Europe is so called after  the Greek legend of Europa being screwed by a bull. The European Union was set up on the same principle. A more charitable view is that it was set up by the French after the last war to stop the Germans running amok again. After the first war they tried the Maginot Line which the Hun were bright enough to beat the old fashioned way; they cheated. The current system was designed to be wide open to cheating. Look at  Frog and Hun happily co-existing in the flesh pots of Brussels. They aren't rocking the boat. The reason is corruption - see Euro MPs and Their Expenses

The reality, if not the theory is that it is Socialism by the backdoor, imposed by treachery, by Treason; see Treason At Maastricht on the point. Lenin and Joe tried to do it by brute force. Monet et al are doing it by cunning, by abuse of power, by stealth. Were the ignorant, toiling peasant masses asked if they wanted Europe? The answer is a very firm NO! Democracy was the last thing on their minds. This imposition of dictatorship came from  Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi a mongrel  racist but their kind of  racist. See European Union Honors Racist or Destroying Civilization.

 If Her Majesty's Government wants out, if it chooses not to defy the will of the people, that is the Referendum result it can just revoke the European Communities Act 1972. There would be other details and various hostile politicians obstructing matters but that is the essence. It could lead to Eurexit, back to the way it was.

For commentary read on.


We have 50 million Muslims in Europe. There are signs that Allah will grant Islam victory in Europe—without swords, without guns, without conquest—will turn it into a Muslim continent within a few decades.
Colonel Gaddafi Quoted
PS did your favourite newspaper tell you this?

The Rotten Heart of Europe Revealed - The True Purpose Of Monetary Union
Bernard Connolly, a senior EU economist wrote The Rotten Heart of Europe. The EU was so pleased that it sacked him. He was right then. He is right now. The Spectator explains.


European Union Hate Speech
That is the headline, the propaganda story. The truth is that it is about suppressing the truth.

Leaving Europe
Is a good idea. Now in 2013, it is looking even better. Is it possible? Yes, of course. We still have our own army, one of loyal Englishmen with the Scots, Welsh, Ulstermen ditto. Go for it. The only problem is corrupt politicians.


Is a little country, an island that has just, in 2013 proved that the euro is a terrible idea.


The wonderful new currency that was going to unite Europe irrevocably in 1995 is now on the skids.


The Great Deception - Can the European Union Survive?
May I recommend (though not 100% wholeheartedly) The Great Deception by Christopher Booker & Richard North. (First published 2003. New edn 2005 - possibly there's a newer one by now). This book goes right back to the roots. It puts most of the blame on Monnet, who acted through various others who generally wanted, and got, the attention; the original idea coming from Salter (civil servant influenced by international control of shipping) and Monnet himself (rather shady uncreative businessman, more interested in sales and secret deals than productivity) - these two types of person seem to have established the pattern. I think there was an unconscious wartime input: de Gaulle and others were treated as governments-in-waiting or in exile, which established a pattern in which unelected groups formed shadow 'governments'.

This book disentangles many myths - the sort of thing vaguely remembered from incompetent and inchoate BBC programmes. Such as the myth of the post-war carve-up - in fact the federal ideas were thought of much earlier, but one of the main arguments for federation - that it would prevent war in Europe - clearly hadn't worked. Another myth is about Britain and CAP; the French would not accept Britain unless we accepted huge sums for French farming, which of course was a bit pointless from our point of view. Britain as a slow foot-dragger was the message. Fascinating to read how the 'supranational' idea was disguised and hidden by euphemisms: the intent all along was undemocratic. There's an alphabet soup of organisations, mostly with 'E' in - Council of Europe, ESDP, EDC, EDB, EIB, EMS, etc etc. These helped kill off other approaches to Europe - supernational, free trade, etc.

Booker & North don't treat the EU in isolation - world events such as Suez and Berlin and the U2 incident and nuclear issues are factored in, often with new information - Suez for example was re-arranged between Israel, UK, and France, but went wrong. Macmillan, Thatcher, Major and others are shown to have never really quite known what was happening.

