Facebook Fraud

This story about two Americans stitched up by a Jew is true. The film version carries the underlying message that it is all right for a Jew to cheat people but not other Jews. This pretty much sums up 3,000 years of history.


Facebook Fraud In Advertising
They got it by fraud. They run it with fraud.


Your Preferences
Facebook collects data about you then sells it to advertisers. Is it accurate, complete, none of their £$$%%%% business? Read for yourself. Think for yourself. Decide for yourself.
PS A better source is in the Washington Post at 98 personal data points that Facebook uses to target ads to you


Facebook, Fraud And Jew
The basic idea of Facebook, creating a simple and exclusive alternative to MySpace, isn’t Jewish. But the project was hijacked when the gullible Winklevoss twins entrusted Mark Zuckerberg and his accomplice, Eduardo Saverin, to help execute the project. (See also Kevin MacDonald’s review.) The movie adaptation of this true story is a fevered Jewish revenge fantasy against their hapless arch-enemies, the reviled WASP “insiders.” Both the book, by Ben Mezrich,  and the screenplay, by Aaron Sorkin,  wallow in defeating the earnest brothers, heaping these two iconic American Christians with humiliation after humiliation.

The Schadenfreude reaches hysterical proportions in this scene where they narrowly lose a rowing competition…

And what did these honest and trusting twins do to deserve this antipathy? Better yet, what did White America do to deserve this antipathy? How, when the President of Harvard himself is a powerful Jewish oligarch who laughed the twins out of his office, can Mezrich see himself, his people, or Zuckerberg as the sympathetic underdogs in this context? It’s simple: he’s Jewish and sympathizes with his own. To ask why he hates them is to make the same mistake the Winklevii made: grasping for a universal honor code in a tribal universe.

Mezrich explains why he hates them…

Mark and his friends were geeky, brilliant kids who had their faces pressed up against the glass,” explains Mezrich. “On the other side was the social scene they weren’t really a part of, and they created their own club, an exclusive, incredibly social place where they could be kings.

Hailing from a conservative Jewish family — his grandfather was a rabbi — Mezrich knows something about not fitting in at a prestigious university. Like Zuckerberg and Saverin, he attended Harvard, where he was a self-confessed “geeky kid”, and acknowledges that as a Jewish boy from Brooklyn who had not come from “a long line of people who had gone to Harvard”, there were opportunities that were not open to him.

“There are these groups where there is this old world aristocracy going on,” he says. “People like me — and Mark — couldn’t really be a part of that.”

This is essentially a more explicit and direct reproduction of the catharsis Jews have been working out in seemingly every high school and college movie they’re involved in: the big dumb jocks are humiliated by the social outcasts. The bad guys are tall, athletic, and Nordish. The heroes are mousy, bookish, and clumsy. Women are little more than sexual trophies to be won when the White Christian objects of their ressentiment are destroyed.

Throughout the movie, Zuckerberg is depicted as some sort of super-genius, though there’s nothing ingenious about Facebook. The market vacuum that Rupert Murdoch created when he drove MySpace into the ground was going to be filled by something. While Zuckerberg’s a smart guy, he gets way too much credit for his creation. Unlike Napster, Wikipedia, Friendster, or hypertext, there was nothing innovative about what Facebook did. To quote another famous Jewish technologist, “even a turkey can fly in a high wind.”

That technologist was Eugene Kleiner, one of the “Traitorous Eight” who turned on the inventor of the semiconductor and founder of Silicon Valley, Dr. William Shockley. As is frequently the case, the White American with the brilliant idea is stampeded over by managerial elites who know how to run a business and know better than to let a few honor codes get in the way of a good income statement. And what of Dr. Shockley? Busted and bitter, he gave up on technology and rededicated himself to applying his gifts and the scientific method to the betterment of humanity.
William Shockley, White American Hero
William Shockley, White American Hero
As we White Advocates know all too well, you can’t take the social sciences seriously without breaking the regnant taboos, and so he did. Predictably, the Nobel Laureate became a “scientific racist”, despised by our academic overlords. He was the most hated scientist in America, dying alone and in disgrace, having allegedly been reduced to “harangu[ing] strangers on the inadequacy of the Negro race.” The “racist” origins of the Information Age and Shockley’s immense contributions to understanding race and intelligence have been disappeared, lost in the multicult memory hole.

