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This is what I published in April. I confirm my fundamental view - newspapers are political weapons, propaganda machines being used to manipulate us, just like the rest of the Main Stream Media, i.e. Television, wireless, film, magazines and Books. For earlier offerings go to 2016 or contact me at Mike Emery

"Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men."
Lord Acton quoted
Think e.g. of Blair, Brown, Bush, Cameron, Merkel, Obama, Netanyahu, Strauss-Kahn
Blair Is A War Criminal On The Run

Top Stories 2017
23 April 2017

Black Lunatic Captured In Paris
Another great publicity stunt for Marine le Pen. Today the huddled peasant masses in France can vote for her and against the Third World scum deliberately imported by corrupt governments. Are they really doing it deliberately? See the next one and know.


Charities Import Third World Aliens Illegal Aliens With Government Granted Immunity
Something very strange is happening in the Mediterranean this spring, as the migration season gets into gear and we brace ourselves for another summer of migrants being plucked from sinking rust-buckets or being washed up dead on Italian and Greek shores...............

Right under the noses of the Italian authorities and the EU border agency, Frontex, a charitable 'ferry service' has been launched, with shiny new boats and sympathetic staff allegedly colluding with the people smugglers controlling the migrant trade.

A ferry service from Libya to Italy — direct — provided by private NGO 'rescue boats' which have about as much to do with rescue as I have with diplomacy.
The Daily Mail knows the truth but it is skirting round it.  NGOs [ Non-Government Organizations ] including charities are operting  fully fledged, well funded smuggling operations in the Mediterranean. Criminal Charities include Save The Children run by Helle Thorning-Schmidt, lately the prime minister of Denmark.

Where doe the money come from? Try George Soros, a rich Jew full of hate; there may  be others. See e.g. Why I’m Investing $500 Million in Migrants. Be aware that Jews Want Third World Immigration into Europe but not Israel. They know that blacks are destructive parasites.


22 April 2017

Global Warming Up Date - Snow Coming To England
The major computer models are predicting that a cold plunge of Arctic air will sweep southwards across the UK during the first half of next week. This brings the likelihood of snow showers to the north, and even in the south there could be a few flakes of the white stuff. Damaging frosts are also a concern.
The Global Warming Lobby claimed global cooling, then changed their story. Now of course they call it Climate Change meaning they can pretend they are right whatever happens. The point is to justify Carbon Emission Trading when our power bills go up those traders are taking us for trillions, not mere gigabucks. We are being robbed blind.


Sturgeon Wants 'Progressive' Alliance With Labour To Attack Tories And Brexit
NICOLA STURGEON will seek to join forces with Labour and the Liberal Democrats to keep out the Conservatives, she said today. On a visit to her Westminster MPs in Parliament today, the First Minister confirmed that she wants to jump into bed with other left-wing parties in the case of another hung parliament.

She said this morning: “If the Parliamentary arithmetic lends itself to the SNP being part of a progressive alliance to keep the Tories out of Government then the SNP will seek to be part of that as we said in 2015.”...........

“Now we are not sure that there are many people who think Labour will be in a position on their own or with anyone else to form a Government,” Ms Sturgeon said today. “There will be many people across England who will see that as a matter for regret.” 
Sturgeon is a trouble maker full of hate, one who wants power and tyranny. NB Progressivism is a code word for Marxism.


Senior Police Protected Pakistani Perverts In Rotherham
After 10 months of battling with the Independent Police Complaints Commission to reveal the ranks of all police officers issued with misconduct notices, for their part in the Rotherham child abuse scandal, the IPCC have finally relented. On the 13th April, they sent a final follow up response to a Freedom of Information Request made by this website.

Since June of 2016, this site has been making repeated requests for information to establish how far up the ranks of South Yorkshire Police the wilful disregard of child abuse had gone. The IPCC revealed the data piecemeal, then refused to disclose the ranks of two remaining officers. They argued [ said/claimed/alleged/pretended ] that disclosing the data would lead to the officers being readily identified, thereby placing them ‘at risk’..........

The IPCC, true to form, went into full cop protection mode, dug their heels in and refused to cooperate. It took a decision notice of the Information Commissioner’s Office, backed up with the threat of a High Court order, before the IPCC finally revealed a full list of all, but one, of the ranks involved.

In their final response, the IPCC confirmed that the highest ranking officer issued with a misconduct notice for their part in the Rotherham Scandal was a Chief Superintendent. They also voluntarily revealed that this officer is now retired. I can only assume they disclosed this fact to protect any officers of similar rank, currently serving with South Yorkshire Police, from being wrongly associated.......

What is clear, is that whoever this Chief Superintendent is (or was), they took early retirement in a bid to escape any misconduct proceedings. Something a large number of officers involved with the scandal have already done.......

 But it’s clear that the edict of ‘Go hard on the victims, go easy on the muslim community’ must have flowed from the top down.  The blame does lay partly with the lower ranking officers, who mindlessly followed their orders, but most of the blame should be redirected to the top ranks, who mindlessly conceived those orders. Who were these people? And why have none of them been disciplined, let alone prosecuted? [ Try corruption - Editor ].
Police talk among themselves. They all knew. They have all been given every opportunity to destroy any evidence. The Establishment protects its own. Politicians [ Labour ] wanted large scale Vote Rigging. The quid pro quo was free licence to rape English girls. A few Pakistanis are being thrown to the wolves; the rest will go clear. The Casey Report and the Jay Report cover periods from 1997. This works for 'Sir' Bernard Hogan-Howe because he left the South Yorkshire Police in 1997 and contrived to know nothing about anything.


21 April 2017

Islamic Thug Murdered Policeman In Paris
A policeman was shot dead while two other officers were seriously injured by a Kalashnikov-wielding gunman on the Champs Elysees in central Paris - just three days before the French presidential election.  

The alleged [ sic ] ISIS gunman, identified as 39-year-old father Karim Cheurfi - who was jailed for 20 years for trying to kill officers in 2001 - parked his Audi and opened fire after police stopped at a red light on the world famous avenue.

French police said the attack last night was probably [ sic ] a 'terrorist act' and dramatic video footage captured the moment police shot at the assailant, who later died. A 'foreign female tourist' was also wounded in the incident.

Police have now launched a desperate manhunt for a second suspect after heavily armed officers flooded the area in the heart of the French capital. 

Officers have been searching the home of the alleged shooter - who was known to security services and had been flagged as an 'extremist' - in east Paris and he had previously said that he 'wanted to kill police' [ Lotsa people know that feeling - Editor ].
Was it a publicity stunt? Yes. Was it organised by Marine le Pen? Probably not. Will it concentrate the minds of French voters on Sunday? It won't do Marine any harm. It is another example of our need for the Armed Citizen; he is there when it matters. The police turn up later or not at all.
PS They let the "suspect" out of prison after attempted murder. Are they mad?


Latest Paris Terror Attack Would Be Sixth In Three Years
The headline is verbatim. The European Union is importing thousands more Third World parasites like this one every week. It is policy, it is crime, it is Treason, it is Ethnic Fouling, it is Genocidal, it is reality. They are using Criminal Charities like Save The Children.


Donald Trump Beaten By The Establishment
Oh Lord, it’s happening–the remanufacture of Trump by the Establishment. During the campaign, Trump and the Basilisk had nothing in common but their hair dye. Now, almost daily, he looks more like her. 

He gets embarrassing. Regarding the alleged gassing in Syria, quoth Donald:

“When you kill innocent children, innocent babies — babies, little babies — with a chemical gas … that crosses many, many lines, beyond a red line. … And I will tell you, that attack on children yesterday had a big impact on me … my attitude toward Syria and Assad has changed very much.”............

Apparently he ordered his missile strike without bothering to find out what happened. The usual suspects are driving him like a sports car...............

Does he believe this stuff? Is he naive enough to think that there was something unusually horrible about the attack? Horrible, yes, but not in the least unusual. Do you know what everyday, boring artillery does to children? Five-hundred-pound bombs? Hellfire rockets? Daily Mr. Trump’s military and his allies daily drop shrapnel-producing explosives on people, cities, towns, adults, children, weddings and goatherds in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, and Yemen. Good draft-dodger that he was, he probably has never seen any of this. Good psychopath that he may be, he may not care...........

Too  much is being asked of him. One man cannot overcome the combined hostility of the media, the political establishment, the neocons, the myriad other special interests that he has threatened. Mass immigration is a done deal. China develops and America, already developed, cannot keep up. The country disintegrates socially. Washington, always depending on war and its threat, faces a new world in which trade is the weapon, and doesn’t know what to do. The culture courses. The world changes.
Donald Trump has been beaten. He talked the talk; he hasn't walked the walk. Did he mean to? I thought so. A lot of Americans did too but Fred says not. Fred served for real. Don did not; now he is failing America and the Main Stream Media have gone quiet about him. It is a tragedy for America and Western Civilization.


 Zionist Crazies Drive American Aggression Against North Korea
America’s continual aggression towards North Korea is not based on any alleged human rights abuses but rather because that nation is an openly declared enemy of the state of Israel, and has long been identified by the Jewish Lobby as a target for destruction along with Iraq, Iran, and Syria, an investigation by the New Observer has shown..........