However, it's not a perfect book; Booker is an unrevised right-winger; I never liked him - he regards for example Dien Bien Phu as a 'disaster'. North I assume to have done much of the research (including from original documents on Internet, and recent material released under 30-year or other rule). The book doesn't mention the Soviet Union at all, incredibly, despite the model it must have provided for decades; nor Russia as a European unit; it's not too good on raw materials - e.g. oil; and north African gas which was one of the motives for inclusion of Africans in Europe. The book mentions, briefly, the CIA's funding, and Bilderberg, and Foundations such as Ford and Rockefeller, though not (yet?) Common Purpose. Briefly, though - the idea the book is full of conspiracy theories is entirely wrong. If anything, there are too few conspiracy theories - for example UKIP gets few mentions, but its failure to do anything much is widely interpreted as it's being a fraudulent party invented to waste votes. Booker and North seem not very good on law - how on earth such a system be expected to work? Their book does not disentangle exactly why the USA opposed 'communism' - if indeed it did. It has a few pages on immigration.

But it's a handy and hefty one-volume reference/ source/ account. It has a twenty-page detailed index which in a book of this size is a very valuable enhancement. It is in places hard going, but the fact is, much of the analysis necessarily deals with bureaucratic language, or the language of politicians with a long tradition of evasive wording, or conventionalised phrasing designed to disguise or soften actualities. Booker & North's writing is always better than the material they have to deal with - their presentation is probably about as good as it could be. Considering the bulk of this book, it's cheap, too. I foresee and hope that as the EU starts to crack, there will be updated version(s) of this book.
A long review & literate. He is right to wonder about the UKIP. Is it a Trojan horse, a part of the treachery? For that matter, how many parties out there are not totally subverted? The book was written by Christopher Booker, a rather sound sort of chap and Richard North, a well known blogger.


The Great Euro Swindle
Finally, the Eurosceptics have been vindicated. But will their dishonest opponents ever be held to account?
Very rarely in political history has any faction or movement enjoyed such a complete and crushing victory as the Conservative Eurosceptics. The field is theirs. They were not merely right about the single currency, the greatest economic issue of our age — they were right for the right reasons. They foresaw with lucid, prophetic accuracy exactly how and why the euro would bring with it financial devastation and social collapse.

Meanwhile the pro-Europeans find themselves in the same situation as appeasers in 1940, or communists after the fall of the Berlin Wall. They are utterly busted. Let’s examine the case of the Financial Times, which claims to be Britain’s premier economic publication......... Turning its back on its readers, it was captured by a clique of left-wing journalists. An early sign that something was going wrong came when the FT came out against the Falklands invasion.....

The central historical error of the modern Financial Times concerns the euro. The FT flung itself headlong into the pro-euro camp, embracing the cause with an almost religious passion........ For a paper with the FT’s pretensions to authority in financial matters, its coverage of the single currency can be regarded as nothing short of a disaster.

Just as bad was the CBI, whose claims to represent British industry as a whole have always been dubious at best...... Now let’s turn to the BBC. In our Centre for Policy Studies pamphlet, Guilty Men, we expose in detail how the BBC betrayed its charter commitment, lost its sense of fair-mindedness and became in effect a partisan player in a great national debate — all the more insidious because of its pretence at neutrality.
There was major propaganda to get us into the euro. Englishmen did not buy into it. Englishmen were right. Men in the business, men who should understand were completely, disastrously, utterly wrong. Believe the BBC, Blair, Brown? Not me, not ever. The wrong, whether fools or rogues include:-
BBC - communist subversives, homosexuals and traitors
CBI - run by fools?
Financial Times - infiltrated by communists
Adair Turner, pushy, ran the CBI
Blair, war criminal on the make
Mandelson - Jew, homosexual, treacherous, on the make
Heseltine, loud mouthed has-been
Kenneth Clarke, fat fool, ex has-been
Danny Alexander cunning rogue
Charles Kennedy not so much a has-been as a never wozzer, drunkard
PS More and better details from Guido at Oborne Has Guilty €urophiles Squirming


Euro Collapse May Well Be Good News For England
Amidst all the gnashing of liberal internationalist teeth and  prophecies of doom if the Euro collapses a question goes unasked in the mainstream media : could the collapse of the Euro leave Britain in a better position than if  the currency  survives or could  its failure even be positively beneficial for Britain?  Sounds mad? Well, consider this, Britain may be far better placed to survive the shock than any Eurozone country because of two things:  the fact that we have our own currency and our position as a  world financial centre.

