Massacres are something of a growth industry in a wicked world. Some are more important than others though. It is not how many get murdered but who gets murdered and of course who is doing the killing. If a group is at the receiving end and owns the Media their status as victims is going to be very public knowledge; think of The Holocaust® Industry.  There might very well be lies, damned lies and statistics not to mention outright fraud and humungous extortion on top. Most massacres are different. They happen without anyone noticing and the perpetrators deny their guilt. When Zionists do precisely these things the public relations are handled by experts.  Here is something about some of those events. But first comes Professor Rummel, the student of mass murder. He says governments are the greatest mass murderers.

The 9/11 Job
Was a brilliant success for the perpetrators. It upset Americans, caused them to invade Afghanistan, kill thousands, displace millions, destroy billions(?) and cost trillions. Who did it? Zionist crazies were in the background and there on the day to film it but Arabs got the blame. Jews aren't called the Puppet Masters for nothing.


VM Blokhin
A Soviet Major-General was probably the world's greatest hands on, mass murderer. He served as the chief executioner of the Stalinist NKVD. He might or might not have been a Jew. Any evidence implicating him has been censored.


Islamic Massacres
Islam is a religion of war; it always been. The fact that Cameron, our wonderful prime minister told us that Islam Is A Religion of Peace merely proves that he is a liar.


Rudolf Rummel - The Professor Of Death
Rudolph Joseph Rummel (born October 21, 1932) is professor emeritus of political science at the University of Hawaii. He has spent his career assembling data on collective violence and war with a view toward helping their resolution or elimination. Rummel coined the term democide for murder by government, his research claiming that six times as many people died of democide during the 20th century than in all that century's wars combined. He concludes that democracy is the form of government least likely to kill its citizens and that democracies do not wage war against each other.
Democracy is loosely defined but his point makes sense. Joe, Mao, Adolf and Pot murdered their own. It is not an attractive policy. The good prof wrote Death By Government


Death Tolls Of The Primary Megadeaths Of The Twentieth Century
Megadeaths are five million or better in this listing.


Massacre Solutions
There are solutions? Yes! Do they work? Some do. Obama's will not but it will advance his agenda; making America a slave state.


Cultural Revolution in China 1966 - 1976
Mao achieved about 40 Million Murders but then he had a lot of potential victims at his disposal. The Wikipedia eagerly ignores the truth.


Jonestown Massacre 1978
Was carried out by another communist crazy, one rather like Vladimir Ilyich Lenin, whose Useful Idiots brought us 85 million dead - see The Black Book of Communism for more and better details.


Sandy Hook Massacre [ 14 December 2012 ]
Newtown school shooting aftermath – live updates
• Police say gunman forced his way into school
• Vigils as Newtown mourns deaths of 20 children
• Principal and psychologist among six dead adults
• Gunman and mother also died after Sandy Hook outrage
"Lone Nut" breaks into school and murders the weak, the helpless, the unarmed. Why did he do it? One reason is that he knew that he could; that there was no one there to stop him. He was right about that. The Armed Citizen would have made a difference. He/she/it might well have stopped it before it ever started, just by being there. The Guardian sees it as a reason to disarm people without explaining that it would only leave criminals and governments with guns. This is not about crime. It is about political power.
PS A different view is at It is not quite as paranoid as one might at first think.


Politics Of Death
If governments kill their own people, deliberately, systematically, with malice aforethought they are criminals. They are also far more successful at doing it at home than in battle.


America Has Killed At Least 8 Million
That sounds like good going. At least some were killed  to make money. It was not just going to waste.


American Massacre - 337 This Year Alone
This is a dispersed massacre using illegal immigrants imported by a government of traitors. The current [ July 2011] known total is 337. In fact it is a lot higher.


Genocide In Armenia
It happened in 1915. Jews claim that they didn't do it. This proves they are guilty as Hell.


Babi Yar
Might or might not have been carried out by the Wehrmacht on Jews. It is the subject of a lot of grossly contradictory propaganda.


Chappaquiddick Massacre
Usually a massacre involves a number of victims but with Ted Kennedy as perpetrator I am happy to make an exception. Actually drinking and driving should be no big deal unless the driver kills. Driving without a licence is illegal too even when there is no intent to fornicate. A senator makes laws. He should live by them but Kennedys are different. Then there is the matter of rape - that came later - see Florida Rape Trial


Charlie Hebdo Massacre
Jews got sorted out by Islamics for gross blasphemy.