 The American government’s continuous hostility towards North Korea is based on the same reason as the US’s hostility towards Saddam Hussein in Iraq, Basheer Assad in Syria, and the Iranian state—namely, that all those nations are hostile to Israel. As the Jewish Lobby  dictates US foreign policy, North Korea’s ongoing hostility towards Israel has made it a target for aggression, in exactly the same way that Iraq, Iran, and Syria have been selected for violent American aggression.......

North Korea has in fact been a long-standing opponent of Israel, and does not even recognize the Zionist state. In 1998, North Korea formally granted recognition to what it called the State of Palestine which includes all of present-day Israeli-held territory. Israel also accused North Korea of providing arms to “six countries in the Middle East that ignored arms-control commitments” according to the Haaretz newspaper—ignoring the fact that Israel is the only nation in the entire Middle East not to have signed the Nuclear Proliferation Treaty (NPT), and that Israel has its own massive stockpile of nuclear, chemical and biological weapons. According to Haaretz, “Israel said there were six Middle Eastern countries which had obtained the means produce doomsday weapons and ballistic missiles covertly from North Korea while ignoring commitments as members of the NPT and other arms-control regimes.”
Zionist crazies use the American army to do their dirty work for them. It is cheaper, it saves Jews from death, injury, whatever. The Puppet Masters like it that way.


20 April 2017
On this day  in 1889 Adolf Hitler was born in the
Gasthof zum Pommer, Salzburger Vorstadt 15, Braunau am Inn, Austria. See more in Adolf Hitler, a Brief Biography.
In 1999 it was the Columbine Massacre. Two students got 13 kills at school.
1968 Enoch Powell gave his Rivers of Blood speech and the Tories victory in spite of the paedophile Heath. Enoch was right about government treason. 

Marine Le Pen Says Vote For Me On Sunday Or Get Overrun By Third World Parasites
Nationalists get called Racist. Patriots get called Racist by Marxists, by the Puppet Masters, the Zionists who Want Third World Immigration into la belle France & Western Civilization but not Israel. It is to destroy France and make Israel the ruler of the New World Order.

Alt-Right Meeting Succeeds In Spite Of Fascist Attackers
It’s really great that the Alt Right, led by Richard Spencer, will be holding an event at Auburn today, even after getting canceled by the university. Having a public presence is absolutely critical to any political movement that intends to become mainstream. There is a fairly long history of the left shutting down public events by intimidating hotels, as happened several times with American Renaissance a and recently with a proposed conference in Yosemite. And recently we have had the antifa rioting in Berkeley, shutting down the Milo talk, and antifa violence against Trump supporters in several places, most notably at the Trump inauguration and last weekend in Berkeley.

Too often antifa violence and intimidation have been successful. The forces of intolerance, intellectual conformity and hostility to Whites and their interests have succeeded............

And the fact is that, until last weekend in Berkeley, the antifa had been winning consistently. Police typically stood by and did nothing even as antifa were assaulting their victims and burning down stores. When arrests were made, little or nothing has come of it (see Sam Dickson’s “The assault on Richard Spencer: No punishment for crimes against White activists“). They are, indeed, pillars of the establishment. Or perhaps Storm Troopers of the establishment would be a better label..........

The fact that the Trump/Alt Right supporters held their ground and drove off the antifa is huge. We are finally fighting back, and after what I experienced in Washington, it was deeply gratifying to me personally.
This low level civil war. The Main Stream Media will not point to similarities with Kristallnacht and naughty little Adolf but then they are Propaganda machines.

However Norman Finkelstein is taking a position - see No Free Speech for Fascists? That is how Marxists like it but some vigorous young men are have the confidence of their ideas; they hold Moral Capital so they are not going to be pushed around.

19 April 2017
Is the anniversary of Waco Massacre II in 1993 On this day the FBI attacked the Branch Davidian compound using tanks, tear gas and helicopters. They murdered 74 men, women and children. The rest were taken prisoner, charged and convicted.  You should be able to  believe that justice will be honest and even that the Department of Justice is honest. After seeing The Rules of Engagement you might think differently. Or you could have a look at All of this happened on  Clinton's watch. Waco: The inside Story  is from PBS, communist subversives who do not like people being able to protect themselves against corrupt governments. The Manchester coroner, a Jew calling himself Leonard Gorodkin chose to claim that the 23 Brits who died were part of a suicide pact. Believe that if you will. PS Those not murdered were taken prisoner, given 'fair' trials and put  in prison.

19 April 1995 OKC Massacre Two years after the Waco job. Tim McVeigh is alleged to have attacked the BATF in Oklahoma City. Sadly they took the day off and the victims were honest folk. See 30 Crucial OKC Bombing Questions Remain Unanswered and Federal Tribunals Destroy Essential OKC Bombing Evidence. The one bomb story takes a hit from Oklahoma City Bombing: Expert Analysis

Theresa May Wants A Snap Election On 8 June This Year
It will clear the decks so to speak, deliver certainty ahead of full court Brexit negotiations. A real plus point is that it will cramp Comrade Sturgeon's style. She is making herself a pain and has every intention of sabotaging things until she gets her own way. Theresa May is sorting her out; a good move. It will clarify certain issues for Comrade Corbyn; in particular whether a Marxist takeover is going to happen via the ballot box. Our loose approximation to a Democracy means that it isn't going to go his way. NB As a result Sterling has  come up very nicely; at its best since November last year. See


Election Update - Sturgeon Says Bring It On
Is Comrade Sturgeon bluffing? Whatever. She is going to come unstuck, just like Jeremy.


Jews Meddling In Brexit
Arch-Remainer Gina Miller is launching a £10,000 election tour urging people to vote against 'extreme Brexit'. The businesswoman and former model has stepped up her campaign after Theresa May dramatically announced a snap poll.

Ms Miller has already forced the PM to pass Brexit legislation through parliament after taking the government to court. Her latest effort involves trying to raise thousands of pounds through crowd funding, which she will use to support Europhile MPs in the run-up to June 8.

Posting on the gofundme website, Ms Miller said she would tour marginal constituencies to ensure the government did not have a mandate to 'destroy our rights and our relationship with Europe'. 'We need to prevent MPs and the people being forced into an extreme Brexit that is not in Britain's best interests,' she wrote.
Gina Miller is a Third World alien, a Sikh from Guyana so you just might wonder whether she cares about British interests. She is fronting for her old man, Alan Miller, a Jew. They definitely don't care about our well being. Recall that Jews Want Third World Immigration for England and the rest of Western Civilization but not for the Stolen Land, not for Israel.

Miller is a surly trouble making devil full of hate.

See her gloat after her legal attack succeeded.


Donald Trump Said America First
Now he says Korea next.
“Why would I call China a currency manipulator when they are working with us on the North Korean problem?” tweeted President Donald Trump on Easter Sunday.

Earlier, after discovering “great chemistry” with Chinese President Xi Jinping over “the most beautiful piece of chocolate cake” at Mar-a-Lago, Trump had confided, “I explained … that a trade deal with the U.S. will be far better for them if they solve the North Korean problem!”

“America First” thus takes a back seat to big-power diplomacy with Beijing. One wonders: How much will Xi end up bilking us for his squeezing of Kim Jong Un?.............

The promise of a Trump presidency — that we would start looking out for our own country and own national interests first and let the rest of the world solve, or fail to solve, its own problems — appears, not 100 days in, to have been a mirage.
Pat Buchanan explains all again. Is Donald Trump going to be good for America or for the American working man? It is looking doubtful; sad but true.


Black Racist Full Of Hate Murdered Three People In California
A self-proclaimed rapper who shot and killed three people on the streets of downtown Fresno on Tuesday was trying to murder as many white people as he could, authorities said.

Kori Ali Muhammad, 39, shouted 'Allahu Akhbar,' meaning 'God is great,' in Arabic while being apprehended shortly after the shootings. He later told police that he hates white people. His victims were all Caucasian males apparently chosen at random. 

Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer called the acts 'unprovoked' and 'solely based on race'. They are investigating the incident as a hate crime.

Dyer added that the killings had 'nothing to do with terrorism in spite of the statement he made.'

He is also wanted in connection with another killing days earlier, in which a white security guard was gunned down at a Fresno motel after responding to a disturbance..........

Further proof came in the form of a Latino woman and two children, who's vehicle Muhammad approached while on his shooting spree, but chose to spare their lives, ABC News reported........... 

The spree shooter has a length criminal record, including a dismissed felony charge of unlawful firearm possession in 2004. 

He was deemed mentally unfit to stand trial in 2005 after a grand jury indicted him on cocaine and firearm possession.
These articles practically write themselves. Lone wolf, gentle giant, was not breast fed, a lunatic. The reality is that the Main Stream Media and Education Industry incite Black Hate and market White Guilt but claim that Jews are victims. Take the point that Jews Control The Media, they are Psychopaths full of hate.


18 April 2017
Is Easter Monday, the day after the   Resurrection
18 April is the anniversary of the 1996 Qana Massacre I. Jews with guns, 155 mm artillery pieces attacked a UN compound and murdered dozens.

