Girls Galore IV

Girls Galore IV is part of a growing collection. They have to be better than the gloom and doom from the newspapers. But have look at the future with the German  Playboykalender 2020. It could be that bad if Islamics have their way. If you want models try They have them, lots of them. Or try 

You might feel that this is Degenerate Art or even just degeneracy. Your choice; go or stay.


She looks challenging


Waking up in the office? But she has forgotten her clothes.



Candice likes the sun


All of it - all of her


Carina is at home


Clover likes a selfie


Clover shows herself off


She likes doing it



















She looks jolly.


Victoria Beckham no less.


Is she interested? Is she interesting?


She looks nice but a bit sad.


Blondes have a head start in life.


Blondes forever.


She got out of the wrong side of bed. Now she may be getting back on the wrong side.


Is she normal or exceptionally well developed?


She is still busting out all over.



Before and after?

College girls look happy, healthy. They might even be intelligent.




Is she blonde? Is she beautiful? Is she desirable?














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