Torture is not a mediaeval aberration. It is alive and well. We pretty much expect it in criminal states like Israel and primitive states but not in civilized countries. When torture is advocated very publicly by the Jew Dershowitz [ Why Terrorism Works ] who was a lawyer making a lot of money out of the human rights racket,  it tells us much of what we need to know about the depth of cynicism and corruption in America and among Zionists.  Vladimir Bukovksy tells us that torture is bad news because it corrupts the torturers as well as hurting people. He speaks from experience as a victim.            

Now You Are Paralyzed
Jews kept their promise to a Palestinian; they made him into a cripple, a life-long cripple. It took four days of beating etc. but they succeeded. It is the kind of healthy exercise psychopaths like.


Working The Dark Side
Is about American crime perpetrated by their wonderful government. The first little bit about is about a black killed by police, which is irrelevant except as an indicator of bias.


How Jews Torture People

Simple, cheap, effective, leaves no evidence. What more could a psychopath want?


Jews And Torture
Torture is fun for the vicious, for the psychopath, for the Zionist crazy. A Jew explains.


Twerp Gets Tortured To Prove That He Is All Man


Alternative Methods, Better Methods
During the war in Rhodesia the Selous Scouts took prisoners and turned them. They got their full cooperation without torture. Selous Scouts: top secret war by Ron Reid Daly & Peter Stiff explains how it was done. Giving prisoners decent treatment was a surprise to a lot of them. Medical treatment was part of it. Then there was the offer; join us or get tried by civilian courts for waging war. Very few refused. The technique might well have been used in Malaya. Many men in Rhodesia served with C Squadron during the Confrontation, so they knew. The American approach has done enormous damage to its moral authority as well being of dubious value.
Read for yourself. Think for yourself. Decide for yourself.


Abu Ghraib
It happened on Bush's watch.


American Government Documents on Torture
The American Civil Liberties Union [  ACLU ] invited the American government to give them paper regarding their torture policy and practice. The results do not make pretty reading.


American Government Torture Manual or
The Manipulation of Human Behaviour
The sub-title sums it all up nicely.

Condoleezza Rice Authorized Torture II
Role in authorizing use of torture techniques
A Senate Intelligence Committee reported that on July 17, 2002, Rice met with CIA director George Tenet to personally convey the Bush administration's approval of the proposed waterboarding of alleged Al Qaeda leader Abu Zubaydah. "Days after Dr Rice gave Mr. Tenet her approval, the Justice Department approved the use of waterboarding in a top secret August 1 memo." Waterboarding is considered to be torture by a wide range of authorities, including legal experts, war veterans, intelligence officials, military judges, human rights organizations, the U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, and many senior politicians, including U.S. President Barack Obama [ until he got the job - Editor ].

In 2003 Rice, Vice President Dick Cheney and Attorney General John Ashcroft met with the CIA again and were briefed on the use of waterboarding and other methods including week-long sleep deprivation, forced nudity and the use of stress positions. The Senate report says that the Bush administration officials "reaffirmed that the CIA program was lawful and reflected administration policy".

The Senate report also "suggests Miss Rice played a more significant role than she acknowledged in written testimony to the Senate Armed Services Committee submitted in the autumn." At that time, she had acknowledged attending meetings to discuss the CIA interrogations, but she claimed that she could not recall the details, and she "omitted her direct role in approving the programme in her written statement to the committee."

In a conversation with a student at Stanford University in April 2009, Rice stated that she did not authorize the CIA to use the enhanced interrogation techniques. Rice said, "I didn't authorize anything. I conveyed the authorization of the administration to the agency that they had policy authorization, subject to the Justice Department's clearance. That's what I did." She added, “We were told, nothing that violates our obligations under the Convention Against Torture. And so, by definition, if it was authorized by the president, it did not violate our obligations under the Conventions Against Torture."
Rice was the messenger boy. She was more too.

Or are we just envious of our betters?

Democratizing the World - One Torture Victim at a Time
The American track record of torture is much longer and nastier than I thought. It doesn't much surprise me though. It wasn't little people doing it. They were just the fall guys when thing became public. Alfred  McCoy has the nasty details and wrote some very good factual books. One is A Question of Torture: CIA Interrogation, from the Cold War to the War on Terror. the Politics of Heroin In Southeast Asia, CIA Complicity In The Global Drug Trade. They might give you the feeling that the CIA is just as bad as the KGB.


