Jews Took Over South Africa

South Africa has its politics, just like any other country. The big issues were diamonds, gold and race. Various peoples have moved in, moved out or coexisted more or often  less comfortably. Later the issue of race was used by Jews to take over. But first they took over the diamond and gold production. They were the sources of serious money. Oppenheimer took control of the diamond mining. Joe Slovo, a Jew from Latvia and other Jews took over the South African Communist Party. They also controlled or at the very least were very influential in the African National Congress [ ANC ],  a black organisation which they used to incite black hatred of  Brit and Boer but NOT Jew.

Having used real and imaginary grievances against the Boers and their Apartheid policy in particular they moved on to guerrilla operations, terrorism as well as industrial sabotage and economic attack.

The government captured a number of the leaders at Rivonia. Others went on the run. Slovo spent time in London; when he was there was in contact with other Jews. They used the BBC and other Marxist media operations like the Guardian to cause an economic boycott of South African produce of all sorts except South African diamonds and gold. Oppenheimer sent  the diamonds to Israel or Amsterdam to be cut so the origin was lost to the buyer.

Public sources do not tell us how much contact there was between Oppenheimer, the Jewish big business man, who controlled diamond mining and the Jewish communists. They certainly knew about each other. The subversives needed money to pay for operations and living expenses. Oppenheimer wanted to be able to carry on mining and using blacks. An accommodation would have made sense to both of them. Jewish treachery is par for the course. Ditto for secrecy.

The National Party [ Boer ] ruled until 1994 when, weakened by economic sabotage, guerrilla attacks, media abuse and international political disfavour they allowed elections and lost to the ANC. This was hailed by the media as a major triumph, which it was for the Jews. It has also made a lot of money for the new in-crowd. It has also got the crime industry into a major up turn. Blacks in general were not the winners.

See what is being done in Africa amid a wave of media indifference at Conservation In Zimbabwe or at Wonderful Multicultural South Africa

Results at the end of the day:-

Boers screwed.
Brits screwed.
Blacks screwed.
Jews rich and getting richer.

NB There are decent Jews but they do not start wars or take over countries. One of them is in  this essay defending Adolf by comparing his track record which is so much nicer than the Jews' operations in Russia as Bolsheviks - Jews and Communism  the South African experience

Here are some notes with sources on the players. The main source used is the Wikipedia which is very accessible; it is dependable up to a point. It is part of the Main Stream Media. The truth about the Puppet Masters gets glossed over. For another source look at the Metapedia. It makes sense to start with the South African Communist Party.

South African Communist Party
It was founded in 1921, a few years after the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia. It caused and used industrial unrest in the mines. When Jews took control of the mines this was no longer wanted. The SACP  later started recruiting natives in order to incite disaffection among them. The original leadership was not much interested in the blacks and may well have been largely Jewish like the original Bolsheviks. Unrest in the mines was one issue. Unrest among rural blacks was another. It caused problems for farmers, Brit and Boer, not Jews.

The SACP colluded with the African National Congress [ ANC ] and the Congress of South African Trade Unions (COSATU). The ANC in particular was very much a black organization and therefore useful for manipulating the natives. Joe Slovo was  a Jew from Lithuania. He joined the SACP in 1942 and became the general secretary from 1984 until 1991. He was one of the founders of Umkhonto we Sizwe in 1961. It was the military arm of the ANC and the SACP.


African National Congress
Was widely believed to be a small Xhosa  tribal association manipulated by White [ Jewish in fact - Editor ] communists. This was probably because it was. It founded Umkhonto we Sizwe jointly with the SACP. Mandela was the front man because he was black and had the patter.


Rusty Bernstein
Was a Jew, communist subversive and big in the  Umkhonto we Sizwe.  He doesn't rate  a Wikipedia article but see Nelson Mandela on the point.


Hazel Crane
Jew(?) from Belfast, married to Israeli Mafia boss in South Africa. Murdered by Jews.


Denis Goldberg
Was a Jew, communist subversive and  big in mkhonto we Sizwe. He was captured, charged, tried and sentenced to life.


Arthur Goldreich
Another Jew, another communist, another enemy. From Lithuania?


Richard Goldstone
An eminent judge and a Jew from South Africa told the world about the evil done by Jews during the Gaza Massacre. Jews were not amused.


Jews Undermining South Africa
David Duke quotes sources. There were any number of Jews working openly, pretending to be legal and others working secretly. Jews and Zionism: The South African Experience, 1910-67 1910-1967 is one his books.


