Is a political issue. It is not really our business. We don't live there and how the inmates get on is fundamentally their business not ours but somehow it seems that it matters. Of course there are problems and they are being exported. And we do have an interest in trading with them so we do have an interest in moderately efficient management.

The real problem that we have is with political manipulators and their promotion of Western Guilt, the idea that we are to blame for Africa's problems.  It is all part of their approach to destroying Western Civilization from the top down; it was advocated by Antonio Gramsci, the chief theoretician of the Italian communist party  and his followers. It is part of their Long March Through The Institutions. They were the ones who told us that Nelson Mandela was a living saint and should be out of prison. He got out of prison. What has he done to Africa? What has he done to Africans? The left are not saying too much about that but they are blaming us for his works. It is all part of Africanization. Jews set it up to destroy. They succeeded brilliantly.

There are problems in other countries too. Here is something on them. Read for yourself. Think for yourself. Decide for yourself.

Scramble For Africa
Is the propaganda term for Colonization. It benefitted blacks in Africa. Of course they are not grateful. The Puppet Masters made sure of that. Millions have died as  result.


Black Magic
Yes it is out there. Yes, they are importing it to England but we must forgive them because they are too stupid to know any better black.


African Infantryman Of The Year
African Infantryman of the Year
I know we have seen some before but I was made aware of these amusing contenders.
What can I add to this comedian?

The rifle is all right. It is just the rest.
PS More at:-


Is the American military force for Africa. Do Africans want it? No! That is why it is based in Stuttgart, the one in Germany. Africans have got it none the less. What is it going to do to Africa, for Africa? Steal oil, invade, spy, get in the way, what ever.


AIDS in Africa
Ex Africa semper aliquid nova as Pliny said; Out of Africa there is always something new. AIDS is just that. It was probably transmitted from monkeys to blacks, thence whores and homosexuals. The major disease vector today is the Boeing 747 with the potential for 400 disease carriers with each and every movement.


America In Africa
America meddles in Africa. Why? Stealing oil perhaps. Do they understand what they are doing? Let's not be simple minded about this.


Blood Diamonds
Diamonds and Jews, money and Jews, trouble and Jews. It goes on and on.


West Africa, post colonialism is going downhill swiftly and deeply. This article is from someone who has passed that way. Read it and shudder at the thought of being involved. When white men ran the place it was getting better or at least civilized. Now it is reverting to its natural state - run by blacks with the active assistance of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse


Conflict Diamonds
Diamonds and Jews, money and Jews, trouble and Jews. It goes on and on.


There is a war going on there. Something must be done. Invade and steal the oil? Sounds good to me.
PS That was then. This is now. The test rigs found nothing, didn't they?


Equatorial Guinea
Is in West Africa and run with an incompetence never less than gross. Ditto for the corruption and viciousness. The lunacy? Don't ask. But they have got oil which matters.


Jews In Africa
This includes South Africa of course.


Kenya, Corruption and Moi - L'État, c'est Moi
The breathtaking extent of corruption perpetrated by the family of the former Kenyan leader Daniel Arap Moi is revealed in a secret report which lays bare a web of shell companies, secret trusts and front men used to steal over two billion dollars worth of state money.......

The sums are comparable in magnitude to the looting of infamous Kleptocrats such as Mobutu (Zaire), Marcos (Philippines), Abacha (Nigeria), Suharto (Indonesia) and Fujimori (Peru). The leaked material is extremely politically sensitive. Ex-President Moi has become a key player in political life in Kenya, and is now [ September 2007 - Editor ] an essential pillar in President Kibaki's campaign for re-election in December 2007.
L'État, c'est moi - I am the State tells about the attitude of Moi as well Louis XVI. The latter robbed France blind. Is the BBC telling you about this one? Not when blacks are it, is the attitude. Notice that the Wiki does not mention the thieving of the Oligarchs in Russia but then they are Jews.

Have you been to Liberia? The basic answer is DO NOT! Hell on earth, bad by Third World standards. It really is not nice. Cannibalism? Got it. Black Magic? Is there any other sort. AIDS? They invented it. Malaria is rife. Kalashnikovs too. Then there is the filth, bad roads, bad everything. Prostitutes come cheap at less than a dollar a time, full of disease. Would you? Should you? Only if you are drunk, mad or suicidal.
PS Multiculturalism is wonderful - allegedly.
PPS Did the BBC tell you about this? Why not? They are Marxist traitors.