Gitmo Torture Manual
Guantánamo SERE Standard Operating Procedures
This document clearly specifies that the abusive interrogation techniques to be used at Guantánamo Bay prison (JTF GTMO) are based upon the US military's Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape (SERE) program. The document is notable for its documentation of the extent to which abuse was bureaucratically standardized for routine use. The document is dated 10 Dec 2002 and written at the For Official Use Only level. The document was released a few days ago by George Washington University's National Security Archive to promote the film Torturing Democracy 
To be fair these techniques are not gross torture.


The Home Page of J. Orlin Grabbe
A lass can have fun in Abu Ghraib.


Jew Moans About Torture And Ignores Mossad Evil
Torture takes many forms. We take it and we hand it out, we live with it and we live with ourselves knowing that we may be subjecting our loved ones to it, that our loved ones may be engaging in it, that innocent people on every side may be torture's direct victims. Few innocent people have been tortured like the loved ones of the people murdered by Samir Kuntar, the Palestine Liberation Front monster convicted of a crime so brutal that even the designation terrorist is too good for him.........  
Pot calls kettle black. This rant is for Zionist crazies. To be fair it tells us why we should not be importing Islamics.


Khiam Prison - Israel's Torture Den
Israel invaded South Lebanon and used Khiam as a prison specializing in torture. They had mine fields round it to keep people out and in but they didn't stop the screams being heard by the UN's men. They had the experts to send to Abu Ghraib and show the Americans how to do it.


London Cage
The London Cage was run by MI19 [ interrogation ] rather than MI9 [ escape & evasion ], MI5 [ counter-espionage ] or MI6 [ espionage ]. It is being written about, now that the perpetrators are dead, beyond prosecution & unable to talk. Some publishers write about the subject to destroy our well earned pride in being English. One such is The Guardian in The secrets of the London Cage. The Daily Mail write up at How Britain Tortured Nazi PoWs is just a book advertisement.
It is not something to be proud of.


Monstering - Inside America's Policy of Secret Interrogations and Torture in the Terror War
McKelvey gets it about right....
Lt. Col. Barry Johnson
I think I can say this with some authority, as I sit here in Iraq on my third year-long tour, having worked at Guantánamo and having spent a year with detainee operations in Iraq as part of the team that went in to improve conditions at Abu Ghraib in spring of '04........... Unfortunately, most people will probably read into her words reinforcement of their own pre-conceived notions, whatever those may be..... Bad thing have happened with detainees. Those responsible have and must be held accountable.
Colonel Johnson is right; men should be held accountable. Alan Dershowitz, a Jewish advocate of torture would make a good start. Sadly the system is too corrupt for justice to be done.
Craig Murray
Mr. Murray was Her Majesty's ambassador to the government of Uzbekistan, one of those God forsaken little Hellholes which are remnants of the Soviet empire. He talked to the Foreign Office about the evil being done there and was told to shut up. He went public and got sacked for his pains.
New images of Abu Ghraib abuse aired
Some are new. Others are not but they are convincingly nasty.
Prisoner Abuse - Patterns from the Past
CIA interrogation manuals written in the 1960s and 1980s described "coercive techniques" such as those used to mistreat detainees at the Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq,.....The Archive also posted a secret 1992 report written for then Secretary of Defence Richard Cheney warning that U.S. Army intelligence manuals.....  "offensive and objectionable material" that "undermines U.S. credibility, and could result in significant embarrassment."
Some things don't change except for the worse.
The Public Committee Against Torture in Israel or
In September 1999, in response to PCATI's petition, nine justices of the High Court ruled to absolutely prohibit the use of torture during interrogation. The Public Committee Against Torture in Israel, an independent human rights organization founded in 1990, monitors the implementation of this ruling in detention centres and continues the struggle against the use of torture in interrogation in Israel and the Palestinian Authority through legal means, support of relevant legislation and through an information campaign aimed at raising public awareness of the subject.
There are decent Jews. Sometimes they seem to be rather thin on the ground.


Torture's Long Shadow [ 18  December  2005  ]
Torture is bad news, far worse news than seems obvious from a distance. The information it gets is likely to be useless, out of date and just plain wrong. A man may say whatever it takes to stop the pain. It corrupts the torturers and the system that they are part of too. That is why every Tsar of Russia banned it. Vladimir Bukovsky writes from personal knowledge.


Torture Policy Came From The Top [ 1 March 2006 ]
The little people got thrown to the wolves. That is standard operating procedure [ SOP ]. The White House went clear. Also SOP. Then there are the courts that do not want to know. Congress? It is just as bad. Zion controls it and Zion wants war.


