Odd Facts

This aircraft was brand new, had never flown then it was pranged by a mixture of Arab aircrew and dodgy interlocks coming from bad design. Running the engines up on the test stand made sense until the flight computer decided that it was being set up to take off with the wrong flap settings and so on. The warning sound also made sense but a pilot turned it off so the computer decided that it was landing and took the brakes off. With engines at full throttle it rammed the barrier and wrote itself off a at cost of several million. But the Arabs have plenty of oil in the ground to buy more with.

http://www.cheatseekingmissiles.com/2009/03/28/the-politically-correct-airplane-crash/ tells us more, lots more. It seems that the Arabs were more observers than participants. Airbus wallahs fouled up big time. Writing off $200 megabucks is not something to do lightly.

Tank Hit
A guided missile attacks a tank. The result is not pretty. The crew's chances of getting out are zilch; it all happens much too fast.


The Victory Sank In Foul Weather - England's Worst Naval Disaster Explained
Bad design, bad timber & doubtless corruption are the reasons. Given the cover-up, the corruption aspect is a given. Some things don't change.
PS More and better details at www.victory1744.org


The World Without Fossil Fuel
It would be different; harder too.


Flash Floods
They don't happen that often. Getting caught by one is not a good idea.


The Straight Dope - http://www.straightdope.com/
You don't know? Why wonder when you can ask Cecil, the man who knows everything?


Coldest City
Cold means seriously cold. You can die there.


African Infantryman Of The Year
African Infantryman of the Year
I know we have seen some before but I was made aware of these amusing contenders.
What can I add to this comedian?

The rifle is all right; so is the phone. It is just the rest.
PS More at:-


They can be fun. They can be political.


Ancient Wisdom
Is highly valuable. We have lost out in a big way by not remembering it. It sounds plausible but ask why it was forgotten in the first place. Then ask who resurrected these stories and whence. It is not always an excuse for making up stories for credulous mug punters. It needs a calm look before being taken seriously.


Art From A Pessimist - This Artwork Is Probably The Most Accurate (And Scary) Portrayal Of Modern Life We’ve Ever Seen

Phone Slaves


Beer In England
Some self-righteous rogue wants to stop us drinking. This piece was nearly put under Social Engineering.


Big Holes
Enormous holes might be a better title, but see for yourself and make sure you don't fall in.


Black invention myths
Are wishful thinking from men who know nothing about science and care less but do have a political agenda.


Britain's Secret Support For US Aggression In The Vietnam War
Some was known. Thompson was an expert on guerilla operations and advised them. This source does not approve of British [ minimal or non-existent ] brutality in Malaya. He seems to it think  happened. The SAS were in Vietnam although not in great strength, I think. Heath, a left wing swine was for it. It wasn't really very secret though - see Richard Noone, Expedition to Vietnam to buy the book.


Brazilia's biggest breasts to appear in horror films

They turned up in Pravda so they must be real. Sadly though Woman With World's Largest Breasts Fighting for Her Life - her surgeon fouled up on hygiene or whatever.


The Catacombs of Paris
The Catacombs of Paris is [ sic ] a famous burial place in Paris, France. It is a network of subterranean tunnels and rooms located in what were Roman-era limestone quarries. The quarries were converted into a mass tomb near the end of the 18th century. It is most widely known as "the catacombs", but the official title is "les carrières de Paris" or "the quarries of Paris." Though the official tour only passes through the quarries in the 14th arrondissement, there are actually quarries in the 5th, 6th, 12th, 13th, 14th, 15th, and 16th arrondissements (the municipal boroughs of Paris).
They had their own very private, nay, secret picture palace.


Is it a medical issue or a sociological issue? Jews do it which makes it religious peculiarity. Does that make it desirable? Not a chance.


That is Cracked as in Crazy. It is certainly odd and often interesting.


Crocodile Pictures
See crocodiles doing what crocodiles do sometimes. One came unstuck big time.