The Euro’s collapse would  cause a good deal of economic riot  within the Eurozone because of the difficulties of assigning values to the newly formed marks, francs, drachmas  and so on, both in terms of establishing the new currencies and the adjustment of contracts, loans and other  financial instruments  which are drawn up  in Euro values............

While the turmoil of changing from the Euro to the re-established old currencies continues ,  there would almost certainly  be a reluctance to buy the sovereign debt of even the likes of Germany at reasonable rates of interest . That would make British issued bonds more attractive and  keep  the rate of interest paid on them low...... How much might Britain lose?  Claims of  Britain having 50% of  its exports going to the EU are misleading because they are inflated by “….two quite separate effects. The first, the Rotterdam-Antwerp Effect, relates to exports of goods and commercial services to Holland and Belgium. About two thirds of these pass through the two biggest ports in Europe, Rotterdam in Holland and Antwerp in Belgium, on their way somewhere else – some to other EU countries, the rest outside the EU.
Who will mourn the its passing? Not many. It was a bad idea in the first place, a power play by cunning rogues. Honest men will be vindicated.


Jews Destroying European Civilization
In May a high-level meeting of Muslim and Jewish leaders in Europe was held to express their concern about the rise of the European anti-Muslim right. The meeting was organized by three Jewish groups, two of them American:........The European Jewish Congress was also involved in organizing the event, but no Muslim groups were involved. This was therefore a Jewish project from beginning to end.

Their formal statement is yet another attempt to justify the death of the West as a moral imperative.  Europeans are urged to live up to their ideals:

We are troubled by the growth of racist and xenophobic movements. We believe that individuals and organizations espousing such malign and hateful ideologies represent a grave threat to the fundamental European values of pluralism, democracy, mutual respect and cooperation.....

Incidentally, pluralism and democracy have no role in traditional Jewish society,  thus, I suppose, absolving Jews of any need to live up to such ideals.
Jews have one story line for us and another very different version for Israel. Anti-Racism and Western Guilt for us. Ethnic Cleansing is fine for them.

England and Treason
Hurd and Maude signed the Maastricht Treaty which allegedly made us part of the European Union. They are traitors acting without the legal authority. Their act is invalid. See Treason at Maastricht: Destruction of the Nation State for more and better details.


EU Founded By Leading Nazis
As Paul Joseph Watson reported in his May 11 2009 article ‘Top Nazis Planned EU-Style Fourth Reich’, top Nazi industrialists were present at the cradle of the European Union and, through the creation of the Bilderberg group, guided her growth during all stages of her development into the post-war era. As reported in the article, a group of top ranking German industrialists planned for an economic super state founded upon a common market for the whole of Europe. It has also been confirmed that the Bilderberg group had their plans for a European Union and currency in place by at least 1955.
The EU is suspiciously like the USSR but run by the French. The difference between Nazis and communists is slight. Compare this with Soviet Empire Reborn in Europe


EU Payments
How much does the EU cost us? Billions is the answer. Actually it is worse because their bureaucracy is strangling us. At all events these are the official numbers for what they are worth. Keep in mind the fact that their accounts have been written off as fraudulent by their own auditors.


Is the head of what is laughingly called European justice. It is just as corrupt as the rest.


Euro MPs and Their Expenses
Their expenses are lavish, tax free and legal. Then of course there can be other inducements to do what lobbyists want. There is never any shortage of candidates wanting their snouts in a very pleasant trough.


Europe and Treason
Europe is being converted into a second Soviet Union by stealth and by treason. There was collusion between communist subversives in Europe and the KGB. Vladimir Bukovksy, the 63-year old former Soviet dissident had access to their archives and knows what happened. He explains.