Abu Ghraib was only one of them [ 20 March 2006 ]
A special operations mob was at it too. Their idea was No Blood - No Evidence. Special forces should be the pick of the bunch but these are an armed rabble. No wonder the SAS don't want to be part of it. See SAS man quits over US tactics


U.S. Seeks Silence on CIA Prisons [ 4 November 2006 ]
The Bush administration has told a federal judge that terrorism suspects held in secret CIA prisons should not be allowed to reveal details of the "alternative interrogation methods" that their captors used to get them to talk. ... but has pressed to retain the use of unspecified "alternative" interrogation methods ...
What is the difference between these hooligans and the Spanish Inquisition, Gestapo, KGB etcetera? Not a lot apart from the excuses. And lawyers will stand up in court and defend them.


CIA Torture Victim Confessed To Attacking Bank Founded AFTER His Arrest! [ 18 March 2007 ]
Khalid Shaikh Mohammed's alleged confession testimony has been thoroughly discredited after it emerged that one of the targets he identified, the Plaza Bank, was not founded until 2006, four years after the alleged Al-Qaeda mastermind's arrest. KSM was arrested in March 2003. According to the Plaza Bank's website, the organization was founded in early 2006, making it impossible for KSM to have even known of the bank's existence before 2003, never mind plotted against it.
Have the twerps who run the CIA got what it takes to organize an orgy in a brothel? I doubt it. Pravda didn't swallow this tosh either - see Torture Victim Confesses to Everything He is Ordered To - The Independent played it for laughs.


Cheney Caused the Torture at Gitmo [ 2 July 2007 ]
Vice-President Dick Cheney was personally responsible for American policies that subjected terrorist suspects to cruelty and denied them the right to a fair trial, according to revelations from senior US government officials. The details have laid bare more than ever before the remarkable influence of Mr. Cheney in shaping the prosecution of the war on terror which led to the scandals at Guantánamo Bay and Abu Ghraib.
Vice President or President of Vice? The power to do evil means that evil will be done. The Washington Post is a Zionist propaganda operation so I wonder why they are grassing Cheney now. Past his sell by date? Zionists have infiltrated the Democrats even more thoroughly than the Republicans so Cheney is expendable. So is the Republican Party.


On the take and loving it - torture researchers make a living [ 1 October 2007 ]
Opinion: On the take and loving it: academic recipients of the U.S. intelligence budget.
Over the last decade, U.S. intelligence funding of academic research has taken on caviller [ sic ], even brazen qualities...... The article details how during the 1960s the CIA used the Human Ecology Fund to push a covert research agenda into torture and interrogation techniques........

Far from the "deep dismay" expressed by some academics on being informed about covert CIA grants in the 1960s, I suggest that modern academic recipients of the intelligence budget are clearly "on the take and loving it".
Not all research goes into torture. Lots goes into making better killing machines. The world's only super power is running wild.
PS Researchers have life styles to support too.


How the FBI gets you to confess - they threaten to have your family tortured [ 25 October 2007 ]
According to Higazi, the investigators coerced him into confessing to a role in 9/11........ he says, the investigator said his family would go through hell in Egypt, where they torture people like Saddam Hussein............
The FBI did the coercion. The FBI did the cover up. BTW the FBI carried out  The Waco Massacre. They did the cover up on that one too.
PS The evidence is still available from the How Appealing website.


Cheney War And Torture [ 25 October 2007 ]
This weekend the roll-out for the Next War continues. The most remarkable item is a speech delivered by the man who, by all accounts, has aggressively pushed for war against Iran for at least two years: Vice President Dick Cheney.... Is Cheney threatening war against Iran? Yes, that’s exactly what he is doing......

[his] entire speech is worthy of careful study. It shows a man who has disintegrated into a moral sewer. He regales his audience with the need to use torture techniques,.... he then proceeds to cite a positively insane op-ed by Bernard Lewis, which the Soviet Union is held up as a wonderful model for the United States.
Little people get thrown to the wolves for torture. Real people don't. That is the theory and the practice. We need Nuremberg II - fair trials and brisk hangings.


