Girl of the Day VII

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Well blonde, well developed.


A warm rug, a little smile and.......


A beauty with a little tattoo.


She is only on allegedly.


A challenging look.


A surprised look.


Another surprised look.


A cheerful look.


She looks rather nice.



She looks rather big.


Would she do?


She is back again.



Another happy lass.


She would make a nice friend.


All girl.


Still looking good.


What is she thinking about?


Not a lot I suspect.


Good looks and a happy smile can take a girl a long way.


Is she a bit shy?


A good cook makes a good woman. Or is it the other way round?


She looks surprised.


So does she
















She is Girl 40







What is she doing?


Beware. A blonde is thinking!


A blonde with nothing. Make that nothing much on.


She looks rather worried.


And still the worried look.

Blondes forever.


A blonde at the office. But not dressed for work.




She does look nice.


She is definitely all female.


A blonde beauty

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