To say the utterly obvious, these are propaganda photos from the well know holiday camp run by the American Army at Guantanamo Bay Concentration Camp at Guantánamo Bay. It has one virtue, the campers get to stay for free. It's just like Hotel California:-
You can check out any time you want
But you can't never leave.

They hope we have forgotten about Abu Ghraib and Torture carried out in America's name. Notice that the American are using a filthy left wing rag for these publicity shots. Who panders to whom? It is not as obvious as it seems.

Obama claimed that he was going to shut it. He lied. It is still operational in January 2017.

From The Guardian aka Stalin's Organ

They have fun in Gitmo. Can we go too?



Force feeding of hunger strikers? Now why would people refuse to eat in a lovely place like that?


Notice that they use luxury padded shackles unlike those at Her Majesty's Prison Belmarsh. I bet they make you want to join.

They even get Westerns in real Urdu/Pushtu/Farsi/I give up.


They are allowed to do women's work. No doubt that cheers them up.


Being chained to the television set sounds like my idea of Hell. Perhaps they are not so fussy.


GITMO Torturers Were Experts  [ 18 January 2015 ]
Beating people without leaving bruises means no evidence. That is a major pay off with waterboarding. We worried about the KGB, with good reason. The Americans are just as bad. They may well have been trained by Zionist crazies, the sort who ran the Cheka under Felix Dzerzhinsky.


Her Majesty's Government Paying Third World Alien For Being Tortured In Gitmo [ 1 November 2015 ]
Britain's last Guantánamo detainee Shaker Aamer finally embraced the teenaged son he had never seen yesterday in a tearful meeting on his first full day of freedom in 14 years.

The emotional encounter with 13-year-old Faris, born on Valentine’s Day, 2002 – the day Aamer was incarcerated in the brutal US-run prison camp in Cuba – came at a London clinic where the father-of-four is being treated for a catalogue of physical and psychological illnesses........

Given British residency in 1996, Saudi-born Mr Aamer was described in US military files as a suspected member of Al Qaeda and ‘a close associate of Osama Bin Laden’.

He insists he was picked up while working for a charity in Afghanistan and his lawyers point out that despite being held for 13 years and 257 days, no charges have ever been brought..........

The document, leaked in 2006, also accuses him of being involved in the recruitment of terrorists and the financing of terrorism.

Lawyers for Mr Aamer argue that if there was any evidence to support these claims, he would have been charged [ That is tosh - Editor ]. Instead, he was cleared for release as long ago as 2007. To secure his freedom, Britain had to give assurances to Washington that the 46-year-old Saudi national and British resident would be subject to a programme of surveillance......... In terms of MI5’s growing list of security priorities, Mr Aamer would not appear to be a pressing case.
Yes, the American government is a criminal organisation, treating their Constitution with contemptuous indifference. Yes, the president, is foreign born, therefore illegal. It why he uses a Forged Birth Certificate. He promised to shut GITMO. He lied. He carries on torturing Arabs, in defiance of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

But Her Majesty's Government flies this allegedly British citizen to England, in order to bung him £1 million, pay him dole for life and give him first class medical treatment. Are they mad, bad, pandering to America or vicious?

You can see why the $%^&& is laughing and who he is laughing at.


Socialists Complain About GITMO - Socialists Blame Donald Trump [ 25 December 2016 ]
That isn't precisely the case but it is the message they want us to believe. Read and learn about the mental state of the Hard Left & the effectiveness of the Propaganda machines, especially those in the Education industry. The Puppet Masters are master manipulators.


GITMO Prisoner Got £1 Million From British Taxpayer Then Came Unstuck [ 22 February 2017 ]
A [ allegedly ] British ISIS fighter who was handed £1million in compensation after he was freed from Guantanamo Bay spent £220,000 on a three-bedroom semi in Stockport..........

Jamal Udeen al-Harith, 50, splashed out on the smartly decorated family home in a quiet street in April 2011, just three years before he fled to Syria to join Isis. He had lived there with his wife Shukee Begum and their four children.
Jamal Udeen Al-Harith, a Jamaican claimed that he wasn't a terrorist, got a £1,000,000 then proved that he was lying. Blair and the Daily Mail got him out of GITMO.. The Mail didn't mention its complicity but its readers aren't as stupid as it would like.

That's what he thought. Is he with those 72 virgins in Heaven? He got stitched by a bigger liar than Blair.