labour Party Breaking Up [ 31 July 2016 ]
Senior Labour rebels are so convinced that Jeremy Corbyn will win the leadership contest that they are planning to elect their own leader and launch a legal challenge for the party's name. Leading moderates have told The Telegraph they are looking at plans to set up their own “alternative Labour” in a “semi-split” of the party if Mr Corbyn remains in post.

The move would see them create their own shadow cabinet and even elect a leader within Parliament to rival Mr Corbyn’s front bench and take on the Tories.
What about a Labour Party to represent the honest English working man? Not a chance. The Labour Party is a thoroughly bourgeois party......... it is led by reactionaries, and the worst kind of reactionaries at that, who act quite in the spirit of the  bourgeoisie. That is what Comrade Lenin had to say about them. He was right then. He still is.

This is not really good news because it makes life too easy for the Tories. Screwing us is basic policy. Her Majesty's Government needs Her Allegedly Loyal Opposition to keep it honest or, at least restrain its worst excesses.


Tom Watson Says Trotskyists Are Infiltrating Labour [ 21 August 2016 ]
Labour’s civil war entered a bitter new phase with Jeremy Corbyn and his deputy Tom Watson locked in a public spat about whether the party risks being taken over by hard left activists [ allegedly ] driven out in the 1980s.

Watson sent the leader’s office a four-page document, based on publicly available information, detailing what he said was evidence that Trotskyists had been attending meetings of grassroots pro-Corbyn Momentum pressure group and seeking to influence the Labour leadership election.

He claimed some of the individuals involved were members of other parties, including the Socialist party, the successor to Militant, whose members were expelled from the Labour party by Neil Kinnock.............

Watson’s letter was a riposte to the accusation made on Tuesday by Corbyn’s campaign that he was “peddling conspiracy theories” after he said in a Guardian interview that Labour was at risk from “Trotskyist entryists”.

Watson wrote: “It’s not a conspiracy theory to say that members of these organisations are joining Labour. It’s a fact.”
Perhaps Tom didn't actually say that Comrade Corbyn is a Trotskyite but he is Hard Left or Ultra-left, which is why Momentum backs him.


Labour MPs Like Expense Fraud [ 22 August 2016 ]
South Yorkshire Police are "investigating" three Labour MPs, Kevin Barron, John Healey & Sarah Champion regarding undeclared expenses. The fact that the local police are dealing with the matter means business as usual, corruption as usual. They are the mob that pretended to investigate the Pakistani Perverts committing the wholesale Rape of English girls in Rotherham. They colluded with local Labour politicians in concealing it for over a decade. Ditto for the pay off; buying industrial scale Vote Rigging.

PS It is still happening, both rape and vote fraud.


Labour MPs Must Pretend To Oppose Third World Invaders [ 29 November 2016 ]
Or risk losing their seats to UKIP. The whole point of the mob running the Labour Party is to betray the honest Working Classes. They get their money from Jews and their votes from Pakistani parasites using industrial scale Vote Rigging. Of course Jews and Pakistanis have something in common; they understand how to use Bribery as working tool - for profit & power. One such is Michael Foster, a rich Jew who infiltrated the Labour Party in order to control it. Getting rid of Jeremy Corbyn was his plan. Jeremy was naive enough to think that Palestinians have the human right not to be murdered or harassed by Jews. Whoops. He has to go.

PS The Mail's readers have taken the point that Dan Jarvis is a hypocrite on the make.


Why is Labour so worried about a crackdown on voter fraud? [  29 December 2016 ]
Because Labour Party apparatchiks  are the beneficiaries, to say the obvious. The Spectator ignores the other obvious factor; the perpetrators are very largely Third World parasites if not Pakistani. The Electoral Commission published a report alleging that
Despite some high-profile cases in recent years when fraud has been detected and punished, there is no evidence to suggest that there have been widespread, systematic attempts to undermine or interfere with recent elections through electoral fraud.
It lied; see what Richard Mawrey has to say about the Purity of Elections in the UK to know the truth.


