Political Correctness

Political correctness sounds innocent in its intent. The reality is rather different. It starts with banning words referring to various groups. Cripple is the kind of word that we are invited to drop. Differently abled is clumsy and got sneered at by too many people to survive. Nigger however is a success for them. Call a black a nigger and things can get nasty, especially with communist subversives. But blacks use the word and that is all right according to those very same subversives. A few centuries ago they would have been getting self righteous about Christianity. Now they are atheists inciting Homosexuality, Feminism & Multiculturalism, all of which are Marxist causes being used to destroy Western Civilization using Western Guilt.

Kevin MacDonald, an important professor of psychology explained matters in a video at The Psychological Mechanism of White Dispossession - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rWWfPWdbPC8#t=12. His PowerPoint displays are at Sweden-Individualism-desktop.ppt


Political Correctness On The Skids
Is it? Quite possibly but it does not matter to the Lunatic Fringe, They will just move on to attack something else; Save the Muesli or whatever.


The Origins of Political Correctness
Is an excellent explanation of something evil.


Political Correctness
The Birdman explains who is promoting it and why. It is a dangerous form of dishonesty.


Politically Incorrect
The self righteous are politically correct. Others play it for laughs.


Is taboo. We must not mention unless white men are the perpetrators.


Don Imus sacked for using words promoted by the sacker
Referring to a young woman as a nappy headed ho is not particularly elegant. Ho is a mispronunciation of whore used by blacks. The woman in question was black which was the excuse for objecting. CBS, his employer sells what they would call music sung by blacks and consistently foul mouthed. Ho is one word they use as a matter of course. So the Jews who run CBS coarsen public discourse but get self righteous when a white man goes that way. Of course blacks are allowed to do it.
PS This article was written by a Jew.


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