C Squadron Man Nicked For Taking Peregrine Falcon Eggs
An ex-soldier tried to smuggle 14 endangered peregrine falcon eggs worth £70,000 to a wealthy Arab in Dubai by hiding them in socks taped to his chest. Jeffrey Lendrum, 48, a former member of the Rhodesian SAS [ C Squadron ], strapped the individually wrapped eggs to his chest using bandages to incubate them during the flight...... In reality, Lendrum, who has two previous convictions for dealing in and possessing protected bird eggs, had used his military training to scale and abseil off cliff tops in Rhondda, south Wales, to retrieve the valuable eggs from the endangered species. Yesterday, the daredevil Zimbabwean businessman was jailed for 30 months after he pleaded guilty to one count of trying to export the eggs and another of illegally stealing them from a nest on the side of a mountain. The eggs, worth £70,000 on the black market in Dubai where falconry is a national sport, were still alive when they were seized by officers on May 3 this year........ Lendrum had previously been fined £500 with a further £500 costs in 1986 after he supplied six eagle eggs to a dealer in Stafford, Staffs. In 2002 he was also fined $7,500 Canadian dollars (£4,660) after he was caught with seven peregrine and gyr falcon eggs.
C Squadron had some first class men when it was based in Salisbury, Rhodesia. It is a pity that they lost.


Darwin Awards
Are about stupidity and survival. They can become opposites. Stupidity is not an all black phenomenon but they do get awards.


Droit du Seigneur
Find out  the truth behind the rumour.


English Scenes
Are rather good.


Some terms are obscure. Some should remain that way. See what you think.


Great Shooter
Is the title. He wouldn't have done in the US Marine Corps. He wouldn't have sorted Kennedy out either.


Henry Root
The hoaxer extraordinaire.


Some are fun. Others make serious and useful points about chancers on the make or whatever.


Japan admits dissecting WWII POWs
They are not nice people and it was Americans that they murdered thus.


Meta Rules
Are rules about making rules and quite sensible.


Michael Gaughan, Irish Hunger Striker
Michael Gaughan (5 October 1949 – 3 June 1974 was a Provisional Irish Republican Army (IRA) hunger striker who died in 1974 in Parkhurst Prison on the Isle of Wight, England........

Gaughan's body was initially removed from London and on Friday, 7 June, and on Saturday, 8 June 1974, over 3,000 mourners lined the streets of Kilburn and marched behind his coffin, which was flanked by an IRA honour guard, to a requiem mass held in the Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus in Kilburn......

On Saturday, his body was transported to Dublin, where again it was met by mourners and another IRA guard of honour who brought it to the Adam and Eve's Franciscan church on Merchant's Quay, where thousands filed past as it lay in state. The following day, his body was removed to Ballina, County Mayo. The funeral mass took place on 9 June, at St. Muredach's Cathedral, Ballina, and the procession then led to Leigue Cemetery, Ballina. Gaughan was given a full republican burial and was laid to rest in the Republican plot, where Frank Stagg would also join him after being reburied in November 1976. His funeral was attended by over 50,000 people and was larger than the funeral of former Irish president Éamon de Valera.........

His coffin was draped in the same Tricolour that was used for Terence McSwiney's funeral 54 years earlier, the same flag would later be used in the funeral of James McDade who was a IRA member killed in a premature explosion in Coventry..
It was all about nationalism. The Irish want to run the place. The Irish do run it. The Irish made a pig's ear of it. Their problem, not ours.


Murphy's Law
Was devised by Captain Murphy when things went wrong. He was a pilot who went into air safety and not amused by cheerful re-statements of his rule.


Sometimes a remark is worth remembering. Here are some that might help you understand life better.


Russian Driving Is Seriously Bad


Serial Litigants
When someone sues you it is worth knowing if it is a habit. Various chancers make money this way. Some of them are major nuisances.


Shangri La
Is a mythical Paradise in the area of Tibet. It comes from a book by James Hilton.


It can be dealt with.


Tech Tips
Computer problems? Join the club then go to the experts.


The Top Ten Places You Can't Go
One or two are obvious. Others are surprising. They don't mention the Archbishop of Canterbury's secret library in Lambeth Palace but there are some bonus extras.


World Clock
It tells us everything. The world's population NOW is just one example.


