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In George Bush and his Marxist Handlers, an article in  The Spectator [ page 44 on 5 November 2005 - a significant date for Parliament  and Guy FawkesJohn Laughland tells us that Nick Cohen is a former Marxist ideologue endeared of Bush. Given what the Wikipedia says, the former seems dubious. Have a look at their picture of him then decide whether you would trust him in anything. It does not bother to tell us that he is a Jew but Cohen is a very strong indication. Many of the most dangerous Zionists are atheists with agendas. Being on the make combines comfortably and all too often. The relevance of this point is that he is part of a Zionist owned or  controlled media  manipulating political policy and doing it largely unrecognized by the peasant masses. Keeping the peasants ignorant is the first rule of subversion. . See more at Racist Jews Defeated By An Honest Jew.
PS Cohen is not just a Jew; he is a seriously ugly Jew.

He alleges that he is an ex-Jew.

Jews Hate UKIP [ 28 April 2014 ]
That is a strong point in their favour. In fact all two and a bit main parties hate them too; another good sign. Are they good for England? Perhaps, they can't be worse than Miliband's mob.
PS Nick Cohen, an ugly, corrupt, lying Jew asks Are you fit to be British? Take the Ukip test. Does he apply the same kind of lie to Jews in the Stolen Land that he calls Israel?  The Spectator saw fit to publish his rant on 28th April 2014. I will not be buying it again.

Former lefties can make a good living in the media by attacking their ex-comrades - I'd do it myself if the price was right.
in "The Rebels who changed their tune to be pundits", New Statesman, August 12, 2002


Nick Cohen ex Wiki
Nick Cohen is a British journalist, author and political commentator. He writes the Without Prejudice political column for The Observer, a weekly column for the London Evening Standard, and contributes regularly to the New Statesman and New Humanist. His books include Cruel Britannia: Reports on the Sinister and the Preposterous (2000), and Pretty Straight Guys (2003). Our Friends on the Left will be published in 2006.

Cohen is known for the promotion of an independent, enlightened, democratic left-wing secular humanism. As such, he is regarded by supporters as belonging to an intellectual tradition that includes radical writers such as George Orwell and Albert Camus, and like Orwell, his attacks on what he sees as the bad faith and myopia of some groups on the left have been misconstrued as a shift towards the political right. Hitherto a strong critic of American foreign policy, including the 2001 invasion of Afghanistan, Cohen created controversy in 2002 when, in several hard-hitting columns, he announced his support for the invasion of Iraq and denounced some on the political left for failing to address the fascism of Saddam Hussein and Islamist ideology. "The left has swerved to the right," he wrote.

He launched his own website,, in October 2005. [1]




Cohen has attacked some on the left for forming alliances with rightwing Islamic and Islamist groups in opposition to the 2003 Gulf War, writing that the "principled left" is a thing of the past. After the large scale February 2003 anti-war demonstration in London, he was particularly critical of those human-rights, feminist and gay-rights activists who marched alongside Islamist groups, whom he accused of homophobia, anti-semitism and misogyny.

The hit of the season is Michael Moore's Fahrenheit 9/11, a sort of Fox News for liberals. Among the many clunking contradictions and honking errors, one unforgiveable scene stands out. Moore brushes aside the millions forced into exile and mass graves by Saddam Hussein, and decides to present life in one of the worst tyrannies of the late 20th century as sweet and simple. Boys scamper to barber shops. Merry children fly kites. Blushing lovers get married. At the end of the film, leftish audiences in America and Europe show they are more than prepared to forgive and forget. They rise to their feet and applaud. [2]

He is a strong critic of the British Prime Minister Tony Blair and the "New Labour" project, which he argues is based on image, not principle. He told the British television network, Channel 4: "You get this picture of the leadership of this country, people in the heart of power, Blair, Campbell, Powell all in Downing Street, all worried intensely and working intensely about the Prime Minister's image. This is the government of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. They really ought to have better things to do with their time ... Apart from Tony Blair's image, his sincerity, his integrity, there's no ideology behind it, beyond the standard neo-Conservative ideology of the day, and so his integrity is kind of all they've got." [3]

He opposes a proposed British law against incitement to religious hatred, believing that it violates fundamental principles of liberalism and freedom. He supports proposals to enforce a blanket ban on members of the neo-Nazi British National Party joining the British civil service.

He recently wrote of President George W. Bush:

In the long-run the only solution is for the global move towards democracy to get moving again. In these strange times, the only person who believes that this is possible or desirable is George W Bush. In his inauguration address last week he announced that the "survival of liberty in our land increasingly depends on the success of liberty in other lands. The best hope for peace in our world is the expansion of freedom in all the world." And was feared and hated by right-thinking people the world over for saying so. [4]

During the 2005 UK General Election Cohen supported the Labour Party, with reservations, and actively campaigned in London against Respect, a coalition of far-left and Muslim activists. He has been particularly critical of George Galloway, the Respect MP, whom he has likened to Oswald Mosley. He has also attacked Ken Livingstone, the London Mayor, for his support of Islamic representatives.



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