Operation Grapes of Wrath killed 206 in the first ten days. They used anti-personnel rounds with air burst shrapnel [ M483A1 High Explosive DPICM Projectile? ]. They had two helicopters and a drone to observe the fall of shot then claimed that it was an accident. This event triggered Osama's action against  America and thus the 9/11 Job or not as the case may be. Robert Fisk, an honest journalist was there on the day. He couldn't see the funny side of it. It was not a one off. Very far from it. Operation Grapes of Wrath is a Jew's version truth; it was all somebody else's fault - just like the USS Liberty Massacre

North Korean Air Force Still Uses Biplanes
The Royal Air Force gave up on biplanes, for frontline operations, at all events around 1940. Technology has moved on since then.


Palestinian Prisoners Of Jews Go On Hunger Strike Against Inhumane Conditions
It will save the Jews money. Torturing people is fun for Psychopaths. Have a look at some of the armed thugs who run the Israel Prison Service and decide just how brutal they are.


Black Racist Politician Spews Hate So Main Stream Media Ignore His Message
South African whites who “stand in way of social cohesion” will be “crushed” and in for a “very rough” time if they continue to oppose the ANC, Mzwandile Masina, the mayor of one of South Africa’s largest metropolitan municipalities, has announced.

 Speaking during a civic reception in the Boksburg Civic Centre on Monday evening this week, Masina said he was sending a “strong warning” to “white people” and an anti-ANC organization called “Save SA” which has been running demonstrations calling for the resignation of ANC president Jacob Zuma.................

“Our children and your children, they don't see what you are seeing in us, we are not monkeys, we are people, [ Stick to that story, I like it - Editor ]" he said..............

In fact, the real reason why the Third World is irretrievably economically backward has nothing to do with “white racism,” but simply because wealth is directly related to IQ: the higher the national IQ, the higher the wealth of the nation.
Racism is crime in England. It is policy in South Africa and Israel.


Blair And Misfeasance In Public Office
Yes, the evidence is there; now it just takes honesty in politics to charge him. The Establishment doesn't like the idea that politicians are NOT above the law. Lots of them are guilty as Hell.


Her Majesty's Government Will Speed Up Deportation Of Third World Parasites
Major measures will be unveiled today to make it easier to remove thousands of foreign criminals and failed asylum seekers from Britain. Following an outcry over illegal immigrants exploiting human rights laws to remain in the UK, ministers have proposed a new fast-track system intended to accelerate their removal. Justice Secretary Liz Truss has set out plans to speed up significantly around 2,000 cases a year where a foreign national is locked up.

The scheme will make it quicker to get foreign prisoners and unsuccessful refugees who lose their legal challenge on to a plane home. It will save taxpayers an estimated £2.7million a year in lawyers and court fees and the huge costs of detaining those who do not have permission to be in Britain.
This is a small step in the right direction. Bent lawyers like Shiner are abusing the Legal Aid system and making Illegal Immigration even more of a threat to us.


Murder Of Alexandra Mezher By A Somali 'Boy'
A well meaning Swedish woman was murdered on 25 January 2016, in a refugee home by a black liar pretending to be 15 years old; it happened while he was trying to kill another infiltrator. The thug was alleged to be a lunatic. The  Prime Minister of Sweden, Stefan Löfven
rushed to the scene of the attack. He later told Radio Sweden that he "believe[s] that there are quite many people in Sweden who feel a lot of concern that there can be more cases of this kind when Sweden receives so many children and youth who come alone [to seek asylum]."[16] The day after the stabbing, an editorial in Expressen called for the expulsion of migrants who committed crimes.[17] The attack raised concerns about overcrowded conditions in Sweden's asylum centers,[18] the possibility of adult migrants taking advantage of Swedish law to fraudulently register as minors[19][20] and it increased distrust against newly arrived immigrants and the security threat they posed.[21]
Then, over a year later the very same Swedish Prime Minister Said Importing Vicious Third World Aliens Is A Bad Mistake. Perhaps he really is a well meaning fool rather than a rogue full of malice. At all events Swedish politicians are driven by Pathological Altruism. The message has not filtered down through the chain of command yet. That is why the Swedish Police Chief Who Wants Islamic Terrorists Deported Got Threatened.


Black Alien Can Sing Alleges Daily Mail In Propaganda Mode
The Mail's readers are not stupid enough to believe it. One even said that the part Jew, Cowell must be paying a fortune in bribes for the publicity. Are we becoming a nation of cynics - or better informed?


17 April 2017
Is Easter Monday, the day after the   Resurrection
Is the anniversary of the
1961 American false flag invasion of the Bay of Pigs - see Bay of Pigs Invasion ex Wiki
17 April 1969 was when Robert Kennedy got his come uppance from one, Sirhan Bishara Sirhan, an indignant Palestinian who was annoyed by Kennedy's support for Zionist thugs operating in Palestine.

Black Murders People For Fun Then Posts His Videos Online
Police are hunting a killer who shared a video of the moment he shot dead an innocent man in Cleveland and claims to have slaughtered 14 more. Steve Stephens, 37, is on the loose in the Ohio city after he recorded the shocking act on social media at around 2pm Eastern Time on Easter Sunday.

An aggravated murder warrant was issued for his arrest late Sunday night, saying that in addition to those in Ohio, residents of states of Pennsylvania, New York, Indiana and Michigan are asked to be on alert.
Blacks were inflicted on America by slave trading Jews - see The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews for more and better details. Now ZOGs [ Zionist Occupied Governments ] are importing them into European with malice aforethought. Angela Merkel is giving Germans Cultural Enrichment; it turns out to mean Rape, robbery, arson, you name it. What does Merkel say about it? Keep your mouth shut. What are they doing about it? See e.g. the next one.

Yes, murder is fun for Psychopaths.


Illegal Immigrants Drown Off Libyan Coast
At least 20 migrants trying to reach Europe have drowned off the coast of Libya, a Reuters photographer said.

Darrin Zammit Lupi, who was aboard the rescue ship Phoenix, said he saw 20 bodies while a dinghy was being helped by the ship's crew, run by the Malta-based Malta Offshore Aid Station (MOAS).

The deaths come one day after  the Italian coastguard and other boats rescued some 3,000 migrants from unseaworthy boats off the Libyan coast.
Malta Offshore Aid Station, run by Americans, is one of several Charities which are Criminal Organisations in the business of smuggling Third World parasites into Europe and England, causing Ethnic Fouling and creating Trojan Horses to carry out Genocide; it is how they are destroying Western Civilization. In this case they failed to make their rendezvous. The whole thing is done by collusion between the Lunatic Fringe and Barbarian smugglers with the full knowledge and approval of European governments controlled by the Puppet Masters, which means Zionist crazies. The Mail does not point out that a very large most i.e. well over 90% of these Illegal Immigrants get away with it.


Attorney General In Court To Block Tony Blair Prosecution
Legal corruption at its most blatant. Blair isn't just a War Criminal, he is a War Criminal On The Run, one being protected by Her Majesty's Government & police bodyguards at a cost of millions. There is still the International Criminal Court, which has jurisdiction when national governments can't or won't prosecute. But they only go after Third World thugs. The Establishment looks after its own, no matter what.


Who is accused of doing whatever it was 40 years ago? The Daily Mail isn't saying, nor is News24 but the Director of Public Prosecutions for the Western Cape in South Africa is - see The Metropolitan Police shrugged her story off in 2014.
PS She looks like she is14 years old and the rest.


16 April 2017
Is  Easter Sunday when we commemorate the Resurrection of Jesus Christ
On this day in
1945 Colditz was taken by the Americans advancing from the west. See Colditz Castle &
Norman Finkelstein explains Holocaust Memorial Day

North Korean Missile Fails
A test or an attempt to start World War III? The fat fool will be embarrassed. His underlings will get aggravation.


Crown Prosecution Service Criticised After Malicious Prosecution Is Rejected By A Jury
The Crown Prosecution Service was facing serious questions from MPs last night after a judge condemned it for putting an innocent teacher on trial for raping a pupil following ‘enormous pressure’ from a former Metropolitan Police chief and an ex-CPS boss. A jury took just 15 minutes to clear high-flying deputy headmaster Kato Harris – who says the ordeal has destroyed his life.

Now, The Mail on Sunday can reveal that Sue Akers, an ex-Scotland Yard deputy assistant commissioner, hired as a private detective by the 14-year-old’s wealthy family, influenced the CPS decision to prosecute by pressurising officers from her old force..................

A damning official verdict, written by the trial judge and seen by this newspaper, also suggests Alison Levitt QC, the CPS’s former principal legal adviser to the Director of Public Prosecutions might have misled detectives into believing she acted as a ‘minister of justice’ for the CPS. At the time, she too was being paid by the girl’s parents.

Akers and Levitt were hired by the pupil’s family through exclusive legal firm Mishcon de Reya...........

The judge said he was ‘at a loss’ to see how the CPS decided there was ‘sufficient evidence to provide a realistic prospect of conviction’...........

In an interview with The Mail on Sunday, Mr Harris reveals that the girl’s false claims have destroyed his career – and extinguished his once irrepressible spirit that endeared him to legions of children.
Was the girl raped? Pass. Was she put up to it after telling a few lies? Pass. Did the family want vengeance? Yes! Did the family use  Mishcon de Reya because they are Jews or because they have infiltrated the Establishment, because they know how to pervert the system?
PS The DPP, Alison Saunders is "controversial", a Feminist who hates men.


15 April 2017
Is Easter Saturday & time for a bonfire to burn Judas Iscariot in effigy. He it was who betrayed Jesus to the Jews, got paid Thirty pieces of silver for his pains then  had the decency to hang himself after, unlike so many traitors in modern times.