The Clapham Massacre
Police killed an innocent man and got away with it. Using the coroner was the main technique. Massaging the evidence is merely normal.


Colorado Massacre


Columbine Massacre
Was not an all Jew operation but they had their fingers deep in this and of course the cover up.


Congo Massacres
They happened around 1900 when King Leopold II of Belgium owned the place and ran it ruthlessly for profit. They achieved some three to twenty-two million kills.


Deepcut Massacre
There were four kills. The people that run the system wanted to write them off as suicide. In fact they did. The families were not convinced or amused come to that. Frank Swann did an investigation and proved that they were not suicide. That narrows the field down to murder or horse play. The official answer is to ignore Frank; he just got written out of the series.


Deir Yassin Massacre [ 9 April 1948 ]
Was carried out by Jews in Palestine  The Wikipedia claims that they got about 110 Palestinian civilians which is the Jewish party line and a lie see But it was useful in the process of ethnic cleansing [ Palestinian Exodus ] which the Jewish army was carrying on  the time. See also, or Deir Yassin Remembered. One of the perpetrators was Yehoshua Zettler who ran the Stern Gang and set up the murder of Count Bernadotte.


Dresden [ 13 February 1945 ]
Was the bombing which caused a fire storm deliberately. Thousands died. It may be more than Hiroshima.


Egyptian Massacre - Egyptian Shoots Up Enemy Training Camps  [ 27 May 2017 ]
Egyptian government does something about i.e. taking the war to the enemy.


Eisenhower's Death Camps
Is this article honest? I would like to think it is not but I doubt that the writer is lying.
PS Having spoken to the author I am sure that he is honest. He mentioned other incidents from the period.


Eisenhower's Holocaust
Eisenhower was a Jew who hated Germans - or not as the case may be. He murdered around 1.7 million of them which is suggestive.


Fort Hood Massacre [  16 November 2009 ]
The massacre of 13 men was bad news but worse is the background of disaffected soldiers and a refusal to see obvious disloyalty.


Fort Marcy Massacre [ 20 July 1993 ]
Vince Foster was murdered by the CIA(?) because he was inconvenient. In politics that is dangerous. Being at it with Clinton's old woman didn't help. His murder/suicide was one of a long string of similar killings, largely shootings connected with Bloody Bill Clinton - American Caligula.  The Wikipedia has a much more nonchalant view of his trail of blood. More on this at Ambrose Evans-Pritchard also VINCE FOSTER - The Mirage of Suicide and The Reality of Murder has lots on the FBI cover up.


G20 Massacre
In fact the police only killed one man but I am happy to call it a massacre. The perpetrator is programmed to get away with it. They are going to whatever it takes. Lying to his family was the first method used. When evidence they could not ignore emerged it started getting heavier. A dodgy medic failed them. The current [ April 2011 ] technique is using a coroner who is(?) on side. After that the funny handshake mob will do the business.
2012 postscript. The killer walked. The jury got it wrong but then with the benefit of a prosecutor trying to throw the case - or not, a judge who used the same Lodge - or not, judicious jury packing or not, justice was successfully perverted. The pay off is that lot of people have taken the point that the system is bent.


Gaza Massacre [ 27 December 2008 - 18 January 2009 ]
Jews murdered over 1300 Palestinians trapped in a little enclave as a way of buying votes. It worked.


Gaza Massacre II [ 14 - 21 November 2012 ]
This 2012 action replay of the Gaza Massacre is going down like a cup of cold sick with the public. The fact that the Main Steam Media are giving the Jews an easy ride on this one is noticeable.


Gaza Massacre III [ 8 July - 26 August 2014 ]
They enjoyed the first two so much that they are doing it all over again and yes,  the Main Steam Media are going easy on the Jews perpetrating murder.


Hebron Massacre 25 February, 1994
Al-Khalil ( Hebron )
A city on the southern hills on the West Bank of the Jordan River. The Ibrahimi mosque is placed in this city.
The Massacre
This massacre took place on February 25, 1994 when an American trained physician, Dr. Baruch Goldstein, stormed in on a group of prayers in the Ibrahimi mosque in Hebron and opened fire on them. In doing this act, he wished to materialize the dream of the typical Zionist movement of annihilating the Arab existence in Palestine. Goldstein, who was killed during this massacre,  was later hailed as a hero for his murder. More than one person committed the massacre and the plan was originally to attack several mosques in the city such as Khaled Ibn El-Waleed Mosque.

