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The Royal Navy has served us well over the centuries. Being an island nation of traders meant that we had to be seamen and a navy was necessary. Blockading France during the Napoleonic wars paid off. So did blockading Germany during two world wars. But now the RN is being dismantled. It was once the greatest navy and now it on its way to being non-existent. The Tories are guilty. If they had had their way we would not have been able to defend the Falklands against the Argies. But now matters are worse. Her Majesty's Government has been taken over by disciples of Marx. They are committed not merely to destroying our armed forces but to destroying England.

Perhaps there is a case for a smaller navy. Defending maritime trade is the major justification and the world is relatively peaceful. Aircraft Carriers are useful for force projection but shocking expensive. But control the purse strings and control the navy. Simple isn't it? Chatham naval dockyard was thriving once. It turned out well trained apprentices once. Now it is dead. Portland is gone or going. Portsmouth is much reduced. We cannot even defend our own fisheries from foreigners due to Heath's treason in giving them to Europeans to rape and raped they have been. Heath was a good enough politician to know how to use post dated cheques. So is Brown. Chickens will come home to roost after he is out of politics and the money is wasted.

Join the navy today? I wouldn't want a son of mine anywhere near it. Update:- In fact it is even worse. Lewis Page, late of the Royal Navy explains in his book. See:-
Lions, Donkeys and Dinosaurs

By Lewis Page is a first rate book and strategic review. He tells us that the men are over worked and under paid while hundreds of very senior officers do little or nothing except demand more expensive and useless toys for their old regiments.

Stands for the Royal Navy


Spin and silence at the end of the special relationship  [ 3 December 2005 ]
We used to be told about our special relationship with America. Perhaps it didn't mean too much but now it means a whole lot less. Blair is buying inferior European kit at humungous prices which is incompatible with American systems. Americans are restricting our access to their research because they think it will be passed on to Europe. Meanwhile the Jews get access. Theirs is a very special relationship; that of blackmailer and the blackmailed.

This stands for all three services. We need them all.


Royal Navy Has A Robot Spy Boat   [ 6 September 2016 ]
A drone speedboat that could pave the way for a Royal Navy robot fleet of high-speed reconnaissance and surveillance vessels has been unveiled by defence scientists. The 34ft boat can skim across the waves at more than 50kts to track high speed targets, while navigating and dodging other ships without the control of a human...........

The dawn of unmanned vehicles is likely to have the same revolutionary effect on naval warfare as the birth of flight and aircraft carriers, according to the navy’s Fleet Robotics Officer.
They might be important. They will be fun but will they be useful? Helicopters can do a lot of surveillance and faster.


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