Jews enjoy torturing Palestinians [ 29 October 2007 ]
Zionists enjoy torturing Palestinians, both men and women, and many of them use it to discharge energy, [ It is also healthy exercise - Editor ] according to a recent study by an Israeli psychologist. "At one point or another of their service, the majority of the interviewees enjoyed violence," Nufar Yishai-Karin, a clinical psychologist at the Hebrew University, told The Observer...... Erlik Alhanan, the public face of Israeli refuseniks, has said that the number of occupation soldiers who defy army orders to serve in the occupied territories is on the rise due to illegal army practices.
Is it true? I have no doubt that it is. Was it all over the main stream media? No.


CIA Torture Down the Memory Hole [ 4 November 2006 ]
According to the government, these “alternative interrogation methods,” actually brutal medieval torture techniques updated to include sexual humiliation, are “now among the nation’s most sensitive national security secrets” and any release of information about the systematic sadism of the state against largely innocent victims, especially released to the attorneys of the victims, “could reasonably be expected to cause extremely grave damage” to the torture and murder state, now a bestial leviathan with tentacles stretching around the world.


Torture -- a historical perspective  [ 27 February 2008 ]
Barbarism Then and Now
Sometimes a little stroll through history can have its uses. Take, as an example, the continuing debate over torture in post-9/11 America. Last week, Stephen Bradbury, the head of the Justice Department's Office of Legal Counsel, testified before the House Judiciary Committee about waterboarding......

To remind readers, Bradbury is the government lawyer who, in 2005, drafted two secret memos authorizing the use of freezing temperatures, and waterboarding in CIA attempts to break terrorism detainees. Nor is Bradbury the only one with the urge to distinguish any current American proclivity towards torture from the barbaric procedures used until the Enlightenment set in. As Senator Joseph Lieberman commented last week, citing another medieval torture technique, waterboarding "is not like putting burning coals on people's bodies. The person is in no real danger. The impact is psychological." Waterboarding isn't torture, both men claimed, because it leaves no "permanent damage."
Notice that the publicity concentrates on American evil which is fair enough. Jewish complicity gets ignored but then with Jews controlling the media the reason is obvious.


US used water torture in the Philippines circa 1900 [ 27 February 2008 ]
Many Americans were puzzled by the news, in 1902, that United States soldiers were torturing Filipinos with water. The United States, throughout its emergence as a world power, had spoken the language of liberation, rescue, and freedom. This was the language that, when coupled with expanding military and commercial ambitions, had helped launch two very different wars........

Within the first year of the war, news of atrocities by U.S. forces—the torching of villages, the killing of prisoners—began to appear in American newspapers. Although the U.S. military censored outgoing cables, stories crossed the Pacific through the mail, which wasn’t censored. Soldiers, in their letters home, wrote about extreme violence against Filipinos, alongside complaints about the weather, the food, and their officers; and some of these letters were published in home-town newspapers.
Some things don't change. An enthusiasm for covering up the truth is very much alive and well. Alfred McCoy has written about the subject in A Question of Torture: CIA Interrogation, from the Cold War to the War on Terror. He also wrote about the CIA and its major drug trafficking operations in The Politics of Heroin


Water Boarding In Vietnam  [ 27 February 2008 ]
Key senators say Congress has outlawed one of the most notorious detainee interrogation techniques -- "waterboarding," in which a prisoner feels near drowning. But the White House will not go that far, saying it would be wrong to tell terrorists which practices they might face....

Inside the CIA, waterboarding is cited as the technique that got Khalid Sheik Mohammed, the prime plotter of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, to begin to talk and provide information -- though "not all of it reliable," a former senior intelligence official said.
They look as though they are having fun. Did the American write home and tell his mum? I bet she was thrilled.

One advantage of water boarding is that it leaves no external signs. Plausible denial is that much more plausible.


America Soldier Boasts About Torture, Rape & Murder [ 18 May 2008 ]
He enjoyed it. They didn't. War is Hell. Bush claims that this film is fraudulent. He lies so naturally. Of course when he has men tortured that is different. That is all right.


The Dark Side - A Book On American Torture [ 28 July 2008 ]
Not to beat about the Bush - they were all at it.
Six Questions for Jane Mayer, Author of The Dark Side
In a series of gripping articles, Jane Mayer has chronicled the Bush Administration�s grim and furtive dealings with torture and has exposed both the individuals within the administration who �made it happen� (a group that starts with Vice President Cheney and his chief of staff, David Addington), the team of psychologists who put together the palette of techniques, and the Fox television program �24,� which was developed to help sell it to the American public. In a new book, The Dark Side, Mayer puts together the major conclusions from her articles and fills in a number of important gaps. Most significantly, we learn the details on the torture techniques and the drama behind the fierce and lingering struggle within the administration over torture, and we learn that many within the administration recognized the potential criminal accountability they faced over these torture tactics and moved frantically to protect themselves from possible future prosecution. I put six questions to Jane Mayer on the subject of her book, The Dark Side.