Rotherham People Vote Against Labour  [ 4 February 2017 ]
The Liberals won but then Labour was running another  Pakistani. Business as usual, corruption as usual:-
Shaba Ahmed (Labour) 519
Adam Jonathon Carter (Lib Dem) 2,000 — ELECTED
John Lester Oliver (Conservative) 91
Steven Webster (UKIP) 389
Rebecca Louise Whyman (Green) 30
Lots of people stayed at home.
This election is not a matter of great importance but it is a straw in the wind. The horny handed sons of toil have been betrayed by the Labour Party; they know it but voting Tory is unthinkable. This is their verdict on Comrade Corbyn and Immigration.
PS The other ward didn't run a Pakistani. Labour won. 


Labour Wins Stoke By-Election [ 24 February 2017 ]
Gareth Snell (Lab) 7,853 (37.09%, -2.22%)
Paul Nuttall (UKIP) 5,233 (24.72%, +2.07%)
Jack Brereton (C) 5,154 (24.35%, +1.80%)
Zulfiqar Ali (LD) 2,083 (9.84%, +5.67%)
Adam Colclough (Green) 294 (1.39%, -2.22%).........
David Furness (BNP) 124 (0.59%)........
Mohammed Akram (Ind) 56 (0.26%)
The Labour win is surprising and a disappointment. Honest Working men know they have been betrayed by politicians & flooded by Pakistanis but.............. Nuttall was a victim of lies, his own or his enemies. The ethnic vote was small; they stayed at home too. The Green vote is a fair reflection of their numbers but not their noise.


Labour Candidate Accuses Israel Of Genocide [ 7 April 2017 ]
This shows that he is not a Zionist crazy or a neutered Englishman; he is of course a Pakistani telling the truth. Guido Fawkes seems to think Khan is wrong but it is going to be a real vote winner in another ghastly Hellhole full of Third World aliens.


Councillor's Tweets 'Blame Labour For Muslim Rapists' [ 2 May 2017 ]
A Tory councillor has been suspended after 'abhorrent' Islamaphobic [ Rape-ophobic in fact - Editor ] messages - including one which said Labour was to blame for 'Muslim rapists' - were posted on his Twitter account.

Councillor Ray Bray's account published a string of shocking statements, including hitting out at 'Muzzie rapists', urging people to boycott Muslim firms and encouraging the building of mosques to be banned.
Huddersfield is near enough to Rochdale & Rotherham for him to know the truth about Labour Party politicians & police pandering to Pakistani Perverts; they are worth thousands of corrupt votes to Labour by Vote Rigging. Who cares about the thousands of English girls that get raped as a quid pro quo.

PS The Daily Mail is a Propaganda machine.


Black Labour MP Abuses Prince Philip [ 5 May 2017 ]
Black MP confirms everything that is wrong with Labour. She will not be getting my vote, not that I ever would vote for them.


Huddled Peasant Masses Vote Against Labour Party [ 5 May 2017 ]
Real people, at the receiving end of government policies, are not stupid enough to believe Propaganda machines like the BBC and other Marxists so one black Labour MP could find herself back on the dole come June. The Labour Party betrays the honest Working Man,  panders to Pakistani Perverts for their contributions by way of monstrous Vote Rigging while getting its finance from Zionist crazies.


Rich Jews Threaten Labour Party & Jeremy Corbyn [ 24 May 2017 ]
Some of Labour's biggest donors have threatened to bankroll a new centre-left rival party.

'Sir' David Garrard, the multi-millionaire property tycoon, said he would back a new party if Labour moderates decided to break away after the General Election. His intervention comes after months of speculation that Labour MPs will resign the whip in a bid to force their left-wing leader Jeremy Corbyn out. Sir David, who has given Labour £1.6 million. said that he would ‘willingly support’ a new party......... Millionaire Stoke City chairman Peter Coates, who has pumped £200,000 into Labour, told the newspaper he was ‘interested’ in the idea of a new party.