This Arab write up differs in major points from the Wikipedia story. The Wiki minimizes it in various ways. They finger one killer only. Goldstein, THE murderer was a Jew and came unstuck at the time. If he was the only shooter he had a lot of ammo. Being a medic he shouldn't had any let alone a rifle. Neturei Karta who are anti-Zionist Jews settle for 17 kills while the Wiki goes for 29.


The Holocaust® Industry
When something gets that much big time publicity, it is time to ask who is pushing it and why. Norman Finkelstein who is a Jew on his own account and whose parents really were in concentration camps asks questions. He gets answers too; answers that fail to amuse the racketeers who have made billions out of the business. Survivors, real and alleged don't do so well out of it. Denying that 6 million Jews were murdered is a criminal offence in Germany. You just might ask yourself why that is.


Was the massacres in the Ukraine using starvation as a weapon.


Israeli Massacres
These are mass killings with Jews as the perpetrators rather than victims real or alleged.


Kafr Qassem Massacre [ 29 October 1956 ]
Jews killed 49 Arab peasants, half being women and children. Also see In this way were the 49 inhabitants of Kafr Kassem slaughtered Killed for giggles knowing them to be harmless.


Katyn Massacre [ April - May 1940 ]
Polish officers were murdered by the Russians on Stalin's orders. Bodies were found in 1943. The Russians blamed the Nazis until 1990 then admitted that it was the NKVD. They even produced the order signed by Uncle Joe.


King David Hotel Massacre
This is the Wikipedia's version. Believe as much of it as you think sensible. Beware of the bits about who done what and who warned whom. Begin murdered 91 people.


David Kelly
Massacre normally refers to multiple murders but I am happy to stretch a point for the Chappaquiddick Job among others. Hutton did a cover up and then he did a cover up of the cover up which pretty much confirms that Blair laid him on to hide the truth.


Kingsmill Massacre - IRA Murdered 10 Prods
The Kingsmill massacre took place on 5 January 1976 near the village of Kingsmill in south County Armagh, Northern Ireland. Ten Protestant men were taken from a minibus and shot dead by Irish republicans. This was in revenge for the killing of six Catholic men on 4 January by loyalists.
They murdered ten and laughed. But when 1 PARA got 13 on Bloody Sunday and huge publicity. Truth is somewhere down the line.


Las Vegas Massacre [ 2 October 2017 ]
White man with a divorce problem feels annoyed. He kills 58 Americans but lets the wife get away with it. White Man gets huge publicity because he is not a black or a Jew. He is used as Disinformation by the Main Stream Media to conceal the fact that most murders are carried out by blacks. Most political murders are perpetrated by Islamic crazies full of hate.


The Liberty Job
Jews attacked the USS Liberty knowing that it was an American ship in international waters because it was picking radio signals saying that Jews were murdering Egyptian troops.


On May 28, 1942 in the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia the village of Lidice was destroyed in retaliation for the attack and subsequent death of Reinhard Heydrich, governor of the Protectorate. The Allies claim in Lidice the male inhabitants were shot, the women sent into concentration camps, and the children were given to families or boarding schools.
This one seems less open to doubt. Fingering the perpetrators is where the propaganda comes in.


Lockerbie Job
Is very political. Vengeance was the motive. Convicting a Libyan for it was done to take the heat off Syria(?) because it was needed for Desert Storm, the retaking of Kuwait.


Madrid Massacre 11 March 2004
Islamics got 191 dead & 1800 injured.


Malmedy Massacre
The Malmedy massacre happened at the end of 1944 at the battle of the Ardennes. The Tank-battalion Leibstandarte-SS Adolf Hitler went ahead, the leader was Joachim Peiper

What happened
on 17th of December 1944 south of Malmedy at Baugnez the group of Peiper met a group of the American invaders. After having fighted short some American were fallen in captivity. In order that the Germans could continue going ahead, they ordered the captived Americans to go to the German back lines. The following German did not know, that the Americans are captured and fired onto them, because they thought, these were still fighting invaders. In the chaos some Americans shot back, others tried to escape, so the chaos even grew. 71 American died in the chaos. According to American data the number of deaths is between some seaths and some hundred deaths.

