Girl Of The Day IX

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She is well dressed, not over dressed.

PS That is a nice little tattoo.



She looks a bit worried.


She is very definitely blonde.


She is more of a red head today.


Back to blonde. It is good choice.


Too much door, not enough girl.


She is blonde, a mixed up blonde though.


She has what it takes and a little tattoo.



A worried look.


Now she is rather special.


The bikini is not for getting wet.



Would she be a teaser?


A sobersides.


Girl in gingham.


Now she does look nice.


So does she.


She looks good with clothes on as well.


A beach girl.


A worried look.


A come on look.


Brain of Britain? Perhaps not.


Come hither is the message.


Someone for little Mr Berlusconi perhaps.



A friendly look.


Bossy boots.



Another worried look.


Would you? Would she?


Dressed to thrill.



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