Soap Operas

Soap operas on television seem like drivel to lots of us but they have their viewers, millions of them in England and far more worldwide. They provide a shared experiences for people who like stories which means most of us. This gives the masters of the Main Stream Media a huge amount of power, especially when it is not noticed. They are perhaps the world's greatest propaganda machines. They are used to feed us the basic assumptions of neo-Marxist manipulators. It is working. Around 3 million people buy The Sun daily, Daily Mirror gets another million. Far more watch TV. It is there all day every day. Millions of men follow Football, an industry full of black players. They are being led to believe that blacks are human, even superior. So they are being softened up by the Puppet Masters who run football, meaning Jews like Alan Sugar & Robert Maxwell, a major thief. The peasant masses watch. The peasant masses swallow it. We are being conned big time. Sean Gabb, the director of the Libertarian Alliance tells us more.

Read for yourself. Think for yourself. Decide for yourself.


Because both text and video are available, I will not go again over the main part of what I said. What I do think worth mentioning is the point that came into my head for the last five minutes of the speech. This is the lack of any sustained cultural production within the conservative and libertarian movements. We have always been strong on analysis and criticism. We have our philosophers and economists and historians, and these are among the best. We are not wholly without our novelists and musicians and artists. But we have not so far excelled in cultural production, and have mostly not considered this of comparable importance to uncovering and explaining the workings of a natural order. So far as this has been the case, however, we have been mistaken.

The socialist takeover of the English mind during the early 20th century was only in part the achievement of the Webbs and J.A. Hobson and E.H. Carr and Harold Laski and Douglas Jay, and all the others of their kind. They were important, and if they had not written as they did, there would have been no takeover. But for every one who read these, there were tens or hundreds who read and were captured by Shaw and Wells and Galsworthy and Richard Llewellyn, among others. These were men who transmitted the socialist cases to a much wider audience. Just as importantly, where they did not directly transmit, they helped bring about a change in the climate of opinion so that propositions that were rejected out of hand by most thoughtful men in the 1890s could become the received wisdom of the 1940s. They achieved a similar effect in the United States, and were supplemented there by writers like Howard Fast, and, of course, by the Hollywood film industry.

More recently in England, the effect of television soap operas like Eastenders has been immense and profound. Their writers have taken the dense and often incomprehensible writings of the neo-Marxists and presented them as a set of hidden assumptions that have transformed the English mind since 1980. No one can fully explain the Labour victory of 1997, or the ease with which law and administration were transformed even before them, without reference to popular culture.

I do not wish to disparage novelists like Ayn Rand, who was a libertarian of sorts. At the same time, what I have in mind is not long didactic novels where characters speak for three pages about the evils of central banking. What I do believe we need is good, popular entertainment of our own creation that is based on our own assumptions. I think the most significant objective propagandist of my lifetime for the libertarian and conservative cause was the historical novelist Patrick O’Brian. I have read all his historical novels, some more than once, and I do not think he ever sets out an explicit case against the modern order of things. What he does instead is to create a world – that may once have existed largely as he describes it – that works on different assumptions from our own. If this world is often unattractive on account of its poverty and brutality, its settled emphasis on tradition and on personal freedom and responsibility has probably done more to spread the truth than the Adam Smith Institute and the Institute of Economic Ideas combined.

Doctor Gabb suggests Patrick O'Brian. CS Forester wrote in the same vein and better for my money. Robert A Heinlein was good too. He fed in the philosophy inside the story, especially Starship Troopers. Men read it; women like other things. They soaked up the angle with out knowing.

But Sean is right; there is too little out there. We are being dominated by Hollywood. Barry Krusch explains HOW it is done. Mr. Krusch is like those who run the film industry and indeed the bulk of the main stream media, a Jew.