General Eisenhower, who let die at least one million German prisoner of war on the shabbiest way in the camps at the Rhine, used the case of Malmedy for propaganda purposes. In the USA there was a press campaign, in that they told about atrocities. They stated, soldiers of the Waffen-SS killed and robbed captives from nearby. Among others show, that they lied, that Peiper's troop had several captives later, and an American Mayor, Hal McGown told, that Peiper handled him correctly in the captivity. 
This does not read as an honest telling or an Englishman's telling.


Manchester Massacre  [ 22 May 2017 ]
An Arab imported by Her Majesty's Government murdered 22 people using a suicide bomb.


Marikana Massacre  [ 22 August 2012 ]
34 blacks were killed by black police in South Africa after the Jews took over. It is busily being forgotten by the main stream media propagandists.


Massacre of 7 Million Germans
This one disappeared down the Memory Hole; one of ours, not theirs.


Matabele Massacre
Some 30,000 Matabele were murdered by Shona in Rhodesia at the behest of an evil thug, a Marxist mass murder called Mugabe


Nanking Massacre
The Japanese invaded China. The Japanese massacred some 13 million Chinese. There would have been a reason but life goes on. It won't happen again until the next time.


Nice Massacre [ 14 July 2016 ] 84 kills
Another Islamic job


OKC Massacre
Was in Oklahoma, the American heartland and a shock to the nation, one which was used as a propaganda move against the militia movement.


Oradour Massacre
Oradour incident
Oradour-sur-Glane is a place in France northwest from Limoges, where the Waffen-SS allegedly committed war crimes. This incident has been used as propaganda by the Allies and became favorite theme in Hollywood movies and WWII novels.......

Having found weapons in the homes Diekmann ordered to shoot the men as collaborators and 642 men were killed. Houses that contained the weapons were burnt. These actions were under the command of Adolf Diekmann, who had no radio, therefore he was alone responsible for these actions. The troop "Das Reich" started a military inquiry and began interrogating, major Diekmann and the soldiers of the 3rd group. While the fighting was in the Normandy, the process paused. Major Diekmann would later die the battle of the Normandy. 
This was written by a Nazi sympathiser and should be checked before being taken as serious evidence.


Oslo Massacre [ July 2011 ]
Was a very political massacre carried out by a rich loon with political views and 9mm Glock. He was a good shot.


Oyoun Qarra Massacre, 20 May 1990
A Jew murdered 7 Palestinians. Jews then beat up survivors. The murderer was treated with kid gloves. Sounds normal? To me it does. To Palestinians it is all too familiar.


Palestinian Massacres
Have been very nasty and are still going on, just like the ethnic cleansing, UN Resolutions notwithstanding. The Zionist attacks, murders and thefts keep on while their resistance to any objectors includes  propaganda, harassment, murder and war. They have not used their NBC capabilities very much yet but they are there waiting to go.


Peruvian Massacres
Were part of a track record of massacres in South America but they have not inspired any great interest. There are no very informative links on the Internet.


Qana Massacres I and II 18 April 1996 & 30 July 2006
On 18 April 1996 Qana Massacre. Jewish guns [ 155 mm artillery ] attacked a UN compound and killed dozens. Operation Grapes of Wrath killed 206 in the first ten days. They used anti-personnel rounds with air burst shrapnel. They had two helicopters and a drone to observe the fall of shot then claimed that it was an accident. This event triggered Osama's action against  America and thus the 9/11 job or not as the case may be. Qana Massacre Robert Fiske was there on the day. He couldn't see the funny side of it. It was not a one off. Very far from it. Operation Grapes of Wrath is a Jewish version and it was all somebody else's fault - just like the USS Liberty Massacre

Americans can see their tax dollars at work, killing the innocent and making America hated worldwide.


Qibya Massacre [ 14 October 1953 ]
Jews were the perpetrators. The Wiki admits to 42 kills.


Rachel Corrie Massacre
It was a one off but it is important because it proves that the perpetrators are murdering deliberately with government collusion. Israel is a bandit state.