1. Reports have circulated for some time that the Red Cross examination of the CIA�s highly coercive interrogation regime...... concluded that it was �tantamount to torture.� But you write that the Red Cross categorically described the program as �torture.�....... Do you believe that the threat of criminal prosecution drove the Bush Administration�s crafting of the Military Commissions Act?
[ She looks rather nice ].......

2. You have patiently traced the torture techniques used by the CIA back to two psychologists, James Mitchell and John Bruce Jessen�you describe them as �good looking, clean-cut, polite Mormons��who reverse-engineered their techniques out of the SERE (survival, evasion, resistance, escape) program used to train U.S. pilots in self-defence.................

Sources suggested to me that, as you imply, it is highly uncomfortable for top Bush Justice officials to prosecute these cases because, inevitably, it means shining a light on what those same officials sanctioned. Chertoff�s role in particular seems ripe for investigation. Alice Fisher�s role also seems of interest. Much remains to be uncovered.
It was easy to feel that America was morally superior to the Soviets. Now we know better.


Torture In Iraq Was High Level Policy  [ 31 October 2008 ]
Tony Lagouranis never expected to become a torturer. He didn't even really want to be a soldier. But at 30, he was bored and broke. He had a facility with languages, fancied learning Arabic, and figured the US army would teach him for free and help him clear his student debts. When he started his training, the Twin Towers were still intact and no one expected the US to go to war in Iraq........ Vast numbers of suspects were being rounded up, and they weren't talking. His superiors at the detention facility where he worked in Mosul gave him a list of authorised interrogation tactics - some might say, torture tactics. �It said explicitly that the interrogator needed the freedom to be creative... So basically there were no limits�........

But maybe it was worth it if it produced valuable intelligence in the fight against the insurgency? No, he says. As a method of getting intelligence it was useless. And besides, the aim of interrogations shifted subtly. "A lot of what we ended up doing was trying to gather confessions, not intelligence. I think that the commanders wanted to show that they were doing a good job and were picking up guilty people. But in fact we were just rounding up whoever was on the street. They just wanted us to force people to confess so that they could brief their commanders and say that they had captured all the terrorists."
Torture was policy. A few little people got thrown to the wolves. Bush and Cheney got away with it.


Guantánamo Torture Carries On Under Obama [ 15 April 2009 ]
An inmate in the US prison facility at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, has told Al Jazeera that he has been beaten while in custody and had tear gas used on him after refusing to leave his cell. Mohammad al-Qurani, a Chadian national, said in a phone call to Al Jazeera that the alleged ill-treatment "started about 20 days" before Barack Obama became US president and "since then I've been subjected to it almost every day"."Since Obama took charge he has not shown us that anything will change," he said.............. Several hundred detainees have since been released but more than 240 prisoners remain there, including Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, who is suspected of planning the September 11, 2001, attacks on the US.
Recall that Khalid Sheikh Mohammed was the one who claimed that he set up the 9/11 Job. KSM Confessed To Attacking Bank Founded After He Was Captured, which he had never heard of. But he didn't admit to killing Kennedy. They clearly didn't ask the right question.


Obama Saying Nothing About Gitmo Torture Claim [ 16 April 2009 ]
The US state department has refused to comment on a claim that guards at Guantánamo Bay prison camp abused a Chadian prisoner held there. Al Jazeera reported on Tuesday that Mohammad al-Qurani had been beaten and tear-gassed by guards after Barack Obama, the US president, pledged to end abuse at the camp in January. Al-Qurani made the call to Sami al-Hajj, an Al Jazeera cameraman who was himself held at Guantánamo Bay for more than six years. Al Jazeera's Monica Villamizar said authorities at Guantánamo Bay confirmed to her that al-Qurani would be punished for making the call but did not say how.......... On his second day in office, Obama ordered the closure of the prison, which has been heavily criticised by rights groups over reports of ill-treatment of detainees.
Has Obama delivered? No. Is he a legal president? No! Are the main stream media doing a major cover up on the crooks who put him in office? Yes! Will Obama deliver? Not a chance. He is a puppet being used by Jews and criminals.