On this day in 1945 Belsen was captured by the British Army. It was not pretty.

Donald Trump And Fat Boy Rattle Sabres Louder
North Korea upped its warmongering with Donald Trump today in a series of menacing boasts threatening to 'ravage' US troops amid fears the two countries are heading for war. The secretive state vowed to 'pulverize' US bases and South Korean capital Seoul if it was threatened by the US military, which is carrying out drills on the Korean peninsula. A US aircraft carrier group is steaming towards the region............

The rhetoric comes after North Korea warned that President Donald Trump's 'troublemaking' and 'aggressive' tweets have pushed the world to the brink of thermo-nuclear war.
McCain is a War Mongering maniac; it looks as though he might get his wish. The Chinese foreign minister, Wang Yi said there will be no winners. World War III will be a good one to miss.


Merkel Wants To Stop Islamic Crime Wave That She Created
German Chancellor Angela Merkel had infuriated the heads of her intelligence services by turning to the UK for advice on how to combat her country's escalating Islamic terror threat.

Respected news magazine Focus reports in its latest issue that 18 months ago she met the heads of MI5, MI6 and the director of GCHQ, the agency which was discovered to have conducted covert surveillance on Germany...............

'Why does she travel to England then? Does she not trust her own people anymore?' [ Do they trust her? ]

According to Focus David Cameron arranged for her to meet intelligence chiefs at Chequers in October 2015.
If Merkel wanted to stop the mass Rape, dole parasites et cetera she wouldn't import well over a million criminals. Asking Cameron for advice means she wants it that way. They are both Enemies Of The People, traitors using Third World parasites to destroy Western Civilization albeit they might get beaten to it by Donald Trump & World War III.


Iraqi Murderer Does It Again
A murderer who stabbed his former housemate to death in a 'savage' street attack after serving time for a similar killing in Sweden has been jailed for life. Sivan Amin, 37, stabbed his former flatmate Mircea Gheorghe Cozmiuc, 23, at least 23 times on his doorstep in Carter Road, Wolverhampton, and left him to die in September last year...............

Amin, originally from Iraq, came to the UK as an asylum seeker in 2000. When his application was rejected, he went to Sweden instead, where he was jailed for murder in 2008 after shooting his friend Deren Omar Mohammed with a pistol at close range.

He was released in 2014 and then returned to the UK – but it is not clear how or when he did.
The rogues and Traitors importing Third World aliens are doing more damage than Don & the fat fool in North Korea.


Police Didn't Kill Black Criminal
An opportunity missed. The Mail doesn't bother to tell us that the perpetrator was black but see the picture to know. It claimed that he was "unruly". The truth is a casualty again. The Mail is another left wing Propaganda machine. If the police had shot him the Mail would have complained, thus inciting hate, anti-white hate contrary to the  Part III of the  Public Order Act 1986 because they are Racists.


14 April 2017
Is Good Friday, the day when we commemorate the Crucifixion and his death at Calvary. There is a re-enactment in the Philippines

Three crosses, one for Jesus & two for thieves.
On this day in 1985 American aircraft bombed Tripoli , BOMBING. They were being manipulated - see How Mossad Got America to Bomb Libya. Again Victor Ostrovsky tells all. Cunning, vicious, competent and murderous. That is Mossad.
14 April 2003 Winnie Mandela got five years for stealing $120,000 - she will have beaten the rap on appeal.

Illegal Immigrants Destroying National Wildlife
A nonprofit group dedicated to protecting all native wild animals and plants has published a detailed report documenting how illegal immigrants crossing through the 350-mile Arizona-Mexico border have destroyed hundreds of acres of national forests and their habitat.

Titled On The Line: The Impacts of Immigration Policy on Wildlife and Habitat in the Arizona Borderlands, the 41-page report tells how illegal immigrants have devastated national parks by leaving mountains of trash and human waste, with recurring fires and by despoiling natural springs and vandalizing historic sites. The migrants have also created damaging illegal trails and roads that destroy sensitive and federally protected vegetation.

The manager of a seriously damaged federal park, Cabeza Prieta National Wildlife Refuge, said that 2 million pounds of garbage are scattered through broad valleys and desert arroyos every year. Cabeza Prieta houses 400 plant species and 300 types of wildlife, including ringtail cat, kit fox, bighorn sheep, javelina, badger, bobcat, mule deer and desert tortoise. It’s only a matter of time before their home is rendered uninhabitable. The same applies to the other five national parks, three wildlife refuges, three national monuments, two national conservation areas and national forest located along the Arizona-Mexico border.
Contrast this with Wildlife Conservation Groups Use Bogus Endangered Species Stories To Help Illegal Immigrants


Daily Mail Implied That Melania Trump Was A Whore & Comes Unstuck
The Daily Mail is a Propaganda machine that hates Donald Trump, just like the rest of the Main Stream Media. But Don has the money to sue them all the way to the Lords. He could have done it the other way, by hitting them with a few cruise missiles. They got lucky.


13 April 2017
Is Maundy Thursday, the day of the Last Supper

28 Pakistanis Charged With Paedophile Crimes
There is another who might be French. They were inflicted on Huddersfield, which is a safe distance from Parliament, Eton, Roedean and civilization generally. They were and are being imported by Her Majesty's Government with malice aforethought. Capitalist Swine want cheap labour while The Labour Party wants industrial scale Vote Rigging. Now a few Pakistanis are being thrown to the wolves while police and politicians walk free.


Wildlife Conservation Groups Use Bogus Endangered Species Stories To Block Development
Wildlife conservation groups are collaborating with a federal government agency to halt construction of the southern border wall by fudging science to claim that unimpeded trans-border corridors are essential to an “endangered species” with 99% of its population in Mexico. Under the plan, large areas of Arizona and New Mexico would be prohibited from erecting a border wall so that jaguars—which don’t even occupy the area—can roam back and forth between the two countries. More than ¾ million acres in Arizona and New Mexico would be designated as critical habitat for jaguars under the federal Endangered Species Act (ESA), which specifically states that critical habitat can only be designated for the United States.
Decent Conservatives, there are some, care about Conservatism & conservation. So do farmers who want to keep the land in good heart. The kind of people making claims about the lesser spotted Mongolian peewit or whatever are keen on Homosexuality, Feminism & other Marxist, single issue Subversion operations. They are the Lunatic Fringe, liars, fools being manipulated or some combination. This particular operation has a clear political objective; obstructing Donald Trump's Mexican wall. The WWF is another, similar outfit.
PS Another related issue is the corruption and underfunding of the U.S. Border Patrol. It was Obama's policy to incite Illegal Immigration.


Clinton Foundation Connected With Laura Silsby A Convicted Child Trafficker So The Media Do A Blackout
According to a story published by Charisma news, it was a blogger on social media who first discovered the connection between Hillary Clinton and child trafficker Laura Silsby.

Silsby is the former director of “The New Life Children's Refuge.” She was caught trying to kidnap 33 Haitian children, most of whom had families. By following the trail of declassified Wikileaks emails the social media blogger discovered that Huma Abedin was “constantly forwarding emails to Hillary Clinton” about Laura Silsby’s organization. The blogger also linked Clinton emails to an attempt to protect Laura Silsby from prosecution...........

The discovery also included Wikileaks emails from Hillary Clinton, the content of which reveal Clinton contacting a lawyer regarding ten people arrested involved in the child trafficking ring. It was also revealed that the lawyer who represented Silsby was a convicted child sex trafficker............

The Clinton family’s connections to convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein raise concerns over newly discovered connections between Hillary Clinton and convicted child abductor Laura Silsby.
Laura Silsby reads as a well meaning fool, the sort who goes in for Pathological Altruism albeit one of her lawyers, Jorge Puello Torres is a Jew on the run from human trafficking raps.
PS Some background is at Clinton Foundation International Sex Trafficking Ring.


12 April 2017

China Threatens To Bomb North Korea
So perhaps Don wasn't overreacting. He was visited by the China boss a few days ago. Korea must have been discussed.


Israel Officially Aids 3rd World Invasion

Asylum seekers? Not in Israel

Jews Want Refugees”—But Not in Israel
You just might see a theme here. NB this is what Jews [ make that Zionist crazies ] say. Then they confirmed it - see the next one.


Jews Refuse To Take In Refugees - Again
Israel Refuses to Take Refugees -- Again
The Jewish ethnostate has refused once again to take in any Syrian refugees—although its foreign ministry funds the refugee-invasion of Europe, and Jewish groups in America and the E.U. are part of the broad leftist coalition which demands that all non-Jewish states take in refugees.

According to a report in the Times of Israel, the Jewish state’s Energy Minister Yuval Steinitz has said that “Israel is prepared to continue treating casualties from the war in Syria but will definitely not take in any refugees.”
Third World infiltrators are bad for Jews in Palestine, in the Stolen Land that they call Israel but they inflict them on us with malice aforethought. You doubt it?  Look at Jews Want Third World Immigration.


Daily Mail Admits That Stockholm Terrorist Is An Muslim - Eventually
The enemy alien did it to avenge Western War Crimes in Syria. One sees his point but they were nothing to do with Sweden. If he had killed Blair, Brown, Bush, Cameron, Obama, Netanyahu or other perpetrators it would have been worthwhile.