Ruby Ridge Massacre
It began in Idaho on 21 August 1992. The FBI murdered a boy and lost one attacker. Mrs Weaver was murdered later by Len Horiuchi who was never charged and is still walking the streets as a free man. He probably has a government issue alias. They failed to murder Randy Weaver or Kevin Harris so they put them in prison instead.
PS It turns out that I was wrong about Horiuchi. He beat the murder rap. He didn't even get sacked. He retired from the FBI in 2006 and is advocating rifles from H-S Precision Inc. It is rather like the men who made Zyklon B feeding us a recommendation from the governor of Auschwitz. More and better details at The Ruby Ridge Massacre


Sabra and Shatila Massacres 16 - 18 September 1982
These operations are not going down the memory hole so much as being pushed down it. Zionist crazies set them up. Zionist crazies  supplied the ammunition [ 7.62 NATO ]. Zionist crazies stopped women and children getting away. Zionist crazies control the media that keeps very quiet about them.


Sharpeville Massacre
Was very useful to the communists. It was a major step toward breaking South Africa.


Tiananmen Square Massacre
Was carried out by the Chinese in Peking in 1989. They got a few thousand kills.


 Tunisia Massacre  [ 26 June 2015 ]
39 kills

 Istanbul Massacre [ 28 June 2016 ]
45 kills


USS Liberty Massacre
Jews attacked the Liberty because she was picking up their radio traffic regarding their murder of Egyptian prisoners.


Ukraine  Massacres
Stalin decided that he was going to take over and run it as he saw fit. Mass murder of millions was how he saw fit.


Vinnytsia Massacre
Polish and Ukrainian civilians [ some 9528 known ] were murdered by the NKVD in 1943. The Russians blame the Germans. So do left wing subversives. The does not say that the murders were political but has more on the propaganda that followed. It all happened around the time of Katyn


The Waco Massacre
Is a very good example of American government crime and American government cover up.


Waco Massacre II
Is an action replay of the first one. This was not such as success. There were nine murders. The government is only admitting to one kill - as distinct from murder.


Washington Sniper
It was a pair of blacks, Racist blacks, full of hate, murdering white people because they were white. That is why the Main Steam Media did a news black out on it - when they knew who the perpetrators were.


Westminster Massacre [ 22 March 2017 ]
Islamic thug killed 4 random civilians but, sadly no politicians.


Woolwich Massacre May 2013
A black Islamic imported by Treason chose to murder an English soldier. He then had the gall to appeal against sentence having been caught red handed.


Massacres Since Sandy Hook
The Telegraph aka The Quislinggraph takes a position against nasty, dangerous guns, making it easier for corrupt politicians to oppress us.


Oregon Massacre Perpetrated By Black   [ 2 October 2015 ]
He got nine kills & seven wounded. The police killed him. You could say that he was a half caste. Blacks were imported into America by Jews - see Blacks And Jews for more and better details.


Black Crazy Murders Nine In Oregon [ 3 October 2015 ]
[ The allegedly ] Half-British gunman who shot dead 9 people at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, Oregon, named as Chris Harper-Mercer. British relatives described their shock as it emerged that Chris Harper-Mercer had been born in the UK. He grew up in the US, and attended a school for children with special needs in California.

Police said the killer, who wrote in several blogs that he idolised the IRA and Nazis, walked into Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, Oregon, on Thursday wearing body armour and used three pistols, a rifle and five extra magazines to carry out the massacre. Officers found another seven firearms at the home he shared with his mother.
The Telegraph alleges that this twerp is 'half-British'. I allege that he is Black. The Telegraph also alleges that he was half mad and that we should sympathise with him; that he is, in some way a victim of nasty White Man. The Telegraph is a Propaganda machine with an agenda. That is why it gets called The Quislinggraph. This is another time when the Armed Citizen would have paid off. If he had the truth would have been concealed by the Main Stream Media.
PS His father seems to be English - see Who Is Chris Harper Mercer? The bad blood comes from the relevant mother who is 'Afro-American'. See Murderer's Mother
PPS Blacks were imported into America by Jews. See Blacks And Jews for more and better details.

The following cases benefitted from a Main Stream Media black out.


Virginia Homeowner Shoots At Repeat Burglar, Scaring Him Off [ 3 October 2015 ]

15 Year Old Georgia Resident Kills Home Invader Using A .22 Rifle [ 3 October 2015 ]
The other one got away sadly. The .22 is an underrated round.

Michigan Pizza Delivery Driver Shoots & Kills 3 Gang Members [ 3 October 2015 ]
Gang member is code. It means Blacks.


American Air Force Attacks Hospital In Afghanistan & Achieves 33 Murders [ 3 October 2015 ]
Just one of those things. Only foreigners. Doesn't really matter. Check out the football results. But when an alleged 'Brit' kills nine in Oregon that is important - according to the Main Stream Media. See the next one.