Politics In Africa
Are good [ occasionally ], bad, indifferent or dreadful.


Racism in Africa
Racism is the great evil of our times - according to the people that run the propaganda machine in England and America but only when it is Englishmen or Americans. Blacks are never racist or are they? Try looking at the truth rather than the Propaganda.

South Africa is a great country spoilt only by the people that live there. One such is or was Mark Thatcher, son of a very wonderful Prime Minister and known unkindly as the Mark of the Beast

The Scottish Council of Jewish Communities called on the Church to withdraw the document from the forthcoming General Assembly, saying: “It reads like an Inquisition-era polemic against Jews and Judaism. It is biased, weak on sources, and contradictory. The arrogance of telling the Jewish people how to interpret Jewish texts and Jewish theology is breathtaking.”........

Under Israeli occupation similar atrocities are committed every day against Christians and their Muslim brothers and sisters. Churches everywhere should have no truck with the apologists and fanatical religious supporters of a racist regime that has no shred of human decency.
The Israeli ambassador is lying in his teeth. He is a front man for very nasty bunch of criminals. He makes it clear that the Nazis are nicer people.


Swaziland Witches Banned From High Flying [ 14 May 2013 ]
MANZINI – Hunter Shongwe, the controversial private investigator, faces fines of up to E500 000 for allegedly flying a remote controlled aircraft with a camera without authorisation from the Civil Aviation Authority.

Shongwe faces five charges, four of which are directly related to his spy plane. The small aircraft that cost him E20 000 was one of the PI’s many investigation tools.
One of his main charges was based on Section 59 of the Civil Aviation Authority Act of 2009 in that, without a licence and authorisation, he operated the spy aircraft in April 2012.......

Civil Aviation Authority’s Marketing and Corporate Affairs Director Sabelo Dlamini said toys flying above 150 metres high will definitely be taken to task. “Anything, even a kite, or witch on a broomstick should not fly above this limit,” he said.
Swaziland has principled rulers who believe that the law applies to witches, to politicians, to honest men. It is utterly unlike Her Majesty's Government.


Weekly South African Report
Zimbabwe: Mugabe's Militia attack a White owned Farm & displace 60 Black Families
03-May-2008: Zanu PF MP ordered attack on Nyamandlovu farm, displacing 60 families The Zimbabwean Friday, 02 May 2008 06:00 We have received confirmation that the group of over 200 ZANU-PF thugs that de...
Click here to read the rest.
It is bad and getting worse. That is what the main stream media are not telling you. They are crooks with an agenda.


Whites Rush To Leave South Africa In 2008
You know you are on a fast downward spiral when the word of a drunk is taken over that of a doctor.....just because he is white. We met a person who works in a company dealing with SA race relations with government, NGO's etc. etc. - he is packing his bags and getting the hell out of here. Just another person re-affirming our suspicions. Maybe we're not that paranoid, racist whitey crazy after all.
South Africa

Things get worse and people go. Do the Main Stream Media bother to tell us about the carnage or even the boring bits about things falling apart because the blacks don't look after them? Not a chance.


Was not a bad country until Mugabe took over. Since then it has been down hill all the way. It is the same with any country run by blacks.


The Plague Fighters  [ 25 April 2007 ]
HIV, Ebola, SARS — any of the world's most horrifying diseases are caused by animal viruses that made the jump to humans. Now a UCLA scientist thinks he can stop the next pandemic before it even starts.
It makes a lot of sense. Ex Africa aliquid semper nova and nasty - Out of Africa comes ever something new and nasty.


Some sources of truth about Africa and its movement back to the Stone Age.


How To Win An African Election [ 8 January 2017 ]
THERE are a number of ways to win an African election. The simplest, obviously, is to win the most votes, but this is sometimes hard to achieve, especially if you have been the president for a long time and people are getting fed up with your rule.

If your country’s constitution only allows two terms as president, then your first task is to change it, as half a dozen African leaders have already done (Namibia, Rwanda, Uganda, etc.). Now you can run again – but you still have to win the election.

You might just stuff the ballot boxes and have the army shoot anybody who objects, but this approach has high potential costs. Killing protesters will damage your international reputation, and may even lead to sanctions and freezes on your secret assets abroad. The African Union or Ecowas (the Economic Community of West African States) may also take you to task, or even send troops if you kill too many people.

It’s better to make it look like you really won the election. Fiddling with voter registration can exclude lots of opposition voters, and turning off the internet on election day makes it hard for the opposition’s election monitors to keep track of the count.