The intervention comes after Labour launched its most left-wing manifesto for at least a generation.
Jews tried to get rid of Comrade Corbyn a while go because Jeremy is a naive sort of chap, who believes that Palestinians have human rights, e.g. the human right not to be murdered, robbed, raped, tortured etc. by Jews. That is why God's Chosen People hate him. Their attack was led by Michael Foster, a rich Jew who infiltrated the Labour Party in order to control it. See e.g. Labour MPs Must Pretend To Oppose Third World Invaders. NB Garrard is another rich Jew but Peter Coates reads as a decent man; he served Queen and Country.


Jews Buy Politicians [ 24 May 2017 ]
Around this time last year, parliamentary records show, the retired property developer and hugely generous Labour party donor, 'Sir' David Garrard, had given a modest £60,000 towards the party’s election campaign for 2015. It came in addition to around half a million he had already given since 2003.

Fast forward to 16 June of this year, Garrard hosts a Labour Friends of Israel event, at which Labour leader [ and Jew ] Ed Miliband is the main speaker. The prime minister hopeful had, the year before, proclaimed that he was a Zionist. The lobbying group he addressed boasts dozens of Labour peers and MPs amongst its membership, including the Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls.

That same day, Garrard transferred a whopping £630,000 to the Labour party accounts, over ten times his donation from the previous year.
As Gilad Atzmon, an honest Jew said that Jews Buy All Western Politicians For Less Than One Main Battle Tank. I think, to be fair they don't come that cheap. Question: What is the difference between a "political donation" and a Bribe? Answer: One goes through the books.


Labour Take Eight Percent Lead Over Conservatives  [ 8 July 2017 ]
Labour have taken a shock poll lead over the Tories as ministers plot to oust Theresa May with a coup launched by a series of resignations in autumn.

The first YouGov survey since the General Election last month puts Jeremy Corbyn's party eight points ahead.

The poll for The Times tonight revealed that 46 per cent of the public back Labour, Conservatives 38 per cent, Lib Dems 6 per cent and UKIP 4 per cent.
Theresa May fouled up big time by threatening to tax oldies. Comrade Corbyn succeeded brilliantly by offering a huge bribe to the young. Free university means saving £9,000 a year. But she hasn't done that badly since apart from continuing to incite Illegal Immigration but then Corbyn is even worse on that one.


Labour MP Sends Her Sons To A Grammar School [ 30 July 2017 ]
New Canterbury Labour MP Rosie Duffield campaigned on an anti-grammars platform at the election, saying she wanted “no new grammar schools” as they are “not the way forward” and the 11+ is a “horrible, divisive and stressful thing”. It would be pretty dumbfoundingly hypocritical for Rosie to send her own children to grammars and then pull the ladder up, right?  

Yes, both of Duffield’s sons went to Simon Langton Grammar School in Canterbury. One of them still currently goes there, despite mummy not wanting other people’s kids to have that choice. Daniel Hamilton, a likely Tory challenger at the next election, has written to Duffield asking for clarification, pointedly noting: “how many families and young people in East Kent have benefited from our excellent local grammar schools”. As Labour grammars hypocrites go, this is up there…
Labour liars hate the Working Classes. Abbot is another one and a fat black ugly lump of lard to boot.


The Labour Party Is An Enemy Of The Working Classes  [ 17 August 2017 ]
How do we know? Because Sarah Champion, a Labour MP was sacked for telling the truth about Pakistani Perverts. See below:

Labour MP Say Pakistani Perverts Are Still Raping English & Gets Sacked   [ 17 August 2017 ]
Sarah Champion Was “Thrilled” With Her Sun Article

Sarah Champion is under pressure from Corbynistas on Twitter demanding that she is sacked from her Shadow Cabinet job over her article in The Sun last week:

“Britain has a problem with British Pakistani men raping and exploiting white girls. There. I said it. Does that make me a racist? Or am I just prepared to call out this horrifying problem for what it is.”

To save face with outraged lefties, Champion is putting it about that her words were stripped of all nuance and that she didn’t write the opening sentences. Sun sources insist Champion was not only sent the subbed text, she was sent the hard copy of the page (above) and raised no objections.

