American politics have always been lively and, because America is [ make that was - see American Cities Drown in Debt ] a rich country their goings on matter to others. Here are some sources on the subject. Just to be clear about the place, its politicians are controlled by the Puppet Masters, by enemy aliens, Zionist crazies in Tel Aviv. You might wonder Who Controls America? Names are named. Mug shots are supplied. Sources are given. It is evidence for the prosecution.

White Death
Working class White Men are getting poorer, despairing & giving up. Suicide by alcohol, gunshot wounds or whatever make sense if your job has been exported to Mexico & your sense of worth has gone with it. The numbers are out there, confirming an earlier article - America Is Dying.


The cotton industry boomed, increased slavery, led to the American Civil War and Reconstruction era, killed hundreds of thousands and made New York rich.


Election 2016 Tragedy
Having a flawed candidate on one side is a pity; that Donald Trump is the best politician America has on offer is a tragedy. The other one is a blatant criminal, a foul mouthed shrew, a thief who takes multimegabuck bribes but the Main Stream Media want Hillary Clinton. So do Zionist crazies, millions of dole parasites, Illegal Immigrants and other undesirables. The Right Stuff is right.


Gone with the Wind
A great novel gives us background and feel for the hatred and cruelty of the American Civil War and Reconstruction.


America's Controllers
Who controls Wall Street, Congress, the Senate, the White House, Big Business? See for yourself. Or look at Jews control America.


America Betrayed
Perhaps Franklin D Roosevelt, was not the first President to betray America. He was certainly not the last.


America Is Dying
It is sad. It is true. The evidence is out there if you look. The media do not write it up as a major issue. It is happening regardless. The next little piece is just one bit of evidence.


America's Five Most Dangerous Cities
Detroit only makes number two. The winner is Flint, Michigan.
St. Louis
New Haven
Memphis, Tennessee
More at Murder Hot Spots


Jews control America
America has a Zionist Occupation Government or ZOG


545 People Responsible For America's Woes
Abraham Lincoln - Did Abe really start a civil war because he loved them slaves? No!
America and the North American Union is being imposed by stealth just like the EU
America as a Fascist State
America Is A Puppet Of Israel
America then and now
America versus China
American Civil War

American Oil Reserves
American Presidents and Rape
American Treason
American War Crimes
American Wars
American West
Carter Demonized by Israel Lobby
Chertoff and Home Land Security - having an enemy alien in charge of security is not a good idea.
Cultural Genocide - America is victim rather than perpetrator.
Israel Lobby
Israel Orders America Obeys
Jews In The White House
Jews Spy On America
Lobby That Does Not Exist
Politics In America
US As An Exporter Of Terrorism
US Overthrowing Governments
US presidents were Jewish pawns
Venona is the major decryption programme that was stopped because it was exposing Jews betraying America.


American Enclosures
Barbed wire was the new technology that defined ranches in the West.


American Cities Drown in Debt
Der Spiegel explains all. See the graphic below. It is that simple, that bad.


America Is Bankrupt


American Gets 400 Thousand Anchor Babies Per Year [ 24 August 2015 ]
Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump's call for an end to birthright citizenship has focused new attention on the law deemed to grant automatic citizenship to children born in the U.S. to illegal alien parents.

Children gaining birthright citizenship are pejoratively referred to as "anchor babies" because they provide an anchor in the U.S. for family members seeking to enter the country legally............

The number of babies gaining birthright citizenship has been steadily rising and is now estimated to top 300,000 and reach as high as 400,000 a year, according to John Feere of the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS). The Pew Hispanic Center puts the estimate at 340,000 a year.

In the most recent analysis, nearly three-quarters of all children of undocumented immigrants were U.S. citizens, and the children of illegals cost taxpayers some $52 billion a year in education expenses alone, Judicial Watch disclosed.
Illegal Aliens Cost Billions, lots of them - both billions and criminals.



American Political Corruption Exposed - It Makes Mexico Look Good  Fred Explains All [ 29 April 2016 ]
Fred used to be a journalist. Fred used to get paid. Fred walked away. Fred can tell the truth now. Fred does just that, saying: Donald Trump is a class traitor. Donald Trump is a billionaire who is betraying the billionaires, their apparatchiks, politicians they bribe, the Israel Lobby, every blood sucking leech robbing Americans blind. Republican politicians want ANYBODY except Donald Trump. Is it different in England? No, not really, apart from the details.
PS See Donald Trump could amass most primary votes in GOP history
PPS Pat Buchanan approves of Don as well - see At Last - America First


America Has 700 Thousand Third World Criminals With Previous Convictions [ 9 May 2016 ]
There are in excess of 800,000 nonwhites living illegally but openly in the United States in “sanctuary cities”—and nearly 700,000 of these illegals have felony arrest records. There are now more than 300 jurisdictions—entire states, counties, cities, and municipalities—which have enacted “sanctuary city” laws which prevent the full enforcement of federal immigration law.