Six Islamics Killed In Quebec Mosque [30 January 2017 ]
Awful, isn't it? They are supposed to be the perpetrators, not victims.
Update: The perps were Arabs, the bad tempered sort - see Quebec Massacre Suspects Are Arabs. Of course the Main Stream Media hoped they would be Canadians or, at least White Man. Now they can't feed us the Propaganda, their anti-white Racism lies so their story  will disappear down the Memory Hole and Trudeau will shut up about it.


Quebec Massacre Now Has A White Only Suspect [ 2 February 2017 ]
The Moroccan has been given a pass for whatever reason. The Canadian government is run by Socialists & Marxists who want Third World immigration. 


Islamics Murder 28 Christians - Egypt Shoots Up Enemy Training Camps [ 27 May 2017 ]
Egyptian forces have struck bases in which militants who waged a deadly attack against Christians have been trained. President Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi said fighter jets struck militant bases in eastern Libya in retaliation for an attack by suspected Islamic State militants that killed 28 Christians and wounded another 22 south of Cairo.

The officials said the warplanes targeted the headquarters of the Shura Council in the city of Darna, where local militias are known to be linked to al Qaida, not the Islamic State group. Mr el-Sissi warned that Egypt will strike at any bases that train militants who wage attacks in the country, wherever they may be.

Up to 10 masked attackers dressed in military uniforms stopped a convoy in Egypt province, 140 miles south of Cairo, as the group was heading towards Saint Samuel the Confessor Monastery in Maghagha to pray.
More Islamics, more troublemakers. The government actually did something effective about it, unlike our lot.


Melbourne Massacre Responsibility Claimed By ISIS  [ 6 June 2017 ]
Islamic State is claiming responsibility for the Melbourne hostage attack that left the gunman and another man dead. 'The attack in Melbourne, Australia was carried out by a soldier of the Islamic State in response to the call for targeting the subjects of the coalition states,' the group's Amaq news agency said.

IS blamed the attack on Australia's membership in the US-led coalition against the militant group.
How many Arabs have been murdered by Western invaders in Iraq, Syria etcetera? Thousands at the very least. Corrupt politicians like  Blair, Brown, Bush, Cameron & Obama are War Criminals being manipulated by the Israel Lobby. America is like England, run by a ZOG [ Zionist Occupied Government ]. Those same governments import Third World hostiles by the thousands every day. They are the Enemy Within.


White Man Murdered 26 People In Texas Then Got Killed By An Armed Citizen [ 6 November 2017 ]
The mass shooter who opened fire during Mass inside a Texas church killing at least 26 - including a two-year-old child - has been identified as a 26-year-old former Bible study teacher who was dishonorably discharged from the US Air Force for assaulting his wife and child.

Devin Patrick Kelley, a married father, walked into the First Baptist Church of Sutherland Springs, dressed in black, tactical gear with a ballistics belt and an assault rifle, and began shooting, according to local law enforcement sources.

The attack only stopped when Kelley, of New Braunfels, a suburb of San Antonio, was confronted by local hero Stephen Willeford, 55, who shot him through a gap in his body armor as the gunman tried to leave the church. Kelley was reportedly killed by that same brave neighbor following a high speed car chase.
There seems to be a nastiness in America of late. Notice that Kelley was sorted out by an Armed Citizen. Notice too that the Main Stream Media keep very quiet about Baltimore Being On Track To  Shatter 2015 Murder Record with 142 [ largely black ] murders to date and similar stories about the Negro Crime Rate but they are eager to incite Black Hate.
PS All 96 St. Louis Murder Suspects For 2017 Are Black.


Texas Massacre Was Due To Administrative Foul Up [ 8 November 2017 ]
The reason the Sutherland Springs killer was able to get his guns turns out to be a fairly typical bureaucratic cock-up:

A day after a gunman massacred parishioners in a small Texas church, the Air Force admitted on Monday that it had failed to enter the man's domestic violence court-martial into a federal database that could have blocked him from buying the rifle he used to kill 26 people.

So we need to pass even more duplicative or contradictory laws against this and that in order to increase the likelihood that the government paperwork shufflers will comply with the one that might have made a difference.
So 26 People In Texas should still be alive.


Errors & omissions, broken links, cock ups, over-emphasis, malice [ real or imaginary ] or whatever; if you find any I am open to comment.

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