In fact her personal assistant emailed the paper the day following the article’s publication to say that Champion was “thrilled with it”:

Date: 11 August 2017 at 10:40
Subject: RE: Sarah’s piece

She is absolutely thrilled with it – just gone to get some hard copies. However, she is mortified that you’ve used such an ancient picture of her – it is about five years old! I sent some newer ones last summer to the picture desk and am attaching them again here. Please can you send them on to the relevant person. Thanks, x

Champion has said what is the obvious truth about rape gangs – her personal assistant’s only complaint before the Corbynistas got involved was that the picture of her used was old. Only when social justice warriors started shrilly tweeting calls for her to resign did Champion seek to disown the article… 
Champion is a ratbag on the make, just like Jo Cox. Champion told the truth about Third World parasites. Whoops, she came unstuck when the Enemy Within turned on her. Cox was different; she crossed a Patriot.
PS One MP that she annoyed is Naz Shah, a Pakistani who does not like Jews; was forced to apologise for saying what he, she or it thought about them. See e.g. Naz Shah ex Wiki


Labour Sacks Pakistani Councillor For Opposing Paedophile Perversion [ 27 August 2017 ]
A sacked Labour councillor has claimed the party has a 'problem with black and ethnic minority women'. Amina Lone went on TV to say that MP Sarah Champion was being treated as a 'scapegoat' after she was forced to resign.

The member for Rotherham had said the UK had a 'problem' with British Pakistanis abusing white girls.

Manchester councillor Ms Lone went on to stand up for her, telling the BBC: 'She is not a racist but a brave woman speaking out about a politically awkward issue.' The Labour leadership at the council said the decision not to reselect her had been taken because she had a poor attendance and campaigning record.
Sarah Champion said the right things about the Pakistani Perverts who enjoy raping English girls in Pakistani Perversion Hot Spots such as Aylesbury, Banbury, Bradford, Bristol.............. it goes on, with the approval of Comrade Corbyn. He needs their Vote Rigging to keep Labour in power. Amina Lone spoke the truth. Women can be dangerous when they are let out of purdah.


Labour Activists Object To The Evil Of Jews  [ 26 September 2017 ]
Labour was branded the 'new nasty party' last night after an outbreak of intimidation and anti-Semitism at its annual conference [ alleges the Daily Mail ]. Jeremy Corbyn was urged to act after activists applauded panellists at a fringe meeting who likened supporters of Israel to Nazis. One speaker even suggested Labour should be free to debate whether the Holocaust had happened...............

But Andrew Percy, a former Tory minister who has also been the target of Anti-Semitic abuse, last night described Labour as the 'new nasty party'.
So there are young Labour politicians who have seen through the lifelong Propaganda they have been subjected to. This is good. NB The Daily Mail does not mention that Percy is an ugly Jew, who is keen on mass murder - by Jews.


Black Tory Candidate Is A 'Token Ghetto Boy' Says Labour Racist  [ 18 November 2017 ]
Labour MP Emma Dent Coad labelled black Tory candidate black Tory candidate Shaun Bailey a “token ghetto boy” and “free-loading scumbag” who is “not welcome” in her Kensington constituency, Guido can reveal. In a vicious 2010 blog post – which really is dripping with poison and hate –  Dent Coad labelled Bailey a “token ghetto boy” who was being “used” by the Tories and will never “fit in, however hard he tries”............

The abuse continued, with Dent Coad quoting two conspicuously anonymous “former neighbours” who she claims thought Bailey was “a free-loading scumbag” and “the most hated man in North Kensington”. Dent Coad concluded that if Bailey were to win his seat “he will no longer be welcome in North Ken”. Imagine the outrage if a Tory MP talked about a black Labour candidate in this way. Dent Coad has a new report out on inequality in Kensington today. She could start by looking at her own prejudices…
To be fair, Bailey is a supercilious looking oik. Dent Coad is a loud mouthed fool.


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