Kleiner and Zuckerberg may have made off with all the money and won some of the early battles, but the future belongs to us. With the power of the Internet, a teenager brought down their entire music industry. One determined hacker sent the international diplomatic community into a panic. The Hollywood machine is threatened by the plummeting costs of production and the gradual loss of their monopoly over the American mind. Their news monopoly has been reduced to bankruptcy, competing with amateur bloggers to break stories that they used to stuff down the memory hole. The Occidental Observer and other excellent sites are serving as beacons, bringing a growing number of White Americans together with the naked truth, conceiving a new social network that will dwarf MySpace, Facebook, and the one trying to drive us apart.
Jews and fraud go together as a matter of course. The fact that it was Facebook and two decent Americans being robbed means it was just another major stitch up. Remember that Madoff made off with $50 billion, that the Israeli Foreign Minister, Lieberman is a thief, that the Israeli Prime Minister is also a thief, the Israeli President is a rapist. You might see a pattern emerging here.


Cameron Winklevoss was one victim. Tyler Winklevoss. was the other.


Is there anything the Winklevoss twins can't do? - News, People ...
As multimillionaire identical twins with a $65m court settlement in their favour and the sort of physiques that allowed them to tower over Arnold Schwarzenegger in a recent photo, it was always going to be difficult for Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss to blend in seamlessly with their fellow students at Oxford University.

To give them their due, the 6ft 5in MBA students, whose statuesque prowess at rowing led to one newspaper in their native East Coast America dubbing them "testosterone titans", have dealt uncomplainingly with the travails of student life in Britain.

After failing to get a room in their college of choice, Christ Church, they sought out digs off the city's Iffley Road student ghetto only to find that the high turnover of occupants at the address meant the 28-year-old Harvard graduates failed a credit check when they tried to get iPhone contracts. They settled for pay-as-you-go phones instead.

But a very different world of Hollywood movies, A-list parties in Manhattan and high-powered lawsuits over claims that their idea for an Ivy League social networking website was stolen and turned into Facebook is never far away from the Winklevoss twins.

When combined with the fact that they were this week unveiled as the transatlantic core of the Oxford crew in the university Boat Race next month – to go alongside their appearance at the 2008 Beijing Olympics – questions are being asked as to whether these lantern-jawed scions of Greenwich, Connecticut (sometime home of the Bush dynasty), are among the most extravagantly over-achieving individuals ever to walk among the dreaming spires.

After all, there cannot be many scholars of global commerce in Oxford's Saïd Business School who know they will be featuring in one of Paramount Pictures' autumn blockbusters, The Social Network, about the creation of the Facebook phenomenon. Produced by Kevin Spacey and written by Aaron Sorkin, creator of The West Wing, the film features Armie Hammer, an up-and-coming Hollywood star, playing both twins with the help of some Parent Trap-style technology.

The brothers, who rise at 6.30am each day to cram in 12 weekly training sessions at the Boat Club alongside 20 hours of lectures, were yesterday eager to play down the Hollywood razzmatazz and their ongoing legal dust-up over what they insist was their pivotal role in the genesis of the $5bn website that is rapidly heading towards 500 million users. The brothers' own networking website, ConnectU, mustered just 70,000 subscribers.

Tyler said that while he and his twin accept the wider interest in the Facebook tale, they are concentrating their energies on helping Oxford win a third straight Boat Race as part of a team that includes three Olympians. With suitable deference to the 20-minute battle of oarsmanship played out on the Thames, Tyler said: "[The Facebook saga] is one part of who we are and it's also minor to the task at hand. At the end of the day, we're students trying to row for the Blue Boat."

As twice American national champions, Harvard blues and sixth-placed finalists in the men's pair at Beijing, it would be difficult to underplay the importance of rowing to the Winklevosses. Certainly they pursue their chosen sport with all the purist zeal of Spartan warriors in ancient Greece – and make no secret of it.

Speaking to the Boston Globe, Cameron said: "One of the cool things about amateur athletics is that I think the pursuit is sort of the pursuit of excellence for nothing more than trying to be excellent... We're getting a lot out of it, but it's not like an NBA championship, or something like that. We're trying to be good at something for the sake of being good."

With a reported $20m (£13.4m) in cash and another $45m in Facebook shares set to be parceled out between the brothers and another Harvard contemporary as the result of an out-of-court settlement reached with the web giant, it is likely that the Winklevosses can afford the luxury of such dedication to lung-busting exercise when many of their peers will be focused on the more mundane task of eking out their student loans at Lidl.