Asher Karni ex Wiki
Went to SA to work for Bnei Akiva, a Jewish Zionist youth movement. He remained in Cape Town and began work as a salesman, selling and buying electronic devices for a local electronics company. In early 2004, Karni was accused by the United States of being part of a conspiracy to sell stolen nuclear material. He was arrested while on holiday with his family in Denver, Colorado. Chief Judge Thomas F. Hogan ordered Karni released on US$100,000 bail to Silver Spring, Maryland, having agreed to waive diplomatic immunity and wear an electronic surveillance device, but the US has moved to have that ruling overturned.

Karni is accused of selling 200 triggered spark gaps to Humayun Khan, a Pakistani man believed connected to a larger terrorist group in Jammu and Kashmir. The nuclear black market is believed to be very tightly knit, and to have been headed by Abdul Qadeer Khan, the father of the Pakistani nuclear program, who now sits accused by the IAEA and Pakistan having sold nuclear material to Iran and Korea for nearly two decades.


Ronnie Kasrils
Jew from Lithuania. Got to be the ANC spy master. Anti-Zionist.


Nelson Mandela
Was the front man for the ANC and the South African Communist Party. He looked right and sounded right. He got a major build up from the main stream media worldwide. He was a very good front man but is he really a living saint as the Zionist press would have us believe? [ Hint - NO! ]. But to be fair his wife beat the murder and thieving raps - eventually.


Winnie Mandela And Jews
Heavily involved with Israeli Mafia in South Africa in particular Shai Avissar of the Ramat Amidar gang. That is over and above the thieving and murder.


Harry Oppenheimer
Ran Anglo American Corporation, De Beers Consolidated Mines) and was a Jew big time although he went through the motions of being a Christian. He was personally responsible for a large flow of diamonds to Israel to create and supply the diamond cutting industry there. This gave him influence with Zionist and communist Jews including [ presumably ] Slovo. That is why the diamond mines were not sabotaged by Slovo et al.

He claimed publicly that he financed the anti-apartheid Progressive Federal Party, now known as the Democratic Alliance. He kept quiet about whether he funded the SACP and ANC. Did he collude with Slovo? Nobody is saying in public. The subversives needed money. He had plenty. He wanted to stay in business even if the communists took over. A deal was exactly what Jews are good at. He knew about Slovo and might very well  have met him on a number of occasions. Oppenheimer was important to the Jews in Israel so Slovo would not have wanted to cross them or him. The truth might surface later. This bit can only be conjecture for the moment.


They control De Beers. They control the almost total diamond monopoly. They are criminals. They are political manipulators. They are Jews on the make.


Harry Schwarz
Jew from Germany. Lawyer, politician. Flew as a navigator with the South African Air Force. Probably as dangerous in his way as Slovo.


Joe Slovo
The Jewish, communist has had minimal publicity while Mandela has been feted worldwide. It is the difference between being the man with the brains and being the front man. While Nelson Mandela was in prison, Slovo was in exile and talking to other Jewish subversives. Organising a worldwide boycott of South African fruit and wine was a big part of it. What he did not do was sabotage  diamond mining. That was because diamond mining in South Africa was controlled by De Beers and Harry Oppenheimer, another Jew.


Helen Suzman
Jew and communist subversive. In Parliament. Worked the self righteous line.


Umkhonto we Sizwe
Was the military arm of the ANC and SACP The Wikipedia article on  Nelson MANDELA tells us that the original leaders were  Mandela with SACP Jewish activists Denis Goldberg, Rusty Bernstein, and Harold Wolpe. It omits Joe Slovo [ Jew and communist - Editor ]   which is curious because he was very influential.  Umkhonto we Sizwe was  modelled on the Irgun, a Jewish terrorist outfit.


National Party
The National Party was the Boer party, the party of the Afrikaners. When they got a majority in 1948 they won the election and instituted a policy of Apartheid or separate development. This was the stick used to beat them with. Left wing outfits like the BBC loved it as a propaganda tool. Now Apartheid is state policy in Israel but the media keep quiet about that.


Roy Welensky
Is here as a footnote. He was the son of a Jew from Poland rather than Lithuania and got to be the Prime Minister of Rhodesia. Sabotaging a country is much easier if you happen to be running it. Blair and Bush are eloquent testimony to that fact.


Jews And Communism In South Africa
Rense gives us a first class summary of the Jews who robbed South Africa and destroyed it.


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