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The Indie is quite a new publication started by financial journalists from The Telegraph which suggested that they would write for the right but it has a sour note and  a strongly Zionist line. If you think that their head line regarding Gypsy haters is fair that is up to you. I don't. There is an agenda operating there. Telling us that the Prime Minister is under pressure due to a resignation without mentioning the fraud rap is suppressing the truth.

Gypsy-haters, holocaust-deniers, xenophobes, homophobes, anti-Semites, the EU's new political force  [ 17 January 2007 ]
Europe's far-right, xenophobic and extremist parties crossed a new threshold yesterday, winning more speaking time, money, and political influence in the European Parliament than ever before. 
The head line is worthy of Julius Streicher, the publisher of Der Stürmer, a Nazi propaganda paper. He was hanged for his pains. The body of the article is not much better. Notice the use of words like claimed then look at Words as Propaganda Tools. All of this tells us about the reality of press freedom in the West. The publicity will do nationalists no harm. The Wiki is not enthusiastic about them either. See Identity, Tradition, Sovereignty


Pressure on Olmert grows after general quits [ 18 January 2007 ]
The Independent, an English newspaper tells us that the Prime Minister of Israel has a problem but manages not to tell us about his fraud rap or the President's rape rap, or the fraud in Israel's tax office or the murders carried out by Israel's army or the white slaving or.......... News or covering up? Is The Independent a Zionist propaganda machine or does it merely look like one?


The Independent Perverts The Truth Just Like The Rest [ 17 June 2011 ]
Background at Hate Crimes


White Men Should Never Hold Elected Positions In British Universities Again [ 29 March 2015 ]
Says The Independent
University is supposed to be amazing, a transformative experience which is informed by student unions across the country. Yet people don’t give a toss about their student unions, no one cares about the NUS, and activism is dying at all but a few hardcore universities.

This generation of students has been pissed on by the government and fees, and privatisation, and all anyone seems to want to do is roll over and let it happen. Do you know why this is? It’s because our universities and student unions are too similar to our government; they are too stunted by white men.

White men might want to appropriate injustice as theirs, desperate for something to struggle against, but it’s a hobby they’ll pick up and drop as soon as the first comfortable finance job beckons them over. We need to ban white men and their activism dilettantism from student unions. We need powerful women and minority ethnic people to bring their passion back to the heart of student politics. Being a student union president should no longer be a place for privileged whiteboys [ sic ] to swing their dicks around before graduating into a world that is in no way affected by what they claim to fight for...........

 A new generation of powerful women and minority ethnic people is ready to lead and change. It is time for you to bow down.
The headline is verbatim. The author is Anonymous. The editor was asleep on the job. This is blatant  Propaganda written by a foul mouthed Racist oaf. It is also incitement of racial hatred,  a criminal offence when Her Majesty's Government wants it to be. The Independent published it then briskly deleted it. Buy it? Never did, never will.
PS It seems that Anonymous is a Jew called Tom Mendelsohn. At all events the tone of hatred sounds right. He has little to learn from Julius Streicher, the publisher of Der Stürmer. Julius was tried at Nuremberg then hanged for his pains.


The Young Fabians have an impressive guest of honour this evening – and they’re lucky to have him
The Spectator tells us that The Independent is a bunch of liars doing a smear job on a Young Fabian guest. The Speccie is right. Sean O'Callaghan is a decent man and a brave one.


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