The brothers are reluctant to discuss the result of their four-year legal battle with Facebook and its founder, Mark Zuckerberg, because of an ongoing dispute about the value of the stock options and a counter-claim from a Harvard contemporary for a share of the settlement.

The Winklevosses claimed that they had been working since 2002 on a website to link students at the 50 universities and colleges in the Boston area and hired fellow Harvard undergraduate Zuckerberg to write computer code for the venture in November 2003 after hearing that he was an adept programmer.

When Zuckerberg launched Facebook in February 2004, the twins cried foul and attempted to have the venture shut down – starting a legal battle which endured while the rival networking site became a vast success and their own venture foundered.

In court documents filed against Zuckerberg, the Winklevosses alleged that the Facebook founder "never intended to provide the code and instead intended to breach his promise... and intended to steal the idea for the Harvard Connection website, and in fact he did so". For its part, Facebook and Zuckerberg denied the claims and issued a countersuit against ConnectU.

The case was settled 18 months later and details of the confidential deal were accidentally disclosed by a law firm last February, revealing that, whatever the result of the ongoing proceedings, the twins are likely to be the only multimillionaire competitors in the history of the 181-year-old Boat Race.

But mixing with more privileged and high-achieving members of society is nothing new for these men with the Colgate grins of the East Coast's WASP elite. Their father, Howard, built a successful business selling software for the analysis of pension plans and the family were raised in Greenwich – a favoured haven for hedge fund managers and old-money American dynasties.

Despite their insistence that they came up with their social networking website idea because there were a lot of people in Harvard "we hadn't met and may not meet", rubbing shoulders with the glitterati has never been difficult for the twins. Pictures abound of the pair in the company of celebrities including MC Hammer, Aaron Eckhart and Arnie.

Indeed, such is their ease on Manhattan's A-list party circuit that Cameron has put the Facebook experience behind him to set up Guestofaguest.com, a virtual meeting point for New York's elite social scene with details of people and venues. The pair hope to copy the format in cities around the world. Perhaps predictably, the brothers are reluctant to raise expectations of future success too high. Tyler said: "Remember what happened last time."

Over-achieving undergraduates

* Larry Page and Sergey Brin The founders of Google began work on their revolutionary search engine in January 1996 while they were PhD students at Stanford University in California. Within a year they had registered the Google.com name, and later incorporated the company in a friend's garage. The company made a profit of $6.5bn (£4.3bn) last year.

* Jan Sramek At the age of 22, the Czech student combined his studies at Cambridge and the London School of Economics with stints working at Goldman Sachs, UBS and Deutsche Bank while co-writing a motivational book, Racing Towards Excellence. After starting his first company at the age of 13 (a jobs website), he is now considered one of Goldman's star London traders.

* Oprah Winfrey After a deprived childhood in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, the future first lady of American broadcasting landed a job as a radio presenter while studying at Tennessee State University. She was then poached to become the city's youngest and first black news anchor.
The Jew who robbed them settled out of court. An admission of guilt? I think so.


Mark Zuckerberg - perpetrator
Harvard students Cameron Winklevoss, Tyler Winklevoss, and Divya Narendra accused Zuckerberg of intentionally making them believe he would help them build a social network called HarvardConnection.com (later called ConnectU). [40] They filed a lawsuit in 2004 but it was dismissed on a technicality on March 28, 2007. It was refiled soon thereafter in federal court in Boston. Facebook countersued in regards to Social Butterfly, a project put out by The Winklevoss Chang Group, an alleged partnership between ConnectU and i2hub. On June 25, 2008, the case settled and Facebook agreed to transfer over 1.2 million common shares and pay $20 million in cash.[41]

In November 2007, confidential court documents were posted on the website of 02138, a magazine that catered to Harvard alumni. They included Zuckerberg's social security number, his parents' home address, and his girlfriend's address. Facebook filed to have the documents removed, but the judge ruled in favor of 02138.

Pakistan criminal investigation
In June 2010, Deputy Attorney General Muhammad Azhar Sidiqque of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan launched a criminal investigation into Zuckerberg and Facebook co-founders Dustin Moskovitz and Chris Hughes after a "Draw Muhammad" contest was hosted on Facebook. The investigation also named the anonymous German woman who created the contest. Sidiqque asked the country's police to contact Interpol to have Zuckerberg and the three others arrested for blasphemy. On May 19, 2010, Facebook's website was temporarily blocked in Pakistan until Facebook removed the contest from its website at the end of May. Sidiqque also asked its United Nations representative to raise the issue with the United Nations General Assembly.
It was not a one off.