Paedophile Jews

Perhaps Jews are not all Paedophiles. Perhaps they are not all thieves, mass murderers, rapists, smugglers or political criminals but lots are. What make people think they evil? The evidence is the cause, especially for those who are victims. You doubt it? Try looking at the Failed Messiah's offerings, in particular Failed Messiah Paedophiles. He is, or was a Jew who came face to face with reality; he didn't like it. Or try Nuchem Rosenberg a rabbi , who was interviewed by Vice and suffered consequences such as murder threats. Seee Jews Rape Children In Bathhouses Half of the boys get buggered. The rest run faster. Then the Main Stream Media complain about Catholic priests alleged to be doing the same.

Israeli Ultra-Orthodox Rabbi Arrested for Raping Nieces Hundreds of Times [ 30 May 2016 ]
Haredi Rabbi Naftali Maklev, accused of serial rape of three close female relatives
Another day, another gag–broken.  This time, the accused is a prominent Israeli ultra-Orthodox Rabbi, Naftali Maklev, accused of raping three nieces, “hundreds of times” over the course of “many years.”  One of the victims was 6 years-old when the alleged crimes began.  This is according to a report published by Mako, the online news site of TV Channel 2.  He is a well-known figure in the Haredi community, a rabbi at the Be’er HaTorah yeshiva.  He serves, in what can only be seen as a dark irony, as a spiritual counselor at the school..

Maklev’s name is under the proverbial Israeli gag order, which prevents the Israeli public from knowing the identity of the accused and weighing the gravity and credibility of the charges against him.  Pro-Israel commenters on last night’s post which brought news of a prominent judge accused of sexually abusing his daughter, claimed inexplicably that such gag order actually protected the privacy of the child.  I find this argument not only utter nonsense, but a shameful breach of our obligation to the victims to ensure neither they nor others suffer such things again.

One of the methods he used to persuade his victims to permit his behavior were false halachic rulings which he invented to justify himself.  He told his victims that not only were the sex acts not prohibited, but rather they were mitzvot (or acts approved by God).  He further claimed the sex was a form of healing for various ailments which afflicted him and that not only his health, but his life were dependent on them.

This line of thinking is also common to another more prominent accused Israeli sexual predator, Daniel Taub, candidate for a plum foreign ministry assignment.  He told investigators that the late night male visitors to his ambassadorial residence in London were “new age healers” meant to help him with various conditions from which he “suffered.”

Maklev allegedly gave the victim several hundred shekels each time he raped her.  The money was meant to ease the family precarious financial condition.  He reminded her regularly of the financial obligations of her father which he covered, in order to increase her dependence on, and servility to him.  Maklev’s behavior continued even after the victim was married and became a mother.

The accused also raped this victim’s sister after the latter became married.  He told the second victim that he intended to offer her correct “guidance” in sexual matters and that he did this with the approval of her husband.  He told her that she suffered from a case of “nerves” and that his sexual “therapy” was designed to soothe her and improve her family relations.  When she told him that she preferred a treatment that involved medication, he warned her she could become addicted, and that their contact was permissible since it happened “within the family.”

The charge sheet also accuses Maklev of exploiting his respected position in the community and his status as a Torah scholar to inveigle himself into the family of his victims.  Further, he arranged financial support for the family, which left it vulnerable to his predatory behavior.

Unfortunately, this is behavior all too common in the Orthodox rabbinate.  Examples abound of Orthodox rabbis who’ve exploited their respected role in the community to prey on their male and female disciples and followers.
Another Jew, another Paedophile pervert; another conscienceless liar to boot. NB He is one of God's Chosen People. How do we know that they are chosen? Easy, they say so. Believe it if you want.


Jew Is A Paedophile Rapist With Twelve Slaves [ 21 June 2016 ]
One was given to him by Amish parents.


Paedophile Jew Is On The Run Is Hiding In A Lunatic Asylum  [ 7 July 2016 ]
Just got word that Malka Leifer, a former high school principal facing 74 counts of sex abuse in Australia, has returned to live in the small [Haredi] settlement of Emanuel [akaעמנואל Immanuel]. She has not faced an extradition hearing in Israel because she has admitted herself into a psychiatric hospital in advance of each scheduled date.
Jews will do anything to avoid justice.


Jew On The Loose Is A Paedophile Pervert Using A Pseudonym [ 30 July 2016 ]
In June (6/8/16) I reported that Stefan Colmer, a convicted sex offender was banned by all orthodox synagogues in Passaic, New Jersey. (see Passaic’s Orthodox Rabbis Ban Child Molester Stefan Colmer from their Synagogues)...............

If he does re-offend, it is my advice that you do not call rabbis. Do not call the Vaad Hatznius, Shomrim or the 66th police precinct in Boro Park which is mired in scandals over taking bribes from orthodox political players
Jews will help him to Pervert The Course Of Justice.


Six Jews Buggered 22 Children In A Tel Aviv School [ 4 August 2016 ]
That is why they called it Belzen-Bergen for its reign of terror of physical abuse, psychological abuse, and sexual abuse.


Rabbis Protect Paedophile Pervert Jews [ 4 August 2016 ]
Suffer the little children to come unto me? Then watch them get buggered by Paedophile Jews.


Jew Is A Paedophile Pervert On The Loose In New York [ 30 November 2016 ]
NB Most Jew boys get buggered - see Jews Rape Children In Bathhouses


Six Jews In Tel Aviv School Are Paedophile Perverts [ 30 November 2016 ]


Jew Enjoyed Sexually Torturing Six Year Old Boy But Stayed Out Of Prison [ 10 February 2017 ]
The fix was in. The lawyer was highly priced. The family would have been Boycotted by those wonderful, caring ultra orthodox Jews in New York so Moshe Friedman walks. He is not even on the sex offenders register.
PS Most Jew boys get buggered anyway. You doubt it? See Jews Rape Children In Bathhouses.