Obama Lets Torturers Get Away With It [ 17 April 2009 ]
Obama Releases Torture Memos, Vows Not to Prosecute The Obama administration on Thursday released top secret memos outlining the legal rationale used to justify the CIA's torture of terror suspects, but vowed not to prosecute the torturers. "It would be unfair to prosecute dedicated men and women working to protect America for conduct that was sanctioned in advance by the Justice Department," Attorney General Eric Holder said..... Obama's release of the memos is a commendable act of transparency. At the same time, though, Justice Department lawyers are defending the previous administration's top officials accused in federal court of authorizing and carrying out torture and other abuses.

You can see why Bush is laughing.
PS Some criminals are more equal than others.


Busting the Torture Myths [ 28 April 2009 ]
The man who rocked the boat tells all.


Miliband Hiding CIA Torture Evidence [ 18 October 2009 ]
The High Court last week dealt a humiliating blow to Foreign Secretary David Miliband's attempts to keep secret an official account of the torture of Binyam Mohamed, stating that his arguments had 'no rational basis' in a democracy governed by the rule of law............. Before the judgment was issued on Friday, Government lawyers claimed that parts of the ruling could damage national security and, for the time being, the court has allowed this.
Gross lies, shameless lies and blatant lies are par for the course under the New Corruption that is New Labour. Not that the Tories are much better.

He looks like a slob too.


American Government Blocks Release Of Torture Photos [ 15 November 2009 ]
US Secretary of Defence Robert Gates has blocked the release of new photographs showing prisoners in Afghanistan and Iraq being abused by their Americans captors. Gates said that public disclosure of the photos would endanger US citizens, US armed forces, and employees of the US government deployed outside the US.........

The Obama administration filed a brief with the Supreme Court late Friday saying that Gates has invoked new powers blocking the release of the photos. When President Barack Obama took office, he clarified he would not fight the release of these types of photographs. He reversed course in May and authorized an appeal to the high court..... In one [ photo ], "a soldier holds a broom as if 'sticking its end into the rectum of a restrained detainee,'" Kagan said, quoting from an investigation report prepared by the Pentagon.
Obama lied about hiding torture. Obama is a criminal born in Kenya and an illegal president.


British Government Under Blair Outsourced Torture [ 15 November 2009 ]
Today, however, there is mounting evidence that torture is still regarded by some agents of the British state as a useful and legitimate investigative tool. There is evidence too that in the post-9/11 world, government officials have been prepared to look the other way while British citizens, and others, have been tortured in secret prisons around the world. It is also clear that an official policy, devised to govern British intelligence officers while interrogating people held overseas, resulted in people being tortured.

The Guardian has established that Tony Blair, when prime minister, was aware of the existence of this policy. What he knew of its terrible consequences is less clear: he has repeatedly been asked, in a series of letters from the Guardian, what he believed to have happened to those who were subjected to the policy, but he has repeatedly failed to answer the question. There is a growing suspicion that Blair could not have been alone, and that other very senior figures in government may have been aware of the existence of Britain's secret interrogation policy. What did David Blunkett and Jack Straw, the ministers responsible for MI5 and MI6 at the time, know about the policy and its consequences for people detained in the so-called war on terror? They too have declined to say, stating that it is the British government's policy not to condone torture, but that they cannot comment further because of a number of forthcoming court cases.
Torture is an evil that Blair would probably claim he didn't encourage but then Blair is a liar. Would you believe Straw or Blunkett? The Guardian tells us that 'British citizens' were tortured under MI6 arrangements but does not mention that they were foreign enemies imported by the traitors of Her Majesty's Government with their approval.


Miliband Fails To Hide CIA Torture Evidence [20 November 2009 ]
The high court today flatly rejected claims by David Miliband, the foreign secretary, that releasing evidence of the CIA's inhuman and unlawful treatment of UK resident Binyam Mohamed would harm Britain's relations with the US by giving away intelligence secrets.

Evidence that the foreign secretary also wants to suppress is believed to reveal what British intelligence officers knew about Mohamed's treatment. Mohamed, 31, an Ethiopian, says he was tortured in Pakistan, Morocco, Afghanistan, and Guantánamo Bay.

In the sixth in a string of damning rulings, the high court accused Miliband of wanting to suppress information about CIA activities even though details had already been disclosed by the Obama administration. Dismissing Miliband's claims, Lord Justice Thomas and Mr. Justice Lloyd Jones insisted they were not trying to give away "American secrets". They said: "Of itself, the treatment to which Mr. Mohamed was subjected could never properly be described in a democracy as 'a secret' or an 'intelligence secret' or 'a summary of classified intelligence'."
Miliband is a Jew without a conscience, son of communist subversive and grandson of a traitor. Sadly it seems that we are saddled with Mohammed even though he is in all probability an Islamic trouble maker about to become a dole bludger.