Borussia-Dortmund Terrorists Are Islamics
That is just the obvious but the Main Stream Media don't want us to know.


Black Fornicator Dies Drunk At Wheel
One problem solved. 


11 April 2017
On this day in 1981 the 1981 Brixton riot kicked off; it was the start of a series which proved that blacks are trouble. Her Majesty's Government carried on importing them with the enthusiastic connivance of Her Allegedly Loyal Opposition. The follow ups are 1985 Brixton riot – 28 September 1985, 1995 Brixton riot – 13 December 1995 & 2011 England riots - 7 August 2011. See Brixton riots ex Wiki
Passover came, Passover went. No babies were reported stolen for their blood but the "Blood Libel" story is still true.

Donald Trump's Sabre Rattling Goes Over The Top
Is Don just talking for the sake of it. He met the Chinese boss last week without any histrionics so perhaps not but does he want to start World War III over a trifle?


Black Woman Driver Attacked Roundabout While Drinking Vodka At The Wheel
Terrifying footage captures the moment a mother flipped her car 14 feet into the air after swigging vodka while driving with her baby son.

Tania Chikwature, 32, was three times the drink drive limit when she crashed her Nissan Qashqai while hurtling towards a roundabout on the A605 in Peterborough. Her toddler, aged 20 months, was sat in the back of the car but fortunately, escaped without any serious injuries.

Chikwature, from Coventry [ Try Zimbabwe - Editor ], was jailed for 26 weeks for driving with excess alcohol and dangerous driving, at Peterborough magistrates' court.
Perhaps the black wants to be a stunt driver; she is stupid as well as ugly  but then she is another of Her Majesty's Government's imports. The judge is a big softie. The video is rather amusing/interesting/amazing/horrifying/proof of in depth stupidity [ delete to taste ].


Swedish Police Chief Wants Islamic Terrorists Deported So He Gets Threatened
The Attorney General is another dangerous Left Wing fool, the sort that caused problems in that Socialist Paradise cum  humanitarian superpower. He is also acting Ultra Vires, abusing his power; none of this nonsense of impartiality in the Land of the Midnight Sun.


10 April 2017

Swedish Prime Minister Says Importing Vicious Third World Aliens Is A Bad Mistake
The Prime Minister of Sweden has vowed his country will 'never go back' to recent levels of mass immigration after it emerged the terrorist who killed four people in a truck attack was a failed asylum seeker. Stefan Löfven pledged to change his country's liberal attitude, insisting the massive influx allowed during the 2015 migrant crisis would never happen again.

Rakhmat Akilov, from Uzbekistan, hijacked the lorry and deliberately drove into pedestrians on central Stockholm's main shopping street on Friday afternoon. It was a copycat of the attack carried out in London last month, when Khalid Masood killed four pedestrians and injured dozens more with a Hyundai 4x4. Swedish police said there were clear similarities.
Swedish Left Wingers running the country decided to make it into a humanitarian superpower. They succeeded; it is how they turned Malmö into the Rape Capital Of Scandinavia. Their Altruism created a disaster zone; it became Pathological Altruism,  self-inflicted madness. To be fair their prime minister does seem to have taken the point after four murders. The Mail's readers understand what the fools would not - the comments make that clear.
PS Recall that the Labour Party in England did the same with Rotherham.


Pakistani Official Charged With Taking Bribes From Third World Aliens
A HOME Office employee has been arrested for allegedly charging immigrants £1,000 to fast track visa applications. Navas Mohammed Karim, 35, is accused of offering the service while working at an immigration and asylum centre. He is said to have posed as an immigration specialist promising to help with individuals’ cases. But he was allegedly accessing the Home Office’s immigration database to try to get cases moved swiftly on. A source said: “For around a year in 2014 he was supposedly offering this service.
Import Third World aliens and watch them carry on the way they did in various ghastly Hellholes.


Islamic Was Born In England So He Was Not A Terrorist Until He Was Radicalised - Allegedly
As we now know, the attacker, Khalid Masood, was British [ sic ], born in Kent and brought up as Adrian Russell Elms. His story is one of radicalisation, the question being when and how he embraced extremist Islamist ideology: the path that led him to an act of murderous violence has nothing to do with immigration.
The Guardian does not usually lie that bluntly, that plainly. This time it did. It is where the BBC, another bunch of Marxist traitors finds the Party Line.


Vaz Gets Away With Buying Cocaine For Catamites  
Another politician, another crook, another police failure. Vaz is above the law.


9 April 2017
On this day in 1948 Jews carried out the Deir Yassin Massacre in Palestine, murdering about 110 Palestinian civilians. The Wikipedia lies about it, telling the Jews' party line - see But it was useful in the process of Ethnic Cleansing, which the Wiki calls the  Palestinian Exodus. It is what the Jews were doing at the time. See also Deir Yassin - History of the Massacre which is likely to be more honest. It is within sight of Yad Vashem, the headquarters of the Holocaust® Industry
PS Two of the leading thugs that day, Begin and Shamir, became prime ministers of Israel, the Stolen Land. Begin got a Nobel PEACE Prize awarded by well meaning(?) fools i.e. Moral Cretins

The New Observer Web Site Is Knocked Out Yet Again By The Enemies Of Free Speech And Truth
That means by Zionist crazies.


Daily Mail Admits That Stockholm Terrorists Are Third World Aliens
The Daily Mail is part of the Main Stream Media conspiracy to pretend that vicious Islamic immigrants are good for us, that they are not being inflicted on us to cause Ethnic Fouling followed by Genocide. They claim that one of the police involved was Islamic and that Donald Trump is a liar - routine nonsense but then the Mail is a Propaganda machine. Its readers aren't fool enough to believe it.


Woman Who Helped Expose The Rotherham Rapists Comes Out Of The Darkness
The woman who helped expose the Rotherham abuse scandal and jail an evil grooming gang is telling her incredible story as she campaigns to help other victims.

Chris Burn reports.  For four years, she has told the world her horrifying story from the shadows – putting unrelenting pressure on the authorities to finally deliver justice for the abused girls of Rotherham. But now Sammy Woodhouse has waived her anonymity to reveal her true identity as she emerges from the darkness of the town’s notorious exploitation scandal............

The incredibly brave Samantha Woodhouse did the nation a service by helping to expose the appalling Rotherham child abuse scandal.

For years, she gave interviews under the name ‘Jessica’ to highlight what had happened in the town and the lack of action by those in authority to bring abusers to justice.
She exposed the reality of police and politicians' determination to protect the Pakistani Perverts who were [ and are ] raping girls in Rotherham. They were English but they didn't matter, they didn't go to public schools. The Labour Party wanted the Pakistani votes, the large scale Vote Rigging after they betrayed the honest Working Classes. Rape was the quid pro quo. The cover up has failed but the perpetrators are still walking free. The "inquiry" will drag on for years - until we have all forgotten then the 1,000 page report will talk round it. Recall that Blair murdered thousands and got paid millions. [ Blair Got Away With Murder Says Chilcot ]


Jerusalem Post Questions Lies About Anti-Semitism
The Jerusalem Post has finally asked the question on everyone’s mind: How long have Jewish organizations known that the wave of “anti-Semitic” threats has been coming from Israel and not the “right wing”? In an article titled “ How and Why We Were Duped by Anti-Semitism Hysteria in America,” the Jerusalem Post’s op-ed editor, Seth J. Frantzman, says that “for the past two months mass hysteria swept America and Jewish communities abroad that are tuned into the happenings in the US, with claims of a wave of ‘anti-Semitism.’”.............. Now, Frantzman said, the “narrative today of those who pushed the hysteria and invented the ‘false flag’ quote is that the teenager accused of the attacks is just ‘a very disturbed young man.’......

Frantzman goes on to answer his own question by pointing out that Jerry Silverman, CEO of the Jewish Federations of North America, noted on March 23 that “Jewish leaders” were briefed by top officials from the FBI ten days previously. Since January, he said the calls have been suspected to be the work of a single person, and it “was known for weeks, perhaps months, that the source was not in the US..........

Yet from all the reports you wouldn’t know that,” he said. Also, in early March the Jewish Telegraphic Agency “reported that US senators were seeking to renew grants of $20 million a year in funds for security assistance, much of which has gone to Jewish institutions.” “Why,” Frantzman asked, “were people still using the bomb threats as an excuse for funding in March, when law enforcement knew that they were almost all not credible and that this was not a case of terrorism, but a disgusting hoax?”
Perhaps most Anti-Semitic incidents are fraudulent acts by Zionist crazies or other undesirables. Jews use them; it is why they have infiltrated the media so heavily.



8 April 2017

Vladimir Putin's Battleship Will Protect Syria From American Hooligans
Do we really need this kind of nonsense? Syria is just a miscellaneous bit of real estate, which is irrelevant, apart from camels and a bit of oil. At all event it would be if the thugs running Israel weren't using American forces to control Oil and the Middle East. Does Don want to be known as the man who kicked off World War III? Does Vlad?


Four Out Of Five Muslims Support ISIS - Allegedly
Most young Muslims in the UK support ISIS
A devastating poll has [ allegedly ] revealed massive support for ISIS among the millions of Muslims living in Britain.