Europe without the Union - A Libertarian Perspective
Doctor Gabb, the director of the Libertarian Alliance tells all.


Europe and Membership
We are members of the European Community, aren't we? No! The signatures on the Maastricht Treaty were invalid as well acts of treason.


European Enthusiasts
These are three men pushing European integration. I see them as three reasons against.


European Union
This is their web site so that you can see what they have to say for themselves.


The European Union and Why It Exists
It is a French plot to control Germany and prevent further invasions. There are other important reasons.


Europe's looming demise
Geert Wilders explains. The main stream media suppress the truth. That is how it works when the ruling class are our major enemy.


I Love The New World Order
Could the European Union be part of the New World Order. It really could. It really is but our rulers are not telling us about that. We just live here. We just pay taxes. Here it is, set to music with a message; rather good, rather catchy. 9/11, contrails, pollution, it is all there.


Identity, Tradition, and Sovereignty
Is a right wing group in the European Parliament. They are nationalist too. Isn't it awful? Ashley Mote [ ex UKIP, now in prison for fraud ] is one of them.


Joined the EU and did very nicely out of it until the Financial Crisis of 2008 came along to spoil things.


Leaving The EU
Is impossible according to a lot of politicians. It is not while we have an army and the 1969 Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties, which says in Article 49 that if we were induced to sign by the fraud of another state our consent is invalidated. Heath and the BBC never considered anything but fraud to make us vote for it. In fact the signatures on the treaty were put there in an act of treason. See Treason At Maastricht.


Treason And The European Union
“Millions of people in this country will feel as I do, that legislation passed in this way, with no consent, cannot command the assent of the country and would lack moral and constitutional validity”.
That was from Douglas Jay in Parliament. The man was right.


The European bureaucracy complains about the lying press in England. Well that is fair enough up, to a point. See Truth in Publishing  Their site tells us about the stupid regulations and says; Not guilty. It says nothing about the massive fraud that the EU perpetrates or the size of the gravy train. The men who made the web page were also making a living out of being there. For some of the prosecution evidence look at European Fraud


The Rotten Heart of Europe - Dirty War for Europe's Money
Mr. Connolly's credentials are impeccable. Having worked at the "Commission" for many years, he is in place to write the most detailed and therefore damming account of the lies and treachery surrounding the whole "Europe" project. This book illuminates not only the historical but also the current U.K and European political scene. With this book still available, there can be no excuse for ignorance on the subject of Europe. The E.U. called the book "blasphemous": I would call it "the truth" and if one has been reading anything about Mr. Connolly and the European Courts, one would realise his strength under duress. At some point, and I hope it's soon, Mr. Connolly will be seen as a Crusader for truth and justice. Once you have read this, Europe will NEVER seem the same again.
Mr Connolly, the insider knows what he is talking about. Our politicians have agendas. Like the EU they are utterly corrupt.


What is the Point of the European Union?
Not a lot says Lord Pearson of Rannoch and he is prone to say it in the House of Lords. Is this part of the reason why Blair decided to break the Lords? He is right of course - His Lordship that is.


Why the EU Needs to be Destroyed, and Soon
The EU is a French operation determined to destroy democracy. It is a coup d’état. Jean Monnet is one of the guilty. So is Valéry Giscard d’Estaing. They are just two of many. Fjordman explains.


Europe's looming demise
Geert Wilders explains. The Main Stream Media hide the truth. That is how it works when the ruling class are our major enemy.


European Communities Act 1972 ex Wiki
It enables, under section 2(2), UK government ministers to lay regulations before Parliament to transpose EU Directives and rulings of the European Court of Justice into UK law. [ Does it mean that they have to? Only if they feel like it? There will be different views on that. ].......