Israeli Secret Agency Defends Use Of Torture [  1 December 2009 ]
The Israeli secret service agency, Shin Bet, responded to a petition in Israel's High Court on Monday, defending their use of torture against detainees. The petition was filed by the Public Committee Against Torture in Israel, a prisoner advocacy group which challenged the Israeli practice of forcing Palestinian detainees to sit on small chairs with their hands cuffed behind the chair during interrogations. But Shin Bet agents insisted that their methods of interrogating Palestinian detainees are 'humane'. They said that since they increased the length of the chain between the handcuffs to 48 inches, their methods of handcuffing are now humane. The Israeli secret agency said that the handcuffing of Palestinians during interrogation is necessary in order to 'prevent escape attempts', but gave no examples of such escape attempts actually taking place.

In 1999, the Israeli High Court determined that a number of torture techniques used by Shin Bet, including the 'banana' technique pictured above, were illegal. But Palestinian detainees who have served time in Israeli prison camps in the ten years since that ruling say that many of the banned techniques continue to be used by Shin Bet and other Israeli military agencies.
Do you need any more proof that Jews are evil?

PS Haaretz, which is about as near to a conscience that Israel has does not bother to tell us about this one although they have just written up B'Tselem in Israel's Mark of Cain. It is a group that tells Jews things they do not want to know.
PPS They use Facility 1391, their answer to Gitmo.


Lieberman Says No Facility More Humane Than Gitmo [ 14 January 2010 ]

There's Nothing Better Than a Good Jewish Comedian!
The original story is at
Lieberman: No facility more humane than Gitmo
PS Obama lies in his teeth.


12 March 2010 ]
George W Bush's top political adviser has said he was 'proud' of controversial techniques such as waterboarding, which he claimed broke the will of terrorist. Karl Rove - known as the former president's 'brain'  - said he did not believe that the interrogation method amounted to torture. In an interview with the BBC, he claimed that waterboarding - which simulates drowning - had helped prevent terrorist attacks.
If Rove were to be tried at a rerun of the Nuremberg War Trials he would be convicted and hanged.


Waterboarding for Dummies - The CIA Explains How To Torture The Obstinate [ 23 March 2010 ]
At Salon, Mark Benjamin reviews a cache of internal CIA documents giving directions on how to water board prisoners:

Interrogators pumped detainees full of so much water that the CIA turned to a special saline solution to minimize the risk of death, the documents show. The agency used a gurney �specially designed� to tilt backwards at a perfect angle to maximize the water entering the prisoner's nose and mouth, intensifying the sense of choking�and to be lifted upright quickly in the event that a prisoner stopped breathing.......

Finally, to keep detainees alive even if they inhaled their own vomit during a session�a not-uncommon side effect of waterboarding�the prisoners were kept on a liquid diet. The agency recommended Ensure Plus.

Once more we see that Ensure Plus, a staple of the force-feeding regime used at Guantánamo, also regularly featured as a part of the torture regime for CIA prisoners......... While the identities of the lawyers involved in introducing the torture program has become public, the doctors involved have largely retained their anonymity. Why?
The KGB were the nasty people who tortured people. Our lot were the goodies, not the baddies. So we were told. So lots of us believed. The truth is uglier.
PS One important advantage of waterboarding is that it leaves no visible marks unlike flogging, branding. It is done to make perverting the course of justice easier.


American Army Tortures Its Own Men To Cheat Them Out Of Injury Payments [20 April 2010 ]
Sergeant Chuck Luther, now back from Iraq, was describing his journey to hell and back. The worst part, he said, wasn't battling insurgents or even the mortar blast that tossed him to the ground and slammed his head against the concrete � it was the way he was treated by the U.S. Army when he went to the aid station and sought medical help.........

He thought he would receive medical care. Instead he was confined to an isolation chamber and held there for over a month, under enforced sleep deprivation, until he agreed to sign papers saying that he was ill before coming to Iraq and thus not eligible for disability and medical benefits. "They wanted me to say I had a 'personality disorder,'" Luther told me.