According to a press release issued by the Californians for Population Stabilization (CAPS), most of these “sanctuary city” zones are “controlled by Democrats in general and liberals in particular.”

What CAPS did not mention—for fear of being called “Racist,” of course—is that most of these zones are also now majority nonwhite, thanks to legal immigration policies enforced by both Republican and Democratic parties. Of the more than 30 “sanctuary cities,” only a handful are still majority white...........

“Heather MacDonald of the Manhattan Institute found that two-thirds of all outstanding felony warrants in the city of Los Angeles involved illegal aliens—as well as 95 percent of outstanding murder warrants.”

In addition, “sanctuary cities” are on record as having released over 10,000 known criminal aliens into the general population whom Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents were attempting to deport.
Various local governments are run by criminals making unconstitutional law; it is in fact Treason.


America Being Destroyed By Third World Mobs [ 10 June 2016 ]
From the Drudge Report, America’s thermometer, regarding the disruption  a campaign rally for Trump:








Enough. This can’t last. If people want to demonstrate against anything at all, fine. If they detest any politician at all, fine. If they are vulgar subliterate rabble, let them be vulgar subliterate rabble where I am not. But when they run wild over and over and shut down politics, they need to be stopped, right now, with nightsticks and dogs and long jail sentences.

A country that allows a feral underclass to run unchecked, to attack and beat anyone it doesn’t like, to loot and burn and disrupt political rallies, to block highways and intimidate the citizenry, will not last. It is time to put an end to it. If we still can...............

Yes, there is a Culture War. Behind the rabble, and supporting them, are the media, New York and Washington and Hollywood, the open-borders crowd, the racial lobbies and etiolated epicenes of academia, Obama and Hillary and the Neocons and Wall Street.
To be fair Third World criminals were imported by the American government at the behest of the Puppet Masters, that is the Zionist crazies who run Israel. The resultant destruction makes it easier for Jews to get away with their crimes.


Americans Are Dying Out  [ 14 August 2016 ]
Below are some maps I have created from the 2010 US Census, and a subsequent 2011 report issued by the Census Bureau. These official federal documents contain two crucial data sets: 1.) the percentage of the officially-termed non-Hispanic white population in each state, and 2.) the percentage of births to non-Hispanic white couples. N.b. I strongly prefer to use the term Anglo-American to refer to English-speaking White Americans over non-Hispanic White, though here I will use the term Anglo White for obvious clarity.
The White Man is dying out; that simple, that tragic. An all black world would revert briskly to its natural state, which is to say the Stone Age. Today young couples can't afford children if they work for a living but Illegal Immigrants can because we pay for their free housing, free medicine, free everything. That is why Illegal Aliens Cost Billions.

Americans Get Poorer, Americans Are Annoyed, There Could Be Consequences [ 19 August 2016 ]
Fred is an American, Fred explains. Fred lives in Mexico. Fred knows that America is played out. When the excrement gets into the cooling system he is not going to be anywhere near it.
It is easy to underestimate the peasantry, the little people. They appear well under control. All seems calm, unless one looks carefully. The means of control work smoothly: the legions, the church, the media, the secret police, the enforcers of political correctness.  The serfs are cowed. Why worry about a distant peonage? Do we not have our castles? Let us dance and drink champagne..............

I know three young women of exceptional intelligence and talent, all of them mature and disciplined. They cannot find jobs. It is not from lack of trying, far from it. One of them is married to a hard-working man in a highly technical field usually associated with wealth. He is paid a low hourly wage and forced to work on contract, meaning that he has neither benefits nor retirement. His employers know that if he leaves, they can easily find another to take his place. They have him where they want him.

Which may prove a mistake............ Desperation and hatred are close cousins......

Marie didn’t actually say, “Let them eat cake,” but might well have. Instead they ate her. But it can’t happen here. Oh no..........

Unless of course it does. In which case Uber should stock up on tumbrils.
Fred served for real in Viet Nam. Would he do it again? I doubt it; nor would I. Things are going off. Donald Trump is hated with a vengeance by the parasites. It makes him a good bet for the White Man.


America Betrayed  [ 8 November 2016 ]
The real issue in today's presidential election in America is whether Clinton will be able to carry on the Treason of the entire political class or whether Donald Trump will get a shot at cleaning the Augean stables.


Mayor Of American City Will Protect Illegal Immigrants  [ 12 October 2017 ]
The city in question is Berkley. The result? See the next one.


Police In Berkley, California Lied To Protect Antifa Thugs  [ 12 October 2017 ]
They also stood by and watched antifa carrying out an attack.


Baltimore Is On Track To  Shatter 2015 Murder Record  [ 6 November 2017 ]
The Baltimore City Paper is keeping a more detailed tally. They list 144, with police having re-classified one as justifiable. This gives us 143 murders with 132 black victims, ten white victims, and two Hispanic victims. The city of Baltimore is about two-thirds black and a quarter white.
We cannot say yet that most of the killers were black but is certainly the way to bet. Better than nine out ten victims were blacks though.


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