As a matter of EU law, the primacy and direct effect of EU law is derived from the founding treaties of the union, and does not depend on any national constitutional provision or statute. However, this view has not been accepted by the British judiciary. As a matter of British constitutional law, the primacy of EU law derives solely from the European Communities Act. This means that if the Act were repealed any EU law (unless it has been transposed into British legislation) would, in practice, become unenforceable in the United Kingdom and Gibraltar, and the powers delegated by the Act to the EU institutions would return to the British Parliament.[1]

If Her Majesty's Government chooses to revoke this Act it is finished. Article 50 becomes an irrelevancy. The Act itself is at


By Email
This Says it All

Pythagoras' Theorem: ..............................24 words.
Lord's prayer: .................................... 66 words.
Archimedes' Principle: ............................67 words.
Ten Commandments: ................................179 words.
Gettysburg address: ..............................286 words.
US Declaration of Independence : ................1,300 words.
US Constitution with all 27 Amendments: .........7,818 words.
EU regulations on the sale of CABBAGES: ........26,911 words.


Top Eurocratess caught up in £45m scandal  [ 21 December 2001 ]
She was Spanish and it was Spaniards growing flax or not as the case may be. To be fair, if you set up a bad system, you shouldn't be surprised if it gets abused.


Europol has doubts on bin Laden conspiracy [ 15 September 2001 ]
Did Osama do this one? A cave in the Hindu Kush is seriously remote. Evidence is seriously lacking. No way was he involved in the tactical command and control. But none of this slows George down.


Lone gunman kills Dutch far-Right leader [ 7 May 2002 ]
The Pim Fortuyn murder illustrates another aspect of the EU. Enthusiasm for control, snouts in the trough for the in crowd but protecting us and our heritage from outsiders who turned their own countries into Hell holes comes down the line.


Europe sets out sweeping new powers [ 27 May 2003 ]
Politicians in Europe want more power. It would mean that Parliament would be on a par with your local council.


Labour disarray on calls for EU ballot [ 28 May 2003 ]
Blair objects to giving us a referendum on giving huge powers to Europe. Democracy in action? Well, yes. That is representative democracy. It looks like socialism. It sounds like socialism. It feels like socialism. It is socialism.


EU tries to end Britain's zero-tax on child clothing [ 17 July 2003 ]
This would make exemptions across Europe standard. It is just a step toward taking over the tax system so that we would get to pay for dead beats and free loaders all over Europe instead of our own.


Mandelson the Commons freebie king [ 10 August 2003 ]
Add that onto an MPs basic and standard expenses then it all starts sound rather good. Being an EU commissioner will be even better.


Brown fury over latest key role for Mandelson  [ 6 November 2003 ]
The hatred among New Labour's gang of four has been written about by others. See Blair and New Labour


The continuing rise and fall of Peter Mandelson  [ 7 November 2003 ]
How does he do it? Friendship has its uses. Will there be a quid pro quo later? This list does not cover the most recent favour.


EU threat to British oil [ 7 November 2003 ]
Bureaucrats have decided to grant themselves control over our oil. Vague language that can mean pretty much anything especially when a judge is a foreigner and even if he is not corrupt is a standard technique. They pour out thousands of pages of this stuff and then we wonder why we get screwed.


Euro-MPs voice their anger over collapse of cash control [ 29 January 2004 ]
Actually there was never much in the first place. The set up is designed to make fraud easy and it has worked very well. If anyone babbles he will get screwed. See European Fraud


Apathy rules, but Europe's 'talking shop' now wields huge power [ 24 May 2004 ]
Parliament has been robbed of its power. Its reaction is to lie to England about it; to pretend that nothing has happened with the enthusiastic connivance of the BBC.


All aboard for Brussels - with a return ticket in his pocket  [ 25 July 2004 ]
Mandelson has the return ticket, a salary of £190,000, two chauffeurs at his beck and call, day and night and a car costing up to £75,000. He has to buy his own house. We just get to pay for his place on the gravy train. Not bad for a man who had to resign twice.


Frogs want a strong EU to control America [ 5 November 2004 ]
They even want a European army to further their own imperial aims -  at someone else's expense of course.


Mandelson to be quizzed on links with coup plotters  [ 5 December 2004 ]
Equatorial Guinea is threatening to subpoena Peter Mandelson as a witness in its High Court action against the alleged ringleaders of a group accused of planning a coup.
Someone has found oil and at $45 a barrel, owning a million barrels a day sounds like enough to retire on.