The horrors and atrocities we think of as acts carried out by savage fanatics in war torn Iraq and Syria has an alarming level of backing from what politicians call ‘moderate British’ Muslims.

The shocking results came to light in a report published by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) after extensive polling was carried out asking Muslims in Britain to rate their feelings for ISIS and the acts carried out by those religious fanatics...........

In a stunningly unconcerned and arrogant manner, as many as 80% of Muslims OPENLY and proudly claimed support for ISIS.
The British National Party is misusing the statistics, which don't come from the ONS at all. A less misleading report comes from a Jew - see 80% of London Muslims Support ISIS but the BNP is right about their fundamental point; the Third World parasites are free loaders being used by the Enemy Within to create the Trojan Horses that will be used to destroy England.

When these "refugees" get here they vote for the party of corruption, the party that panders to Islamics. The Labour Party uses Pakistanis for industrial scale Vote Rigging while allowing wholesale Rape in Rotherham, Rochdale et cetera; a real Devil's bargain. Labour gets its finance from Jews, which is another.


Daily Mail Admits Sort of That Stockholm Murderers Were Islamic
No they weren't "lone wolves" or lunatics; they were vicious Third World criminals deliberately imported by fools.


Halal Slaughterers Are Cruel
One of the largest halal slaughterhouses in Britain is being investigated over allegations of animal cruelty. Undercover filming claims to show a slaughterman repeatedly sawing at the necks of sheep with a knife as they pass down a conveyor belt.

The animals appear not to have been killed instantly – as should be the case – and some were seen fitting and jumping as they went down the line........ The Food Standards Agency (FSA) has now launched an inquiry based on the footage. It has taken steps to ban the slaughter man involved and could bring a criminal prosecution..........

The slaughterhouse at Dunnockshaw Farm, near Burnley, is owned by the Malik Food Group, which claims to be ‘the UK’s leading processor of Premium Halal Mutton, Lamb and Beef’................

Advocates of halal and kosher slaughter say this process means the animals quickly lose consciousness and so do not suffer.

This is rejected by animal welfare groups and the British Veterinary Association (BVA), which argues the public should at least be told if meat they are eating is from animals killed under religious ritual.
The allegations that it is not cruel are blatantly wrong and that is assuming they do it right. Ditto for Kosher Slaughter but that is done by Jews so the  Daily Mail isn't going to tell the truth about them. However  a Jew out there does tell the truth - see e.g. Failed Messiah explains the Kosher Meat Scandals or the Rubashkin Scandals. NB the RSPCA keeps very quiet about kosher and halal but the Mail's readers are very much on side. The MALIK FOOD GROUP LTD is run by two Pakistanis and a Brit; a fact which the Daily Mail chooses to side step.


Pakistani Wife Beater Committed Perjury
He is a surly rogue who got off with eighteen months.


Fairy Stories Are Brainwashing Says Marxist Propaganda Machine
The Guardian knows a lot about perverting the truth, about Propaganda but it doesn't mention Willi Münzenberg who was Joe Stalin's Spinmeister. Uncle Joe was so grateful that he had Willi murdered.


7 April 2017

Islamics Murder Five In Stockholm
At least five people have been killed after a terrorist hijacked a truck and rammed shoppers in Stockholm before crashing into a packed shopping centre and bursting into flames. Three men jumped out from the lorry and opened fire before trying to stab pedestrians, witnesses said. Footage shows two men being tackled to the ground and arrested - but a third suspect is believed to be on the run....................

Officers said the vehicle crashed into a group of people on the street outside a shopping centre in Klarabergsgatan  after racing down six streets at about 3pm local time.
The perpetrators haven't been named yet but they will turn out to be another lot of vicious Third World aliens imported by the self-righteous fools who run the place, the idiots who turned Malmö into the Rape Capital Of Scandinavia. They prove that good intentions turn into Pathological Altruism, the collective madness that causes Nobel Peace Prizes to be given to War Criminals such as Obama and Menachem Begin. It might well be a response to Don's attack on Syria.


Donald Trump Removes Steve Bannon From The National Security Council
President Donald Trump's chief strategist Steve Bannon has been removed from the National Security Council's principals committee, according to a security memo that the White House confirmed. The change reverses a controversial internal policy decision made at the start of the Trump administration.

A senior administration official told [ the ] Daily Mail on Wednesday shortly after the news broke that removing Bannon from the principals committee was a long-expected development.
This is not good news; it suggests that Don isn't keeping the White House in order. He has plenty of enemies as it is. Far more importantly, is he keeping his promises to the people, those he made in his Contract with the American Voter?


Swedish Medical Associations Says White Helmets Murdered Kids for Fake Gas Attack Videos
Gordon Duff of Veterans Today tells the world that Swedish Doctors for Human Rights regard this gas attack as fraudulent propaganda set up by the White Helmets. Is he telling the truth? Maybe but Donald Trump acted on the story. See the next one.
PS The headline is verbatim.


Donald Trump Attacks Syrian Air Force Base
President Donald Trump launched a deadly US airstrike against a Syrian air base after a horrific nerve gas attack which killed more than 80 of his own [ sic ] citizens. The US military fired 59 Tomahawk m missiles at the Bashar al-Assad controlled al-Shayrat military airfield near Homs at 8.45pm (EDT) on Thursday, killing at least four and injuring many more.

President Trump, speaking from his Mar-a-Lago estate where he is hosting the Chinese President Xi Jinping and his wife Peng as part of a two day summit, said the US had to act after the Syrian dictator launched the 'horrible chemical weapons attack' on innocent civilians.
So Don believed the atrocity story & presumably his military staff said they did too. This is good news for McDonnell Douglas with Tomahawks at US$1.59 million each.


Obama's Henchwench Tapped Donald Trump's Phones
Susan Rice is another black, another Enemy Within.
PS Various news operations use mug shots to make her look white.


Muslims Gave Two Homosexuals A Good Kicking
They did it in Arnhem. Why is a great city infested with Third World parasites? Because Jews, in particular Zionist crazies wanted Ethnic Fouling In Holland. They got it because they are the Puppet Masters, controlling, perverting, destroying.


Labour Candidate Accuses Israel Of Genocide
This shows that he is not a Zionist crazy or a neutered Englishman; he is of course a Pakistani telling the truth. Guido Fawkes seems to think Khan is wrong but it is going to be a real vote winner in another ghastly Hellhole full of Third World aliens.


6 April 2017

Labour MPs Complain About Livingstone After He Tells The Truth About Jews Collaborating With The Nazis
Labour MPs have slammed their party’s decision not to expel Ken Livingstone for making comments that were widely interpreted as anti-Semitic............. The accusations relate to remarks made in April 2016 in which Mr Livingstone claimed Adolf Hitler had “supported Zionism…before he went mad and ended up killing six million Jews”...............

Speaking outside the hearing, Mr Livingstone compared the process to “sitting through a court in North Korea”. 

Asked if he wanted to apologise to Jewish people who had been offended by his comments, the former London mayor replied: “I apologise for the offence caused by those Labour MPs who lied and said I said Hitler was a Zionist”. 
The idea that 100 Labour MPs are seriously annoyed with Ken Livingstone for telling the truth about Zionist crazies is interesting. Do they know that Jews Collaborated With Nazis? Do they care? The agenda comes first; the truth nowhere. Most of them will be Labour Friends of Israel, an organisation set up by the Puppet Masters to run Parliament; it colludes with the Conservative Friends of Israel to control another lot of bent politicians.


Censored Chapters of 200 Years Together Are On Line Now
Alexander Solzhenitsyn, the great Russian dissident won the Nobel Prize for Literature then wrote 200 Years Together. Suddenly he became a non-person, no longer feted because he told Russia how the Jews led the destruction of Russia society. It wasn't translated for years because Jews don't like the truth but now is out there; read it and learn.


5 April 2017

'I have a responsibility to act' Donald Trump squares up to Assad after 'heinous' Syria chemical attack
That's a point of view. Did it really happen? Do you know anyone who was there? See  Why the Syrian Gas Attack Is Probably Fake  BTW What is Donald Trump doing for his own people? See the next one. Americans just might feel that Don is betraying them.


Trump's Department Of State Will Admit Just As Many Third World Aliens
Leo Hohmann at World Net Daily received word from a US State Department spokesperson that YES, as the HuffPo reported yesterday, the Administration is going to admit 900 refugees a week for the remainder of the fiscal year which ends September 30th.

As of yesterday, that would mean that 62,482 could be the expected total.  The average since 9/11 has been around 64,000.  (See all admission numbers since 9/11 here.)

So big deal! The Trump team would be admitting only a small number below the average of George Bush and Barack Obama years.  The Dems, the Open Borders Left, the contractors with fat salaries, the Chamber of Commerce and RINO big business lackeys are surely all jumping for joy............

He is either being rolled by the bureaucrats or he (or Tillerson) has been convinced that businesses need the cheap labor.  Either way, it doesn’t look good!
Donald Trump
talked the talk. Is he walking the walk? Is he betraying us? The haters, the Marxists, the Lunatic Fringe et cetera have gone quiet so the answer looks like a YES. Perhaps it would have been better if he had been shot on Inauguration Day. BTW see the next one. Her Majesty's Government is just as much an Enemy Of The People.

