Refugee Racket

From time to time countries become unpleasant, dangerous places to live. As a result people leave, which can be the point. Getting rid of the unwanted can be policy. It is then Ethnic Cleansing. It is what Jews do in Palestine, the Land They Stole, the one they call Israel. When the refugees arrive in other countries they can claim asylum; on a large scale it becomes Ethnic Fouling. Anyone can claim that they are victims. European is now [ 2016 ] experiencing a continuing flood of alleged refugees. Angela Merkel invited them to Germany. A million of them took her at her word. Most of them are not refugees in the first place; they are Economic Immigrants. This does not mean people who want to work for better money; it usually means parasites who want the dole, free housing, free medicine, free everything. They achieve this result by lies & fraud, see Fake Asylum Seekers or Fake Refugees as well as Illegal Immigration.

One might think that the Refugee Council would care about refugees & understand the relevant law. It takes a position on The Truth About Asylum, which alleges that QUOTE There is no such thing as an ‘illegal’ or ‘bogus’ asylum seeker. UNQUOTE, that anyone can claim asylum anywhere that they fancy. Further that there is no such thing as an illegal asylum seeker. Their lies are contradicted by Economic immigrants FAKE being Syrian to claim asylum in Europe. They are blatant liars. Some of these altruists, perhaps even most are Lenin's Useful Idiots. Others, the cunning ones are Subversives abusing our better feelings that become Pathological Altruism.

The  Refugee Council has nothing to say about #Economic Immigrants, preferring to let us think they do not exist. Her Majesty's Government does tell us that they are out there - see Economic Migrants. It tells us that they might be here legally & even looking for [ presumably honest ] work. It also keeps quiet about the Dublin II Regulation, which controls the state responsible for considering asylum applications.

It is the case that thousands of Illegal Immigrants are at Calais & other Channel ports trying to get to England, to get the Bribes that Cameron is offering. Real refugees stop at the first safe country. Those in France are chancers on the make, criminals trying to break in because the dole is a better option.

No One Had To Flee Syria  [ 13 December 2015 ]
They didn't want to join the army, wanted more money, decided that Angela Merkel is a soft touch, whatever.


The first safe country - Forced Migration Review
The Dublin II Regulation makes the first safe country of refuge solely responsible for refugees and asylum seekers. In the case of Italy, the first responsible country has not been acting responsibly.

While the reception capacity of the Italian asylum system has always been very limited, the situation has deteriorated since the uprisings in North Africa. The protection offered continues to be inspired by the original rationale of very short-term assistance...........

 Apparently, some 11,800 of these moved away from Italy towards other EU countries with documents issued by the Italian authorities which deliberately allowed free circulation within the Schengen area. 
Raffaela Puggioni  is Teaching Fellow in the University of Nottingham, Ningbo, China.
Raffaela is wrong about the Dublin II Regulation or I can't understand fairly convoluted English. She does say that the Italian government made it easy for these chancers to inflict themselves on the rest of Europe. NB A lot of them are from Libya, victims of bombing set up by Cameron; it is just one of his War Crimes.


Greece Will Blackball Dublin II Regulation [ 17 June 2013 ]
Greece has decided to vote against the European immigration regulation. According to the agreement, the country of first entry in the EU bears responsibility for the determination of asylum status.

As a result, non-legal immigrants are being sent to Greece, whether or not they are arrested within the EU.

Dendias stressed the Greek government’s intention to vote against the Dublin II Regulation, on the occasion of an event organized by the citizen movement KIPOKA regarding immigration.

Malta that along with Greece receives about 90% of Europe-bound immigration, is also expected to blackball the agreement.

- See more at: 
Blackballing it failed.

The Truth About Asylum - Allegedly
The facts about asylum

Asylum seekers are looking for a place of safety
  • There is no such thing as an ‘illegal’ or ‘bogus’ asylum seeker. Under international law, anyone has the right to apply for asylum in any country that has signed the 1951 Convention and to remain there until the authorities have assessed their claim.
  • There is nothing in international law to say that refugees must claim asylum in the first country they reach.
  • It is recognised in the 1951 Convention that people fleeing persecution may have to use irregular means in order to escape and claim asylum in another country – there is no legal way to travel to the UK for the specific purpose of seeking asylum. (United Nations 1951 Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees)
  • The top ten refugee producing countries in 2011 all have poor human rights records or ongoing conflict. Asylum seekers are fleeing from these conflicts and abuses, looking for safety.
    (UNHCR, 2011 Global Trends: Refugees, Asylum seekers, Returnees, Internally Displaced and Stateless Persons, 2011)
  • In 2011, worldwide, 17,700 children applied for asylum having arrived in the country of refuge alone, with no parent or guardian. 1,277 of these applications were made in the UK. Many of them come from Afghanistan, which was described by UNICEF in 2010 as “the world’s most dangerous place to be a child”.
  • Many refugees and asylum seekers hope to return home at some point in the future, if the situation in their country has improved.
  • The 1951 Refugee Convention guarantees everybody the right to apply for asylum. It has saved millions of lives. No country has ever withdrawn from it.