How to make a mint in a falling market... the Mandelson way  [ 19 December 2004 ]
Buy at the right time and sell at the right time is the answer. He has made the thick end of a £1 million this way. Labour stopped him getting back after being kicked out twice so Blair gave him a very lucrative job in Europe. A friend in need is a friend indeed. The pay off will come later.


EU to set down rules for expelling extremists [ 31 August 2005 ]
They are making it easier for criminals to get away with it. England has a problem. So do France, Holland, Spain and Germany. Brussels wants to make things worse and the lawyers fatter. They are also demonstrating their contempt for democracy.


European Power Grab [ 14 September 2005 ]
European judges have granted themselves the power to imprison anyone who breaks their laws. This is a classic judicial perversion of justice. This is another proof that we should leave the whole thing. It is a de facto communist state. We were conned into it by corrupt politicians like Heath with the connivance of the Foreign Office and the BBC.


Brussels chief says EU has failed to connect with voters  [ 14 October 2005 ]
That is from the woman paid to con us into it. The fact that they have one tells you some of what you need to know about them. The gravy train is a bit more. The fraud is in depth, broad ranging and built in. It is not a bug. It is an undocumented feature. The truly awful bit is what they are keeping secret. The politicians are post Marxists with an agenda. Destroy all European nations by flooding us with illegal immigrants, destroying democracy, destroying our defences by getting rid of our armies and destroying every other institution that holds nations together. That includes the family of coursed. Feminists hate it. So did Antonio Gramsci chief theoretician of the communist party in Italy and patron saint of half the politicians in Europe.


EU sneaks in charter by back door  [ 16 October 2005 ]
The EU is not merely corrupt; it is vicious. Run by post-Marxists [ see Culture Wars ] and apparatchiks on the make. If you think that it has anything to do with democracy you have not been paying attention.


Deal adds £208m to Britain's EU bill [ 6 April 2006 ]
That was agreed by QUOTE EU representatives UNQUOTE in addition to the £7 billion that Blair cost us for nothing in return.


Soviet Empire Reborn in Europe. A Mandarin Exposes Intrigue, Illusions and Dangers  [ 29 March 2007 ]
Dutchman Derk-Jan Eppink worked behind the scenes of the European Commission in Brussels.....

My commissioner Frits Bolkestein had very strong views on immigration. He never went along with the line of the Commission to turn the European Union into an "immigration union". But at a meeting in 2001, it seemed that Bolkestein had agreed..... Only after the meeting, he found out what the decision meant, because it was on the front page of the Financial Times: "European Union = immigration union"......
Unlimited importation of Islamics and others is main line European policy. Did they tell us? Did they ask us? Treachery is their approach to destroying civilization.


EU Foreign Secretary Is Sound On Israeli Atrocities [ 18 December 2009 ]
Government officials in Jerusalem harshly criticized the new European Union High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Catherine Ashton, for her scathing remarks about the "Israeli occupation" in her maiden speech......... The British stateswoman(??),..... said that in the EU's view, "East Jerusalem is occupied territory, together with the West Bank." Ashton demanded that Israel immediately lift its blockade on the Gaza Strip, and reiterated that the union opposes the existence of the West Bank separation fence, as it opposes evictions of Palestinians from their homes in East Jerusalem............

Following her comments, a number of MEPs from the Liberal side of the house called for punitive measures against Israel, including the suspension of the EU's Association Agreement. Irish centre-left member Proinsias De Rossa, who visited the West Bank last week, called Israel's treatment of Palestinians a form of "apartheid."
Jews want Lebensraum, Jews take Lebensraum = living space. Jews are the Herrenvolk = master race. They have made Gaza into the world's biggest ever Konzentrationslager = concentration camp. Palestinians are Untermenschen = sub-humans. Vive leThousand Year Reich.