But if the votes are being counted in public and the numbers are going against you, then you have to stop the count until you can fix it. Standard practice in this case is to claim technical difficulties until you have time to massage the vote.

This was President Ali Bongo’s solution in Gabon’s election last August.  He was clearly losing the count, but the results from the distant province of Haut-Ogooue (Bongo’s home province) were mysteriously delayed.

The opposition leaders weren’t worried, because to change the outcome almost every living person in Haut-Ogooue (and a few of the recently dead) would have had to vote for Bongo. But then the results arrived: 99.93 percent of the province’s population had allegedly turned out to vote, and 95 percent of them had allegedly voted for Bongo. So he “won” another term as president by 5,594 votes.

People in Haut-Ogooue may be remarkably healthy and civic-minded, but you NEVER get a 99 percent turnout in an election. (The turnout in Gabon’s other provinces was between 45 percent and 71 percent.)

It was a transparent and shameless fraud, but fewer than a dozen people were killed in the subsequent protests, so Ali Bongo is starting another seven-year term as president. Not bad for a kid who started out as the humble son of Omar Bongo, president of Gabon from 1967 until his death in 2009.

President Joseph Kabila of the Democratic Republic of Congo should have used the same tactics to get re-elected. DR Congo’s constitution imposes a two-term limit, and he had already served two seven-year terms since his father, President Laurent Kabila, was assassinated in 2001, but for whatever reason, he didn’t change the constitution in time.

Instead, Kabila ended up facing an election in November 2016 in which he was not legally allowed to run. To win more time, he announced that the election could not be held on time for “logistical and financial reasons,” and that he would therefore stay on as “transitional president” until 2018.

It’s ridiculous. In the seven years since the last election, Kabila couldn’t find the time and money to organise the next one? The only possible conclusion is that he is either completely incompetent or a bare-faced liar. (In fact, he’s both.)

And since DR Congo is big enough (70 million people compared to Gabon’s 1.6 million) to contain lots of tough, clever politicians with their own strong regional bases, Kabila is not getting away with it.

The powerful Catholic church has stepped in to act as mediator, and Archbishop Marcel Utembi has just persuaded government ministers and opposition leaders to sign a document promising to hold the election this year. In the meantime, an opposition politician will serve as Kabila’s prime minister.

Kabila has not yet signed the document himself, but the agreement also says that he must not try to end term limits. It looks like he will have to retire – in which case DR Congo will see its first peaceful transfer of power since independence in 1960.

It’s easy to be cynical about democracy in Africa, but there is as much good news as bad. Last month Ghana’s sitting president lost an election and tamely handed power over to the winner. In 2015 the same thing happened in Nigeria, Africa’s biggest country. The glass is not empty. It is half-full.
Gwynne Dyer is very much on the right lines but he does not mention that another black [ out of a white Marxist slut ] got to be be president of America by fraud & using a Forged Birth Certificate. Jews wanted him. Jews got him. Cheating is how they do things.


Black Racist Thugs Murder Black From Wrong Tribe In The Central African Republic [ 6 February 2014 ]

Could this be murder? Could this be fun? Ask a black, he will know. NB the Daily Mail makes no mention of Racism while the Guardian pretends it never happened. Only Englishmen can be racist according to the propaganda machines which are Main Stream Media.


Blacks Steal $60 Billion & Keep Africa Poor [ 13 May 2014 ]
More than $60bn (Ł36bn) has been illegally siphoned out of Uganda, Ghana, Mozambique, Kenya and Tanzania over 10 years, with most of it squirrelled away in tax havens, according to a report by financial transparency campaigners.

Washington-based group Global Financial Integrity (GFI) said the "enormous amounts of money" drained out of the countries equates to more than double the international aid money they receive and is stymieing efforts to lift millions of people out of poverty.
Foreign aid moves money from the poor in rich countries to the rich in poor countries. Well meaning Socialists think aid helps. They are normally wrong. it gets stolen. Free trade works better because it means locals have to earn money, in some cases by honest work.


Africa Will Be Given $57 Billion Aid By The World Bank   [ 20 September  2017 ]
It will then be stolen or wasted because Africans are stupid and corrupt. They have already had trillions, as a result of Altruism, by the well meaning who believed the stories about Western Guilt. Now blacks will carry on proving that it is money down the drain & Pathological Altruism to boot. You doubt it? Then see e.g. Police Kill Black Cannibal As He Was Eating A Woman.


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