Salus Populi Suprema Lex
Salus populi suprema lex is a Latin legal maxim that means welfare of the people shall be the supreme law. The maxim means that the law exists to serve the common good e.g. that encouraging mass Immigration by Third World parasites is a breach of good government and Treason to boot.

Pat Buchanan explains Europe's Future  


Universities Are Marxist Propaganda Machines
Of all our cultural institutions that have been captured by intolerant Leftist activists, our universities present the saddest and most ridiculous spectacle.

A university is meant to be a place of intellectual enquiry, where young minds obtain an education that will expand their horizons and expose them to the best that Western civilisation has to offer.

But many have fallen very far from this ideal. Instead, they have degenerated into places more of indoctrination than education, wasting precious time pandering to the demands of special interest groups, beset by small-minded and self-absorbed campaigns to do with students’ ‘well-being’.

Universities appear to have forgotten the genuine challenges and lofty pleasures of learning, or their role as key transmitters of our national culture, history and heritage.
This is not new news but it is reality. The tutors running humanities departments hand out degrees or not according to politics. The corresponding fanatics a few centuries ago burnt people at the stake for their pains. This lot are just as self-righteous, just as full of hate.


Sadistic Black Thieves Get Life
Pouring boiling water over victims to make them say where the valuables are is deeply, sincerely vicious. They prove that flogging and hanging are good options. NB they were imported by Her Majesty's Government with the wholehearted collusion of Her Allegedly Loyal Opposition.


Paedophile Jew Is Still On The Run After 40 Years
LOS ANGELES—A Los Angeles judge on Monday rejected Roman Polanski's bid to end his long-running underage sex abuse case without the fugitive director appearing in court or being sentenced to more prison time.

Superior Court Judge Scott M. Gordon refused to address how Polanski would be sentenced if he returned to the U.S. after 40 years abroad. He noted that other courts, including a California appellate court, have ruled that the Oscar winner is a fugitive and must return to Los Angeles for sentencing..........

Polanski was charged with six felonies in 1977 after he was accused of plying a 13-year-old girl with champagne and part of a sedative pill, then raping her at actor Jack Nicholson’s house.

Polanski pleaded guilty to unlawful sex with a minor, but he fled Los Angeles on the eve of sentencing in 1978. He has sought to resolve the case several times without personally appearing in court [ or risk justice ].
Polanski wants Hollywood and vice versa; they are Jews all - see Polanski Explained By Professor MacDonald.



H0LL0W H0AXES, Berlin, Germany says
Hitler was Time Magazine man of the year 1938, Merkel was Time Magazine's Woman of the Year in 2016. Guess who the Germans would rather have running their country now.
What an awful thing to say. Someone wasn't paying attention in the propaganda politics class.

4 April 2017
This day in 1944 was the start of the Battle of Kohima
When You Go Home, Tell Them Of Us And Say,
For Their Tomorrow, We Gave Our Today

While in 1968 it was the turn of the Very Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King to be killed. How much do you know about his corruption, fornication et cetera? Try the Martin Luther King Quiz. NB His handler was a Marxist Jew.

Pakistani Cook Attacks Customer Then Alleges Self Defence
Believe that if you want. Why did he have chili powder to hand? To throw into someone's eyes. QED.


American Football Team Achieves 52 Rapes
What colour were they? Do you really need to ask? To be fair though, why weren't attacks reported at the time?


Kurdish 'Refugee' Gets A Good Kicking - Media Go Coy About The Colour Of The Perpetrators
Murder is a Hate Crime - unless the attackers are Third World undesirables. Look at the mug shots and draw your own conclusions. The Guardian is a left wing propaganda machine so the truth [ usually ] comes down the line.


BBC Front Man Says It Is Allowed To Be Biased About Brexit
BBC presenter Nick Robinson has said the organisation has no duty to 'satisfy' Remainers and Leavers as the referendum is now over. 

The presenter of Radio 4's Today programme said critics should 'leave it out' and 'remain calm' because the corporation is no longer obliged to balance the two sides of the argument.
Mr Robinson, who was the BBC's political editor for more than a decade, said the broadcaster instead has a duty to its viewers to explain, analyse and scrutinise the 'most significant policy decisions to be taken in decades'.
Of course they have a duty to market Homosexuality & protect Paedophile perverts like Jimmy Savile, Jimmy Savile, Rolf Harris, Ted Heath, Stuart Hall, Peter Jaconelli et cetera ad nauseum. Ditto for Feminists, Marxists & Racists - if they are the anti-English sort.
PS The BBC is run by expert liars; they use the half truth, quarter truth, one percent truth and zero truth without compunction.


Daily Mail Marketing Homosexuality
None of this nonsense about being a family newspaper. The Daily Mail is another Propaganda machine, just as corrupt in its way as the BBC. It markets its output to decent working people in order to pervert them. The agenda is usually hidden but then this one made a front page splash.


Marxist White Man Says Washington White People Are Fucking Insufferable
The sickest American institution is probably higher education. Colleges and universities openly promote anti-American, anti-white hatred and shut down anyone remotely conservative..........

With all this in mind, let us consider Gavin Mueller, who teaches at the University of Texas, Dallas. He is a Marxist, and contemptuously anti-white:
“god the white people of DC are fucking insufferable”

Professor Mueller has been a contributing editor to the Marxist publication Jacobin since its inception. Named both for the French Jacobins who unleashed the “Reign of Terror” and their black imitators in Haiti who slaughtered whites, the magazine sells posters of guillotines.
Racism is the great evil of our age - unless of course it is anti-White. People in the USSR who suffered under the real thing don't believe this kind of insane rubbish but the Lunatic Fringe are different.


3 April 2017
On this day in 1917 Lenin arrived at the Finland Station to take over the Bolshevik Revolution, coming with his entourage in a "Sealed Train" by arrangement with the German government; they wanted him to destroy the Russian war machine from behind. They succeeded big time, achieving over 85 million murders. See The Black Book of Communism for more and better details.

A comedian who knows explosives did this outside the Finland Station on the 2009 anniversary. Very symbolic and look where he did it. Source

The boy done good.

Black Anti-White Racist Arrested For Bomb Threats Against Jews
A black journalist—best known for his complaints about “white racism”—has been arrested in connection with the current wave of bomb threats being made against Jewish institutions in the U.S. Juan Thompson was arrested last week after he was positively linked to at least eight of the bomb threats, including to the Anti-Defamation League [ ADL] and Jewish centers around the country.

The incidents have been widely used by the Jewish lobby and their controlled media to make the utterly false claim that that “anti-Semitism” has increased since the election of Donald Trump......

According to a Reuters report, Thompson was fired from his job as a reporter at the Intercept news website about year ago for falsifying reports and quotes.

In the months that followed, he made numerous online postings about “white racism” from his former employer (Intercept was founded by the far left homosexual Jew, Glen Greenwald), from the police, and from a white woman he had dated................

It is a well-known fact that many of the “hate crimes” against Jews are caused by Jews themselves, most often in an attempt to generate sympathy for the alleged victims.

Just three months ago, for example, two Northwestern University Jews, named as Anthony Morales and Matthew Kafker, were charged with hate crimes and vandalism after admitting to spray-painting swastikas and pro-Trump propaganda on the walls of a nondenominational campus chapel.......

The list of fake hate crimes is long and extensive, and the Townhall news service recently published a list of ten examples of “hate crimes” supposedly committed by “Trump supporters” which all turned out to be hoaxes. In 2015, a Jewish student at the George Washington University was revealed to be behind a swastika painting outbreak. That incident was a repeat of a 2007 swastika-painting “hate crime” at the same institution which also turned out to have been committed by a Jew.

One of the more prominent cases occurred in 2012, when the New York Police Department’s “Hate Crime Task Force” arrested a Jew named David Haddad in connection with a series of anti-Semitic threats and vandalism in Manhattan and Brooklyn, including a rash of swastika incidents.
Earlier reports did not bother to mention that Thompson is a Black.


European Union Boss Threatens US After Donald Trump Backs Brexit
Juncker is an arrogant little "£%^*(&% [ Insert naughty word to taste ]. He doesn't know when he is totally outclassed; he will bugger off to which ever ghastly little country and get forgotten. He will be no loss to Western Civilization or anything else.


Merkel Says Migrants Must Respect German Laws Because She Wants Votes
What do the Third World criminals do? Treat her words with contempt and carry on robbing, raping, perverting et cetera. See e.g. the next one.


Somali Pervert Raped Two Old Men In Germany & Murdered A Woman - Score Three For Merkel
A Somalian [ sic ] asylum seeker has been charged with raping two disabled men in a care home and murdering one of their wives in Germany.

The 18-year-old is said to have broken into the sheltered accommodation in Neuenhaus in the county of Betheim late last year and sneaked into the room of a paralysed 59-year-old man to rape him. 

Police say the migrant then made his way into an adjoining room and raped another man before being confronted by the victim's 87-year-old wife, who he is accused of killing. 
Angela Merkel is mad, bad & dangerous to Germany. She might well do more damage than naughty little Adolf.

See the face, see the hate.


Scotland Yard Investigates Saudi War Crimes In The Yemen
Why are the Metropolitan Police meddling in matters far outside the jurisdiction? It will serve to annoy the Arabs. Perhaps that is why. Recall that they waited until Ted Heath, the well known Paedophile pervert was dead before they "investigated" in order to protect him from justice.


