The Right to Keep and Bear Arms is often shortened to RKBA. It is the Second Amendment to the American Constitution with reason. Only the right to free speech rates higher with the  First Amendment. The right to bear arms is the right to be free.

Here are sources. Read for yourself. Think for yourself decide for yourself.

Self Defence In America
Is a report on statistical investigation of the number of Defensive Gun Uses per annum. It is carefully written, reads as honest & reports a minimum of armed 640,000 encounters every year. Further that less than 3,000 perpetrators are killed, which is disappointing.


Private And Public Law Enforcement In Shooting Attacks
Is a look at the numbers of attacks, of kills, how many criminals were defeated etcetera. Concealed carry is the answer.


Sullivan Act
The Sullivan Act of 1911 required licencing in New York because Sullivan, a major criminal and politician was helping his voters rob outsiders.


Armed Citizen
He is there when it matters; the policeman turns up later, maybe. Waiting for him can take the rest of your life.


Armed Citizen And Politics
Yes, armed citizens are political, very political. They can protect themselves against criminals AND corrupt politicians. The latter is the real reason for banning guns.


Blackwell Report
Blackwell was the civil servant who recommended disarming Englishmen in the aftermath of the First World War. He makes little attempt to justify this oppression, saying merely a few policemen had been killed. He succeeded. The Firearms Bill 1919 became the Firearms Act 1920. It has been downhill ever since. More on this at Ernley Blackwell - Wikipedia, the free encyclopaedia. The whole thing was done secretly. The government claimed that they were acting against crime. They lied to us, knowingly, deliberately. The lies are in Hansard. The truth is in the Public Records Office.
PS See also:-
A Survey of Revolutionary Movements in Great Britain. CAB 24/118
A Monthly Review of Revolutionary Movements in Britain.. CAB 24/128
It is requested that this document may be treated as highly confidential
Date: 1921
Monthly Review of Revolutionary Movements in Britain... CAB 24/111


Gun Control Fails Again
Bad cases make bad law. This is very much a case in point. One crime was used an excuse by power crazed politicians.


Guns Save Lives
They are there when it matters. The police turn up later, if ever.


Firearms Act 1920
Bad cases make bad law. This was bad law. Its successors are even worse.


Blackstone's Commentaries Live On
5. THE fifth and laft auxiliary right of the fubject, that I fhall at prefent mention, is that of having arms for their defence, fuitable to their condition and degree, and fuch as are allowed by law. Which is alfo declared by the fame ftatute 1 W. & M. ft. 2. c. 2. and is indeed a public allowance, under due reftrictions, of the natural right of refiftance and felf-prefervation, when the fanctions of fociety and laws are found infufficient to reftrain the violence of oppreffion.
The Wiki explains all in Commentaries on the Laws of England by Sir William Blackstone


Concealed Carry In The United States
Concealed carry seems to be regarded as a bigger deal than the RKBA but the situation is improving. The Wiki reads as fair on this one. It does happen from time to time. A felony conviction triggers a life time ban on possession which I suspect is an abuse of the Constitution.


Quotes Regarding The RKBA
"That rifle on the wall of the labourer's cottage or working class flat is the symbol of democracy. It is our job to see that it stays there." - George Orwell
There are more and better there.


Second Amendment Confirmed By Supremes
The Right to Keep and Bear Arms is the Right to be Free. The Supreme Court has confirmed the point but only 5 to 4.


Second Amendment Means Freedom
Robert Henderson looks at the issue. He tells us that the enemies of the Second Amendment are lying because they are unjustified. He takes their claims apart and shows their absurdities.





What happens after gun control
Politicians disarm people then murder them. Simple, isn't it? Sometimes they just rob them blind. That is how it went in England.


Tom Wintringham
Was an honest Englishman, a revolutionary who wanted citizens to be armed against the enemy within as well as the enemy without. He wrote New Ways of War which is NOT available from Amazon. Governments do NOT like democracy.


Iver Johnson - Supplier Of Fine Firearms

I am not sure this advert was a good idea even at the time. Catch them young makes sense but not quite so early with weapons.