John Kennedy arrived on the political scene half a lifetime ago. The BBC fawned on him like it was the Second Coming. He had that big, big smile, the pretty words. Everything was going to be all right if we voted for him. I smelt a rat. I was right. Others thought he was wrong'un too as we discovered on that day in 1963, in Dallas. Who killed him and why? We know that Oswald was the fall guy, set up to take the rap. He was briskly murdered by a Jew, which stopped him talking. That was the point. Who had what it took to do what it took? Who had the motives? Mossad is my front runner. It could have been a CIA job. The Main Stream Media were happy to keep their mouths shut about the fornication and the gonorrhoea. The agenda comes first with the truth a bad second. Here are sources. Read for yourself. Think for yourself. Decide for yourself.
PS His brother brought us the Chappaquiddick Massacre. See e.g. Teddy Kennedy Of Chappaquiddick

Christopher Hitchens reviews Kennedy books
Christopher Hitchens, a Marxist [ part ] Jew tells us that Kennedy was far more corrupt, far more devious than Richard Nixon who came in for monstrous abuse by the Main Stream Media. I am happy to believe him.
PS Some of comments come from the perpetrators. Any connection with the truth is incidental.


Kennedy And Gonorrhoea
It is new for the public. For the journalists, the manipulators & the Puppet Masters it is very much yesterday's news.


Kennedy killing ex Wiki
The Wiki can be good. It can suppress the truth totally


Kennedy And Israel
Annoy Jews and die. Simple isn't it? Actually it depends on which lot. Zionist crazies are paranoid mass murderers. Others are not necessarily. This comes from a Jew.


Kennedy Killing
A Jew puts a view.


Americans look at this one then finger Israel.