Economic Migrants - Wrexham Council Explains - Maybe
Quite why a local council would do this is a minor mystery. Perhaps they want a bit of vibrancy, i.e. rape, robbery etc. - see


Economic immigrants FAKE being Syrian to claim asylum in Europe
ECONOMIC migrants from Pakistan are FAKING being Syrian to claim asylum in the promised land of Europe, discarded documents metres from the Serbian border have revealed.

A huge influx of shameless migrants have lied about their nationality to be sure they have a better chance of crossing the European borders into countries including Britain and Germany. 

And passports buried in bushes just metres away from Serbia's border with Hungary provides evidence that migrant's fleeing poverty are dumping their own documents and, instead, posing as refugees fleeing raging war and persecution in Syria as the surest route to asylum.

It comes after Prime Minister David Cameron announced the UK would accept up to 20,000 refugees from Syria over the next five years.
The Express is prone to tell some of the truth some of the time.


Fake Asylum Seekers - Are there any other sort? See for yourself.


Fake Refugees

No One Had To Flee Syria




Iraqi 'Refugees' Go Back - Iraq Is Nicer Than Germany   [ 27 April 2016  ]
Proof that there is no “refugee” crisis—but only a determined, liberal-driven, nonwhite invasion of Europe—has come with the news that the Iraqi “refugee” family made famous in a press photograph have returned to Iraq after only six months in Germany.

The family—Laith Majid; his wife, Nada Adel; their sons Moustafa, aged 18; Ahmed, 17; and Taha, nine; along with seven-year-old daughter Nour—landed on the island of Kos in August 2015, at the height of the Angela Merkel-inspired nonwhite invasion.
Laith Majid und seine jüngsten Kinder
A press photographer snapped the now famous picture of Majid weeping as he carried his youngest daughter off the boat. The image was seized upon by the controlled media to portray the “desperation” of the “refugees” who would “give up everything to seek safety in Europe.”

As the Bild newspaper in Germany reported in September 2015, the family had “arrived” in Berlin, and were “finally happy. They hope to live in peace, and to work,” the Bild enthused. (“Their photo goes around the world: now they are in Berlin,” Bild, September 7, 2015). The Bild assured its readers that “as Sunnis in Shiite-ruled Iraq, they had received death threats,” and had to “sell everything to flee.”............

Their findings shocked even that pro-invasion newspaper: the Majid family was back in Iraq, safe and sound—even though they had claimed all along that their “lives were in danger.” (“World-famous refugee family is back in Iraq,” Bild, April 23, 2016).........

Obviously not satisfied with “refugee” life in Berlin, they had simply flown back on one of the weekly flights from Berlin to the Iraqi capital.

Every Wednesday there are direct connections from Tegel airport in Berlin to Baghdad, which cost about €300 per person.

The Majids packed their bags, “found” the money to buy their tickets home, and now live in the town of Erbil in Iraq, Bild revealed.

True to form, the Bild called their decision to return a “sad end to a perilous journey”—and not, what it actually is, proof that they were never “refugees” in the first place.
We are being lied to big time by experts. Politicians are bribing Third World chancers to come to civilization, to have free Education, free medicine, free Housing, free food money. This leaves them plenty of time to rob and rape. That is why Malmö is the Rape Capital Of Scandinavia. The Refugee Racket is making lotsa money for smugglers.
PS There are real problems in Syria. They are caused by Western governments invading, attacking, murdering. What is their Casus Belli, their case for war? Pandering to the Puppet Masters. the Zionist crazies who run Israel, the Stolen Land.


Illegal Immigrants Fighting On Greek Island  [ 27 April 2016  ]
Victims? No, perpetrators on the make.


UNHCR - The 1951 Convention relating to the Status of Refugees and its 1967 Protocol


Text of the 1951 Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees Text of the 1967 Protocol Relating to the Status of Refugees [ 1951 ]
tells us that people qualify as refugees under certain circumstances. It also mentions en passant that they have duties.

Becoming a refugee means telling the truth. The rest are fakes, often put up to in by lawyers and other rogues with agendas.


The Duties of Refugees — Refugee Studies Centre
This comedian admits that refugees have duties but then gets evasive about them. Of course the right question to ask is whether they are real refugees or chancers on the make.