Fascist is a term of abuse that the left are very fond of. We should know what it means as distinct from what the lefties claim it means. It is Tyranny - see Fascism Defined. The Fascists were the party established by Benito Mussolini, the well known member of the Socialist Party in Italy and ran the place from 1922 to 1943. Their symbol was  the fasces (rods bundled around an axe), which were an ancient Roman symbol of the authority of magistrates This indicates attitudes to power and people.

The same attitudes have been held by the Nazis in Germany,  Francisco Franco in Spain and António de Oliveira Salazar in Portugal. The Wikipedia tells us that Fascism is a reaction to communism and Marxism but manages not to tell us that they are in fact identical in almost everything except their propaganda.

There is one major and significant difference between the policies of leftist and Fascist sympathizers. The right are nationalists and the left are against nationalism. The left are the ones who want Third World Immigration into white countries, which is why the left tell us that Racism is the ultimate sin. It is also true that communism is largely inspired, controlled and used by Jews. Having said that, the communist and fascists are vicious and hate liberty.

Look at the kind of people who tell you Racism is the great sin, while encouraging Homosexuality. You will see Nazis and Fascists in all but a few details. Some academics put views in a book, The Nature Of Fascism; it is  totalitarian & nationalist [ page 11 ] - Mussolini said: Everything for the state, nothing against the state, no one outside the state.

Fascism is a hierarchy which makes it attractive to conservatives, who do not realise that it is revolutionary. The Führerprinzip, the Leadership Principle is that the leader has absolute authority.


Fascism Defined By The Dictionary
[ fascism ] often capitalized :  a political philosophy, movement, or regime (as that of the Fascisti) that exalts nation and often race above the individual and that stands for a centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader, severe economic and social regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition.


Fascism ex Wiki
Fascism,......comprises a radical and authoritarian nationalist political ideology and a corporatist economic ideology.

Fascists believe that nations and/or races are in perpetual conflict whereby only the strong can survive by being healthy, vital, and by asserting themselves in conflict against the weak. Fascists advocate the creation of a single-party state. Fascist governments forbid and suppress criticism and opposition to the government and the fascist movement. Fascism opposes class conflict, blames capitalist liberal democracies for its creation and communists for exploiting the concept. Fascism is much defined by what it opposes, what scholars call the fascist negations - its opposition to individualism, rationalism, liberalism, conservatism and communism.  In the economic sphere, many fascist leaders have claimed to support a "Third Way" in economic policy, which they believed superior to both the rampant individualism of unrestrained capitalism and the severe control of state communism. This was to be achieved by a form of government control over business and labour (called "the corporate state" by Mussolini). No common and concise definition exists for fascism and historians and political scientists disagree on what should be in any concise definition.

Following the defeat of the Axis powers in World War II and the publicity surrounding the atrocities committed during the period of fascist governments, the term fascist has been used as a pejorative word.
The similarities to Her Majesty's Government under Blair and Brown are strong. They rob and lie rather than being honest enough to do it blatantly. Collusion with big business makes bribery a way of life for politicians.


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