ZYKLON B and chlorine were invented by Fritz Haber, a Jew
Industrial chemistry was big in Germany and some of the talent was Jewish. Zyklon B which translates into English as Cyclone B was an industrial poison used for delousing in a time when fewer people had access to first class hygiene. Albeit this source skates over the Zyklon B but tells us that he did invent poison gas. His wife was so impressed that she topped herself. The point about Fritz Haber is rather amusingly confirmed by the Wikipedia, a Jewish propaganda operation.
PS Zyklon B is still available but under a different name. Don't make jokes when you buy it.
PPS It seems that he oversaw the development of the cyanide gas formulation Zyklon B, which was used as an insecticide, especially as a fumigant in grain stores.


Ancient Wisdom
We are told from time to time that the ancients knew wonderful things, that they were so much better. Then we are fed the stories. Macaulay knew primitives in India. He was fed the same stories. He saw that they were blatant rubbish. He said so. Here is Sean Gabb's take on Macaulay and Indians of the Seventeenth(?) Century.

India never knew the really lunatic parasitism shown in Mel Gibson’s film Apocalypto. But it was, before the English conquest, similar in many respects to our own ancient world. These similarities, though, extended only to the evils of antiquity. India had no equivalent of those arts and sciences that redeem the ancients and that have made the study of their civilisation so enduringly profitable. When, in the 1830s, he looked at what sort of popular education the East India Company should encourage, Macaulay saw no alternative to an entirely English curriculum. He was advised that the vernacular languages were, as they then stood, deficient as vehicles of instruction. He was willing to accept that the classical languages of Arabic and Sanscrit might be respectable in themselves, but had nothing but contempt for the “wisdom” their literatures offered to the Indian mind. This “wisdom” was made up of

“medical doctrines which would disgrace an English farrier, astronomy which would move laughter in girls at an English boarding school, history abounding with kings thirty feet high and reigns thirty thousand years long, and geography made of seas of treacle and seas of butter. ”

It would be far better, he said, to let the Indians learn English and become as English in their thinking and outlook as their circumstances allowed. And, so far as circumstances allowed, it was English and English ways that, during the century that followed, were given to the Indians. They were given English science and administration. They were given a rational and human penal code based on English principles. They got due process of law and trial by jury and freedom of religion and the press. Slavery and sacrificial murder were put down. 

Doctor Gabb's complete essay is In Defence of the British Empire and worth what dhobi wallahs might call a shufti.


Coldest City
Yakutsk, the Coldest City is in Russia is the most seriously cold city in the world. It exists for the diamond mines. Being near Kolyma, one of the Gulags is not just coincidence

From http://www.theguardian.com/world/gallery/2014/jan/22/coldest-city-in-the-world-in-pictures?index=1








Didgeridoo Playing Cures Snoring  [ 15 September  2017 ]
They're known as some of the strangest awards among the scientific community, and last night's Ig Nobels certainly lived up to their expectations..................

Winners this year included the scientists who discovered that old men really do have big ears, that playing the didgeridoo helps relieve sleep snoring and that handling crocodiles can influence gambling decisions.

Dr Heathcote, whose study on ear size was published in the prestigious British Medical Journal in 1995, was inspired when he and several other general practitioners were discussing how they could do more research.........

Women's ears grow with age, too, but their ears are smaller to start with, and men's big ears may be more noticeable because they tend to have less hair, he found.

The 27th annual awards were announced last night at Harvard University in Boston.

The ceremony featured a traditional barrage of paper airplanes, a world premiere opera and real Nobel laureates handing out the 10 prizes.

Dr James Heathcote a GP from Kent, who won the IG Nobel for his big-ear research, said: 'It's a strange honor to have, but I am thrilled.'  This year's winners - who each received $10 trillion cash prizes in virtually worthless Zimbabwean money - also included scientists who used fluid dynamics to determine whether cats are solid or liquid; researchers who tried to figure out why some people are disgusted by cheese; and psychologists who found that many identical twins cannot tell themselves apart.
The Ig Nobel Prizes are fun; they also make much better sense than some of the "real" Nobel Prizes granted by Politically Correct, self righteous fools to third rate chancers.


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