The White Australia Policy

The White Australia policy was put in the Immigration Restriction Bill of 1901. It was to prevent the creation of a badly paid racial underclass. Keith Windschuttle explains in more detail and better. A subsequent essay on the subject is The War On White Australia.

The Occidental Observer Comments  The Occidental Observer explains how Jews, in particular  Zionist crazies are destroying Western Civilization by abusing our better feelings, allowing a flood of Third World immigrants to displace us. It is not just Australia under attack; it is England, America et cetera. See Ethnic Fouling on the issue.


The White Australia Policy explained by Keith Windschuttle
The consensus among academic historians today is that the White Australia Policy made this country the moral equivalent of South Africa under Apartheid. Some historians label Australia at Federation one of the ‘Herrenvolk democracies’.
Herrenvolk German for ‘master race’ and historians who use the term, like Andrew Markus of Monash University, are making a direct comparison with the racist nationalism of the Nazis. According to Richard White of the University of Sydney, the Australian national character projected by both the outback pastoral worker and the sun-bronzed surf lifesaver ‘was uncomfortably close to Nazi ideas about the Aryan master race’...........

Rather than go through all the arguments in my book why this interpretation is a travesty of our past and a caricature of recent events, I want to focus tonight on the big issue, the passing of the Immigration Restriction Bill of 1901. Modern historians have seriously misrepresented the views of the parliamentarians of 1901.......... is certainly true that some parliamentarians did speak in terms that were offensively racist, even for the times. Labour leader Chris Watson and Protectionist Prime Minister Edmund Barton both made overtly racist arguments, and their words are often quoted today. However, what historians who discuss this debate never tell you is that most politicians voted for other reasons entirely..............

Apart from the impact of large-scale foreign immigration on wages, the other major fear of most politicians was that the creation of a racially-based, political underclass, living on very low wages, which meant they could only afford sub-standard housing, food and clothing, would undermine the egalitarian society which most democratically-minded people wanted Australia to be. 

In short, the White Australia Policy was introduced for economic and cultural reasons, not primarily because of racial prejudice........... Overall, the White Australia Policy had aspects that were both reactionary and progressive, discriminatory and humane. It is nothing to be especially proud of, but nor is it anything before which we should cringe or apologise.
Keith Windschuttle is an academic and writer who has said very publicly that left wing propagandists are lying systematically with a Racist political agenda. They made a fuss but did not sue him for Libel. In other words, he is right while they are wrong. They are still lying.


The Deceit Of Immigration Nation
One of the most chilling images in the recent SBS television series Immigration Nation: The Secret History of Us is the footage in the opening sequences of the first episode showing an Australian soldier dragging an Asian man towards a ship so he could be deported.

Other scenes showed Asian women and children in distress. The scenes, though brief, are shocking. They portray a barbaric Australian attitude towards Asian people.

The accompanying narration was about the White Australia policy. It appeared to confirm the inhumanity of Australian treatment of Chinese and Japanese people living in this country between 1901 and 1975. The distinct implication of images and script was that these people were being deported as part of the White Australia policy. 

However, SBS and the producers of this three-part series deceived their viewers. The scenes had nothing to do with the White Australia policy, nor with immigration, nor even with Australia’s attitude to Asian people living in this country. They were images taken from old newsreel footage, film actually shot in 1946 of Japanese prisoners-of-war and Chinese refugees (some originally from the Japanese-held island of Formosa) being sent home. The Japanese had been interned in wartime camps in New South Wales and Victoria, while some Chinese detainees had been living and working freely in the Australian community........

Key [ propaganda ] targets have been the legality of settlement itself; black–white conflicts of the colonial period; the trumped-up charges of genocide; the imaginative creation of the “Stolen Generation” and the continual denigration of white Australians and their institutions, from settlement in 1788 to the present day. More recently, there has been the rather hapless campaign to “de-popularise” Anzac Day and replace the national flag. The charge of “racism” is the latest in a long, forty-year campaign, to belittle Australian society and its rich and colourful history.....
John Izzard is a former documentary film-maker whose work has been shown on the ABC and the Nine Network.
Mr. Izzard was in the business so he knows how it works. He says the
SBS are lying in their teeth, deliberately, systematically with malice aforethought. I am not arguing.


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