Luther's call did not come out of the blue. For two years I had been investigating this personality disorder scandal: how military doctors were purposely misdiagnosing soldiers, wounded in combat, as having this pre-existing mental illness. As in the civilian world, where people can be locked out of the insurance system if they have a pre-existing condition, soldiers whose wounds can be attributed to a pre-existing illness can be denied disability benefits and long-term medical care.
This is a real nasty. America went over to an all volunteer army and nice people do not join up. It is just the lower orders. Then this happens. It is reason for rebellion.


Jews Torture Palestinian Prisoner [ 30 May 2013 ]
Israel's Military Police have launched an investigation into the case of a Palestinian who was beaten while under arrest, after a security camera at a nearby settlement caught the beating on tape. Soldiers arrested the Palestinian, Dar Sa’ad, for allegedly throwing stones at them during a violent demonstration in the village of Silwad on April 26.

A security camera at the settlement of Ofra shows that the soldiers then punched and kicked Sa'ad several times while he was lying on the ground. But it’s not clear how long the beating went on because after a few seconds the camera was turned to face in another direction.

An officer familiar with the incident said that several Palestinians threw stones at soldiers from the Kfir Brigade and the Border Police during that incident. But that doesn’t justify how Sa’ad was treated after being arrested, the officer continued: The beating “never should have happened.”
Jews perpetrated the attack. Jews ignored the complaint of crime. Jews pretend they will investigate. Jews will pervert the course of justice. Jews will walk free. That is how it works in the Stolen Land that thieves call Israel.


Jews Like Torturing People [18 February 2014 ]
This is not really news, just a reminder.

The banana position is cheap, simple, effective. What more could a psychopath want?


Torture Is Back In The News [ 11 January 2015 ]
NB Obama did say he was going to shut GITMO but it is still there, doing what it does best, torturing people to get utterly worthless confessions.


Racist Jews Charged With Torturing Several Palestinian Prisoners [ 1 November 2015 ]
Four soldiers from the IDF’s Nahal Haredi battalion were indicted yesterday for numerous instances of torture and abuse of Palestinian prisoners, Ha’aretz reported. In one incident, the haredi battalion soldiers allegedly used a cellphone to video themselves intentionally electrocuting a Palestinian prisoner.

Military Police found many other incidents of abuse and torture and are expected to file for indictments against more soldiers from the haredi battalion Sunday........

The four indicted soldiers were remanded until a court hearing Sunday. The and one other soldier from the haredi battalion are being defended by an attorney from the neo-Kahanist neo-facicst [ sic ] Honenu legal aid organization.
Can Jews possibly be neo-Fascists? Ignore the propaganda, look at the evidence, then know the truth. Are they God's Chosen People or even a Light Unto Nations? If they are then their god is a damned bad God.
PS They sound much like the guards in Buchenwald, the well known Nazi concentration, to wit like sadists.


Jew Says Torture Is Totally Illegal Under International Law [ 24 January 2017 ]
State-Sanctioned Torture in the Age of Trump
By Marjorie Cohn, Truthout
During the presidential campaign, Donald Trump declared he would "immediately" resume waterboarding and would "bring back a hell of a lot worse than waterboarding" because the United States is facing a "barbaric" enemy. He labeled waterboarding a "minor form" of interrogation...................

What does torture have in common with Genocide, slavery and wars of aggression? They are all "jus cogens." That's Latin for "higher law" or "compelling law." This means that under international law, no country can ever pass a law that allows torture. There can be no immunity from criminal liability for violation of a "jus cogens" prohibition.

The United States has always prohibited torture -- in our Constitution, laws, executive orders, judicial decisions and treaties. When we ratify a treaty, it becomes part of US law under the Supremacy Clause of the Constitution.
The Jew, Cohn [ a misspelling of Cohen ] is lawyer enough to understand law and to ignore the truth when it doesn't fit her agenda. That is why she says nothing about the murderous thugs who run Israel but see e.g. How Jews Torture People, Jews And Torture or even Now You Are Paralyzed.



In case you are not convinced by the forgoing here are some books from Amazon which bear on the point:-

Oath Betrayed: Torture, Medical Complicity, and the War on Terror
by Steven Miles

Malpractice. Oath Betrayed: Torture, Medical Complicity, and the War on Terror) ( Book review): An article from: Commonweal
by Daniel P. Sulmasy

Monstering: Inside America's Policy of Secret Interrogations and Torture in the Terror War
by Tara McKelvey

Ethics and Epidemics, Volume 9 (Advances in Bioethics) (Advances in Bioethics)
by John Balint et al


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