EU Regulation Has Cost UK Economy £176 Billion since 1998 [ 30 March 2010 ]
The implementation and regulation of European Union laws has cost the British taxpayer £176 billion since 1998, roughly equivalent to the country’s entire budget deficit, according to a new report by think tank Open Europe. According to the report, the annual cost of EU regulation in 2009 stands at £32.8 billion. For this amount, Open Europe said, the British government could cut corporation tax by two thirds.......

Open Europe’s complete report can be found by clicking here.
The headline sounds right. The article seems confused. Given that a ten minute job on an North Sea oil rig can take two days by the time all of the paper work has been done it is clear that regulation has major downside where common sense is all that is needed.


Eurocrats’ Crisis Hopes [ 17 June 2010 ]
EUROCRATS yesterday admitted using the economic crisis to usher in a new era of Brussels domination. EU Commission president Jose Manuel Barroso declared that the recession was helping to forge the “European project”. He said: “Once again, we can see that a crisis can accelerate decision-making when it crystallises political will.” But his words are unlikely to impress David Cameron, who will attend his first EU summit in Brussels today. The Prime Minister will back EU economic reform but will insist that any measures to shore up the euro’s credibility should apply only to the 16 eurozone members.
Create the problem then feed in the alleged solution. It is a standard political technique. As HL Mencken, the great journalist told us:-
Civilization, in fact, grows more and more maudlin and hysterical; especially under democracy it tends to degenerate into a mere combat of crazes; the whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by an endless series of hobgoblins, most of them imaginary.


Euro Doomed [ 8 December 2011 ]
Some central banks in Europe have started weighing contingency plans to prepare for the possibility that countries leave the euro zone or the currency union breaks apart entirely, according to people familiar with the matter......

Outside the 17-country euro zone, numerous European central banks are eyeing defensive measures to protect against the possible fallout if the euro zone were to unravel, other people said. Several, including Switzerland, are considering possible replacements for the euro as the external reference point, or peg, they use to try to keep their currencies' values stable.
Sensible people said the euro could not work. That was before it started. They were told that they were fools. Now we know they were right.


An Open Letter To The German Chancellor About The Euro [ 26 December 2011 ]
Angela Merkel backed attack on the City

Dear Madame Chancellor,
I know Germany, Frau Merkel, from the alleys of Hamburg to the spires of Dresden, from the Rhine to the Oder, from the bleak Baltic coast to the snows of the Bavarian Alps. I say this only to show you that I am neither ignoramus nor enemy. I also had occasion in those years to visit the many thousands of my countrymen who held the line of the Elbe against 50,000 Soviet main battle tanks and thus kept Germany free to recover, modernise and prosper at no defence cost to herself.

And from inside the Cold War I saw our decades of effort to defeat the Soviet empire and set your East Germany free. I was therefore disappointed last Friday to see you take the part of a small and vindictive Frenchman [ a greasy little Jew in fact - Editor ] in what can only be seen as a targeted attack on the land of my fathers. We both know that every country has at least one aspect of its society or economy that is so crucial, so vital that it simply cannot be conceded.......

But the euro will not be saved. It is crumbling now. And since you have now turned against my country, from this side of the Channel, Madame Chancellor, one can only say of the euro: YOU MADE IT, YOU MEND IT.
Frederick Forsyth, a patriotic Englishman tells Merkel where to go.


EU Censors Press TV & Truth [ 17 February 2013 ]
The European satellite provider Eutelsat SA has pulled the plug on several satellite channels and radio stations broadcasting from Iran. The company has ordered media services company, Arqiva, to take the Iranian satellite channels off one of its Hot Bird frequencies. The Iranian channels being taken off the air include Press TV, al-Alam, Jam-e-Jam 1 and 2, Sahar 1 and 2, Islamic Republic of Iran News Network, Quran TV, and the Arabic-language al-Kawthar. The illegal ban will also affect the satellite broadcast of several Iranian radio stations......

Press TV has conducted an interview with Author and Historian Webster Griffin Tarpley from Washington to shed more light on the issue at hand.

He is joined by two additional guests: Robert Oulds, director of the Bruges Group, from London and Gordon Duff, the senior editor of Veterans Today from Ohio

What follows is an approximate transcription of the interview.

