Election 2015

General elections in England are now held every five years due to the Fixed-term Parliaments Act 2011 so the next one is due in May 2015. Now, in July 2013 the parties are feeding us their Propaganda, their lies, the promises they have no intention of honouring. They find that they need Consent Of The Governed - until the votes are cast. Then they can go back to business as usual; that means Treason as usual.

The big issues are Immigration and the European Union. The players are The Tories, The Labour Party, the Liberal Party & UKIP, the UK Independence Party.

Cameron, for the Tories is pretending that he will get a grip of Third World aliens. He is lying of course. He wants them; they keep pouring in. He has been stalling for years about his promise regarding Europe but now he has put a Bill through Parliament to force a referendum once he is out of power. Matters will be arranged to make an exit on the worst possible terms.

Miliband, for Labour did not vote on the referendum bill so that he would not annoy his voters. He depends for power on votes from Third World immigrants. Bribing them with Illegal Immigrant Housing and making Vote Rigging easy are two main policy thrusts. He uses the fact that honest working men have nowhere else to go because nationalist parties are in disarray.

The Liberals renamed themselves the Liberal Democrat Party for some reason. They rose from the sink of corruption produced by Lloyd George after the First World War to prove that they have learned nothing. They have no decent policies.

The major failure is the British National Party. It is the subject of a flood of hate from other parties, the Main Stream Media, The Establishment & Marxists generally. The reason for it going wrong is Nick Griffin, who has been credibly accused of being a thief, a serial swindler. He was not charged because he is too useful to the other parties. If the leadership had been taken over by Andrew Brons matters would have been different.

The most interesting party is UKIP run by Nigel Farage. It has a clear focus, getting out of Europe, a real leader & some decent policies. It will certainly do a lot better at the next election.

The fact that Cameron knows we do not want Third World immigration but incites it anyway proves that he is one of the Enemy Within, a Traitor but one who can treat the Consent Of The Governed with contemptuous indifference.

Perhaps the most significant aspect of the whole business is the number of Traitors In Parliament. This list of collaborators does not include Jews.

A good analysis of who voted for whom using a large sample, 100,000 is https://yougov.co.uk/news/2015/06/08/general-election-2015-how-britain-really-voted/

See more at Results of the UK General Election, 2015 from the Wikipedia


The Times election results dashboard

This election has handed the keys to Number 10 back to David Cameron. Across the country, the Conservatives allowed few of the seats it gained in 2010 to slip through its fingers.

But in order to get a true feel of what happened when the nation headed to the polls on May 7, you need to break it down. 650 individual contests took place across the UK - and this dashboard allows you to examine each and every one of them.

Seismic shifts took place in a number of key regions. In Scotland, Labour's fight for survival was unsuccessful as a Nationalist surge took hold. In the southwest, the Conservatives managed to topple many of the Liberal Democrat representatives with whom they shared power with for five years. In the east, the rise of the UKIP vote was forecast to have an impact - but it failed to help Nigel Farage’s party boost its presence in the Commons.

In this app, each constituency page gives you a breakdown of the results from both 2015 and 2010 result, and also lists each candidate.

You can choose to save a constituency by pinning it to the 'Saved Constituency' menu for quick access. We've also flagged a list of key battlegrounds that we think are particularly pivotal - you can read sharp analysis of these key races here.

The Key Battlegrounds are interesting.

Army Rumour Service Backs UKIP With Cameron A Close Runner Up [ 7 May 2015 ]
The rest get treated with the contempt they deserve. Especially the Greens. Some cnut [ spelt thus for the convenience of the dyslexic ] voted for them.


Pakistani Vote Rigging Is Active In Gravesend [ 7 May 2015 ]
Thousands of Gravesham [ sic ] voters have received letters from the president of Gravesend's Gurdwara after concerns were raised that people were feeling pressured into voting by post.

The letter, written in both English and Punjabi and paid for by a local businessman, was distributed by president Davinder Singh Bains and the executive committee at the Guru Nanak Darbar Gurdwara, after claims campaigners allegedly harassed constituents with poor English skills into registering a vote in their favour.............. 

"However, you will know that over the last couple of years young men [ or young thugs? - Editor ] have gone from door-to-door in highly organised efforts to sign-up Sikhs here in Gravesham to Vote by Post........

"It is for you to decide who you want in charge in Gravesham and our country: it is not for people who want elected office to decide for us.

"So please use your vote for whoever you want, to make your voice heard – but do not allow anyone to steal your vote from you."
Private Eye takes a more robust line in its current edition - 1391 page 8. Third World aliens don't vote political; they vote racial. That is why Vote Rigging is rampant in Tower Hamlets albeit Lutfur Rahman, lately the mayor was not prosecuted for fraud; he is to important for justice.


Thirteen Islamics Elected To Parliament
List of new Muslim MPs

Tasmina Ahmed Sheikh (SNP, Ochil_and_South_Perthshire)
Rupa Huq (Labour, Ealing Central and Acton)
Tulip Rizwana Siddiq (Labour, Hampstead and Kilburn)
Nusrat Ghani (Conservatives, Wealden)
Naz Shah (Labour, Bradford West)
Imran Hussein (Labour, Bradford East)

Incumbent Muslim MPs
Khalid Mahmood [Labour]

Shabana Mahmood [Labour]

Rushanara Ali [Labour]

Yasmin Qureshi [Labour]

Sadiq Khan [Labour]

Rehman Chisti [Conservative]

Sajid Javid [Conservative] NB  Cameron wants England Run By A Pakistani also that Cameron Alleges He Is Not An Enemy Of England. He did not name Javid specifically. His other runner got caught - see Cameron's Candidate Is A Pakistani Racist Inciting Crime To Win Votes


Islamics Cost Tories Eight Seats In Parliament
81 constituencies have more than 10% Islamics. Two have more than 50%. Of course the Muslim News says nothing about their contribution to Vote Rigging.