Left Wingers Whine About Illegal Immigrants Being Captured
Those who violated U.S. immigration law and remain in the country illegally claim to be fearful that Immigration and Customs Enforcement will grab them in church or at the doctor’s office. Sacramento County Sheriff Scott Jones thought it would be a good idea to bring in ICE acting director Thomas Homan “to try and find common ground by reducing conflicting information, eliminating ambiguity, and reducing fear by presenting factual information directly from their sources.”

No sooner had Jones announced the March 28 informational event, the first of its kind, when the Democratic Party of Sacramento County issued an Instagram “action alert” stating: “It’s time to tell Scott Jones what we think of his discriminatory efforts to divide families & harm our community. Join us as we stand united against his hate-filled attacks against immigrants.”....................

In October, 2014, Luis Enriquez Monroy Bracamontes, a Mexican national in the United States illegally, gunned down Danny Oliver, 47, a Sacramento County Sheriff’s deputy. Bracamontes shot Oliver in the head with a 9mm handgun but the killer and his wife Janelle Marquez Monroy also packed an AR-15 rifle.

After killing Danny Oliver, Bracamontes and Monroy shot Anthony Holmes, a motorist who refused to give up his car. Holmes survived the shooting but later Bracamontes killed police detective Michael Davis with the AR-15 and wounded Jeff Davis, a deputy. Bracamontes also fired at Placer County deputies Charles Bardo and Joseph Roseli before being captured and arrested.
These Hard Left rogues are enemies of Western Civilization; destroying it by Ethnic Fouling In America & Ethnic Fouling in other decent places too. They are being used by the Puppet Masters to achieve Genocide for the New World Order.


Bullfighter Loses
It was his first time; now it will be his last.

The bull is getting stuck in.


2 April 2017
2 April 1982 was the first day of the Falkland War. The Argies  didn't last. Had they held out a bit longer our ammo would have run out and they would have gotten away with it.  Their invasion was meant to be a distraction from political incompetence in Argentina. See more at Falklands War ex Wiki

MPs Are Still Corrupt
Parliament is facing a new expenses scandal after the amount that every MP pays their staff, including their wives and family members, was accidentally leaked. The Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority is writing to all 650 MPs and their staff to apologise for a "serious data breach" on Thursday night.

Confidential data including the name of every member of MPs member of staff, their exact salary and the amount that they received in bonuses was inadvertently published online.
Recall that The Telegraph did a big exposé with Parliament Special then suddenly it all went quiet. Did MPs get a court order to shut them up and suppress the truth for ever? Yes. Prove it............ but see Parliament Of Thieves Seeking Vengeance.


Fifteen Pakistanis Charged As Paedophile Perverts In Banbury
Ten men have been charged with 56 offences following police raids related to child sexual exploitation claims.

Warrants were carried out at addresses in Banbury, Oxfordshire, on Tuesday before further arrests were made on Wednesday. The men were arrested on suspicion of rape and other offences relating to three females between 2008 and 2015. Eight of the men - seven from Banbury and one from Birmingham - appeared before Oxford magistrates earlier.

They are Leon Cole, 19; Atiq Hussain, 23; Qamran Hafiz, 24; Abdul Sarfraz, 31; Nasser Younis, 37; Tafail Mohammed, 23, and Marcelo Suarez, 20, all from Banbury, and Ahsan Raza, aged 19, from Birmingham.............

Two other men, Amir Arfi, aged 23, of no fixed abode and Atique Akhtar, aged 23, of no fixed abode, will appear at Oxford Magistrates' Court on 2 May.......... Six men were charged with the rape of a girl under 16 as well as other sexual offences, while a seventh man was charged with conspiracy to rape.

Six men - all from Oxford - will appear before Oxford magistrates.

They are: Shabir Dogar, 22; Shabaz Khan, 23; Shohab Dogar, 23; Yasin Hamid, 20; Usman Iddris, 22; and Joseph Suraina, 22.

Waqas Hussain, 24, of no fixed abode, will appear at Oxford Magistrates' Court on 4 April.
The Barbarians are not merely at the gate; they are inside and being Bribed to come by Her Majesty's Government. The Beeb covered this lot in two different articles. A couple of Westerners were also captured.


Vicious Police Thugs Attack Innocent Man As Part Of A Vendetta
Innocent man reveals his five-year ordeal at hands of 'out of control' officers after they launched a vendetta which led to his loyal police wife being hounded out of her job 

It was a chilly winter’s night. Juan Gilly had picked up a takeaway curry and was driving back to his home. Frustratingly, he got stuck behind a police van crawling along at 15mph. At a junction it stopped. Mr Gilly waited ten seconds, then seeing the coast was clear, he edged past. It was a big mistake. Moments later the van’s blue lights were flashing and a shocked Mr Gilly found that he was being chased. He pulled over and was confronted by three burly officers, yelled at and handcuffed.

He didn’t fight back. A police body-cam shown in court would later reveal him insisting that he wanted to ‘come in peace’. But that didn’t stop one officer pepper-spraying him in the face, temporarily blinding him.

It would be shocking enough to discover that Mr Gilly was charged in December 2015 with causing the policemen ‘harassment, alarm or distress’ under the Public Order Act. His ordeal only ended last week when Newcastle-under-Lyme magistrates found him not guilty and it emerged that the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) was investigating the use of the pepper spray...........

It was no coincidence in Juan and Julie’s minds that the pepper spray incident occurred just five months after Mr Gilly was cleared of a much more serious charge pinned on him by Staffordshire Police.

Mr Gilly had spent three years on bail facing the terrifying prospect of 18 years in jail after being falsely accused of being at the centre of a vicious street battle [ between Pakistanis ] that he had absolutely nothing to do with.........

 One of its own officers, former Detective Inspector Joe Anderson, whose career was ruined after he blew the whistle on corruption inside an elite Staffordshire serious crime unit, used those exact words when talking to this newspaper.

He said senior officers had for years shown a systemic failure to tackle wrongdoing. Some were ‘more interested in protecting their brand than doing the right thing. This in turn has alienated the majority [ Majority? ] who do their jobs ethically’.
The police will do whatever it takes to protect their own but they turn nasty with each other; that is different. Recall that Police Hounded Ray Mills To Death. They have power and the power to abuse power, a dangerous combination.


Obama Administration Imported Third World Undesirables En Masse With Malice Aforethought - Allegedly
Recently, prominent independent Christian journalist Josh Tolley, interviewed a woman who did not give her name but described some extraordinary things regarding refugees entering the United States with little to no vetting. We will call her Jane............

She began, on her own initiative, attending UN Resettlement meetings. The meetings were sponsored by Missouri Social Services Office and managed under the auspices of the Department of Refugee Monitoring.

According to Jane, these Middle Eastern and North African refugees are being brought in under the cover of night into airports all across the country. They are not being vetted. They are not being checked for diseases, and they come without papers.

Many of the refugees are given an identification document with an encoded Middle Eastern sounding name which means that their given names are not known. Those whose names cannot be ascertained are so designated because they do not speak English and have no intention to learn English. So communication- even as to what their names are- is deemed untenable.
This story might be true but it uses a cut out so it cannot be verified directly. Why didn't the reporter dig deeper? Is he honest & competent? It is certainly consistent with Obama's track record of hate & Treason, his enthusiasm for Illegal Immigration & the Ethnic Fouling Of America. He is, of course foreign born & an illegal president.


1 April 2017
Is April Fool's Day
The Jews celebrate Passover on 10 April so guard your children against being stolen & murdered for their blood like Saint Simon of Trent. See Blood Libel for the evidence. If  you are a Jew read Surviving Passover - Jewish Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse o or Survivors' Haggadah


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What lies ahead? Pass but there could be some good things.

I was brought up with lies all the time . . . that's how you got along. . . . I have lied my entire life
Monica Lewinsky [ a Jew ] Explains All In
The Quote of the Century

Judge The 2010 Gold G-String Award In New Orleans
This is a rare opportunity to exercise your skill and judgment. Have you got what it takes? NB It may not qualify for the Job Seekers' Allowance. See Stormy Daniels, a past winner and think for yourself.

Jewish Pimp Pleading Guilty In Spitzer Case
An Israeli man [ the Jew, Mark Brener ] accused of running an escort service that brought down New York governor Eliot Spitzer in March was set to plead guilty on Thursday afternoon to money laundering, prostitution and conspiracy, according to his lawyer......... "It does appear that there's a continuing investigation," noted criminal defence attorney Gerald Shargel told WCBS-TV. "The manner in which the investigation is being conducted strongly suggests that Gov. Spitzer is a target."
UNQUOTE to admit that he dealt in quality, albeit there is no kindness in her face. You might also wonder why Spitzer got fingered while the rest of her clients walked away. Spitzer did annoy Bush as well as other rich criminals. See  Eliot Spitzer Was Screwed for more on this one.

This is not one of the 18 known pictures of her at Kristen the definitive gallery so she'll just have to do until one comes.

Today's Girl
Is for light relief.

Her Majesty's Prime Minister Picks His Nose In Parliament
Brown is a plebeian oaf and a spendthrift swine to boot. The poor Queen has to deal with the man. Does he wash his hands first? See it in glorious Technicolor® if you have the stomach for it. Then watch him clean his fingers on his tie.

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