Press TV: Dr. Tarpley first of all what do you think about the reason cited by Eutelsat for this decision and that is of course the extended sanctions by the European Union.

Tarpley: Well, I think that that is a pretext and I think that the alarming thing about what the European commission has done is that this may be a pre-war move. It is of the kind of military preparations that might precede some attempt to start a wider war in the Middle East.

If we think back when NATO was about to attack Libya they began interfering with the Libyan state television, they began inserting their own fake programs, brainwashing programs, disinformation programs............

So we are in a very dangerous geometry as we go towards the end of the October.
Someone mentions Disinformation. Could it possibly be, that our wonderful governments are lying to us? Have we got the best press that money can buy? YES! I am not quite sure that Doctor  Tarpley is right but he is on the right lines. He has views about:-

There is no mention of the Puppet Masters, the Zionist crazies or Antonio Gramsci, the leading intellectual of the Italian communists who told them how to destroy civilization.


EU Accounts Are Fraudulent Again As Auditors Refuse To Sign Off For 19th Time [ 7 November 2013 ]
If the EU were a company the bosses would be in prison.


EU Pretends To Get A Grip Of Third World Immigrants [ 8 October 2015 ]
Hundreds of thousands of failed asylum seekers will be deported from Europe within weeks under secret plans leaked to The Times.

Brussels will threaten to withdraw aid, trade deals and visa arrangements if countries such as Niger and Eritrea refuse to take back their economic migrants. The proposals also envisage EU states detaining thousands of migrants to prevent them from absconding to avoid deportation.
The rogues who run the European Union can do it if they want but they don't otherwise they would have acted long before this. Angela Merkel, lately of the Stalingjugend aka Stalin Youth, will make sure of that.


EU Is Costing Us Billions [ 22 May 2016 ]
A secret government memo today reveals how a trade war between European Union countries is damaging the British economy.

The damning Whitehall assessment – seen by the Telegraph – has found that France and other EU countries are hampering new “free-trade” deals because they want to protect their farmers from the extra competition.

David Cameron claims that the power of Brussels to negotiate these free-trade agreements with parts of the world such as the United States is a critical reason why Britain must not leave the EU.

But the memorandum suggests that Britain is losing out on £2.5 billion a year in potential trade as a result of the ongoing delays to a proposed deal between the EU and Latin America..........

Dominic Raab, the justice minister who is campaigning to leave the EU at next month’s referendum, said: “The raw truth is that the EU hates genuinely free trade. That holds Britain back, costs us jobs, and keeps prices on the high street artificially high.”
The Common Agricultural Policy was about buying votes from French peasants for Big Charlie. It was corrupt; it's corrupt now. Cameron wants it. That is reason enough to be against it.


European Union Is A Failure Says President [ 28 June 2016 ]
Jacques Delors was the president of the European Union. Now that he is out of power he says it was no good. He left it until he couldn't stop it; he screwed us when he could.


Finish Off The European Union Says Italian Communist Party [ 5 December 2016 ]

It is in Italian sadly but the picture sends the right message.


Why So Many Englishmen Want Out Of EU  [ 5 December 2016 ]

Die Welt explains why, in German or does it?


Break Up Of The EU Is Possible After Brexit, Warns German Deputy Leader And Rival To Angela Merkel [ 8 January 2017 ]
A warning or cause for celebration? Marine le Pen will be pleased. Frauke Petry [ of Alternative for Germany ] too. Then there will be Beppe Grillo of the Five Star Movement. Do not forget Viktor Orbán of Hungary. There are their millions of disgruntled voters. They know that Merkel & too many others of her ilk are traitors destroying Europe & Western Civilization.


European Union Boss Threatens US After Donald Trump Backs Brexit [ 3 April 2017 ]
Juncker is an arrogant little "£%^*(&% [ Insert naughty word to taste ]. He doesn't know when he is totally outclassed; he will bugger off to which ever ghastly little country and get forgotten. He will be no loss to Western Civilization or anything else.



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