Bill Gates started a scholarship deal for blacks only. Does this make him a Racist? I would say yes every time. Now he is colluding with the Jews.  Wonder why he keeps getting sued for abusing his monopoly? Wonder why he loses? Wonder why the judgment gets splendid reviews then reversed? Guilty as Hell but gets away with it very time translates as plugged into the system big time. Currently, in 2011 he seems to be out of the news.

Race Traitor 2014
Is this a serious award? Yes. Gates is the second one to get it. Race Traitor 2013 was Rand Paul, another American. The third, Race Traitor 2015 was Angela Merkel


Gates to meet PM, Olmert during first visit to Israel
Apparently he has never been to the place before but has a software factory in Haifa. Intel, which is run by a Jew has a large operation also in Haifa.
PS Olmert is a life long thief but now he is out of prison [ 2016 ].


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