Israel Shahak  1933 - 2001 RIP

He made it from Warsaw, through it Belsen, Palestine and  the Jewish army to become a professor of chemistry then finally a political agitator who took a strongly anti-racist, anti-Zionist line; he was especially opposed to the persecution carried out by his co-religionists. A Google search throws up several thousand references to him. The last one on this page is hostile. Given that he may well have been in concentration camps for the duration of the Second World War it seems that they were survivable, even if they were not much fun. This is not what the rogues marketing The Holocaust® Industry want us to believe.

Jewish History, Jewish Religion - The Weight Of 3,000 Years
Is the book by our good professor is on line as a .pdf. It is also at Jewish History, Jewish Religion


Israel Shahak ex Wiki
The Wikipedia choses to tell us at length that Professor Shahak was a liar. I choose to believe that the Wiki is doing the lying.


Israel Shahak Quoted
You cannot have humane Zionism, it is a contradiction in terms. "An Interview with Israel Shahak" in Journal of Palestine Studies Vol. IV, No. 3 (1975), p. 3.


A barebones biography of the man
The basic facts and links to some of his output. It says that he was in Poniatowo rather than Belsen.


Jewish Fundamentalism in Israel
An insider tells it like it is. Pretty it is not.


Israel Shahak RIP 1933 - 2001
A tribute from Christopher Hitchens, a left wing Jew.


Professor Israel Shahak on Jewish "Religion"
A review of his major book on the Jews and their influences. They think that we are too stupid to work it out. Let's hope that they are wrong.


Jewish History Jewish Religion
Is Professor Shahak's most important book. Some very revealing extracts are given here. It is not surprising that they don't want one of their own telling the very ugly truth about them. He said:-

From the ethical point of view, classical Judaism represents a process of degeneration, which is still going on; and this degeneration into a tribal collection of empty rituals and magic superstitions has very important social and political consequences. For it must be remembered that it is precisely the superstitions of classical Judaism which have the greatest hold on the Jewish masses ....


With Israel Shahak’s Death, A Prophetic Voice Is Stilled
The author knew the professor and worked on some of his published offerings. He says:-
While American newspapers, both Jewish and general, completely ignored the death of Israel Shahak, a July 6 obituary in The Guardian of London by Elfi Pallis notes that, “Shortly after the 1967 six-day war, he [Shahak] concluded from observation that Israel was not yet a democracy; it was treating the newly occupied Palestinians with shocking brutality. For the next three decades, he spent all his spare time on attempts to change this. He contributed to various small…papers, but when this proved to have little impact, he decided to alert journalists, academics and human rights campaigners abroad. From his small, bare West Jerusalem flat poured forth reports with titles such as ‘Torture in Israel,’ and ‘Collective Punishment in the West Bank.’ Based exclusively on mainstream Israeli sources, all were painstakingly translated into English.
A dead man's deeds live after him.


Jews Claim They Can Out Think God - So Does The Pope [ 4 July 2016 ]
"My children have defeated me"
(God, according to Babylonian Talmud, Bava Mezia 59b)
Pope Francis recently offered another sign of his adherence to Orthodox Judaism with his comment that he has the audacity to rebuke Jesus and has done so throughout his life, even as Pope: [ see ]
What Francis refers to here is the essential rabbinic tradition, 'audacity towards heaven' (chutzpah kelapei shemaya), meaning to rebuke, or even put God on trial.
Israel Shahak made the same point about Jews. He also said that God must be stupid if they get away with it.


Werner Cohn
Contra. Mr. Cohn [ a misspelling of Cohen, one used to conceal the truth - Editor ] informs us that Professor Shahak lied extensively about Jewish operations. I do not find him plausible.


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