Girl of the Day III

Blonde in mauve.

Brunette and white.

A Liverpool fan. This does not show good taste.

Rather blonde. Rather special.

Young and innocent? Well, she has clothes on so she must be.

She is more of a poser.

She is a show off.

Female if nothing else.

Female and cheerful.

American? It just could be.

Attractive? For me yes.

Dark and interesting.

Blondes are best.

Here is another.

And here she is again.

Friendly? Maybe.

She looks jolly.

She looks female.

So does she.

Interested and interesting.

Here she is again.

And again.

Yet again.

This is a job lot.

And finally.

Here is someone new.

She has got herself wet.

Suntans can be good.

A show off.

She has a happy smile and a happy nature by the look of her.

She does not.

All girl.

Black is back.

Bed time again.

Is Britney a worrier?

Here is Britney again still looking concerned.

She looks calm.

It looks rather cool for beach clothes.

A shadow girl.


A green bikini does things for a girl. A girl does things for a green bikini. She looks happy too.


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